Format Legality
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal

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Set Rarity
Judgment Uncommon

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Creature — Incarnation


As long as Filth is in your graveyard and you control a Swamp, creatures you control have swampwalk.

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Filth Discussion

StopShot on Alesha - Did you just assume her Gender?

1 week ago

I see you're running Filth. You should run Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth which would make all your creatures unblockable.

bushido_man96 on

1 week ago

Dauthi Embrace is a good way to get damage through. Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth and Blanket of Night combo nicely with Filth for a similar affect.

bushido_man96 on Volrath the Fallen (Stepping back in)

1 month ago

Oh yeah, Filth also added.

Ca1m_down on Phage And Her Toolbox

1 month ago

Thanks for the comment EternalBrewmaster:)

I have it default on my "Custom categories" to help with the brewing and to go along with the description I started writing (under the spoiler). I might have it default to the normal "Type" sort to help avoid confusion, though you do have the option of sorting the list however you like. The deck currently runs 35 lands and is mainly trying to hit the first 3 land drops naturally so it can switch into tutor mode. I know that 35 is a bit light, but often my first tutor is getting something in the "Ramp" section. You're right, Thawing Glaciers is not actual ramp, but I didn't know what other name I should have given that category. The idea is it gradually builds my swamp count up without relying on drawing land at the cost of 1 mana a turn (this is a control deck not aggro). I'm going to play test it a bunch to make sure it doesn't stop me from playing a wipe when I need it, but for now it seems like nice gradual value.

Crucible of Worlds plays multiple roles. The biggest and most straightforward is Command Beacon. In a deck that relies heavily on getting my commander to my hand from my command zone, giving that land multiple uses is quite important. Also, in the late game, the deck puts a high value on the mana produced by Cabal Coffers and the synergy of Filth andUrborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth. The Crucible of Worlds protects us against targeted land destruction.

Withering Boon is listed under wincons because it can be used to counter our own Phage the Untouchable to get her out of the command zone. You're right though, I should probbably just put it under utility because it won't just be used for Phage.

Hopefully that clears up some confusion. I've been play testing this deck out a decent amount the last week or so and the playstyle is somewhat unique (compared to other decks I've played). The deck will usually just answer threats if necessary and buildup until we can cast and kill someone with Phage in a single turn. It's not trying to get Phage out asap.

iAzire on ghoulcaller mono black

2 months ago

First things first, I would lower your land count to 35. You shouldn't need much more than that due to being Mono, and Black gets a lot of good ramp cards. Barren Moor and Myriad Landscape should be removed for sure. I would say Crypt of Agadeem needs testing. Personally I find it to be too slow.

Is it within your budget to get Snow-Covered Swamp with Extraplanar Lens?

Under your Artifacts, I would personally cut Charcoal Diamond due to it being a fairly weak mana rock. My suggestion would be Mana Crypt but you don't have to replace it. Coat of Arms is great but I have never found a need for it. It is something I cut. It is great when I have a lot, but if I have a lot, I should already be winning. This is what we call "Win More" but it could also hurt you. Consulate Dreadnought is an easy cut. You would usually rather attack with the Zombies. Door of Destinies is another card I would cut. It's only getting counters when you cast spells, while Gisa is usually swarming with tokens. Door of Destinies is a personal choice, and the best card I just suggested to be cut.

As you want more mana ramp, especially due to my cut of Charcoal Diamond, get a Black Market.

I don't like Graf Harvest, you already have Zombie Master, I would also include Filth. Unblockable is better than still being able to be blocked.

I just realized, you also need an Expedition Map. It can find, Cabal Coffers (95% of the time this is what you get), Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth, or Reliquary Tower. Whatever you need at the time.

Hissing Miasma is okay, I think Koskun Falls is better. I don't personally run either, but again that's personal choice.

I'll get to the Sorceries and Creatures later. Those two with Instants are all personal choices.

I'm not sure how much I've helped with cuts so far as I've made a few suggestions. We will figure this out.

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