Hour of Promise


Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Hour of Devastation (HOU) Rare

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Hour of Promise


Search your library for up to two land cards, put them onto the battlefield tapped, then shuffle your library. Then if you control three or more Deserts, create two 2/2 black Zombie creature tokens. With the Hekma breached and its protection removed, the deserts swept in.

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Hour of Promise Discussion

Red_X on 5-Color Sunbird Superfriends

1 week ago

I like the deck, but I think it could the shell it's in could use some work. First, I would take out the energy package. Rogue Refiner, Whirler Virtuoso, and Woodweaver's Puzzleknot are good cards in the right deck, but this doesn't have the payoff to be the right deck. Attune with Aether is still a good card since it mana fixes and fuels hub. Consulate Skygate is just a weak card, as is Struggle / Survive.

After the cuts I would put in more ramp and removal. Spring / Mind, Hour of Promise, Ranging Raptors, and Channeler Initiate are all strong options to get you to casting planeswalkers, and some have mid-late game utility too. Next, cards like Lightning Strike and Abrade will help you survive long enough to play your big guys or will help take care of problematic creatures.

ebaums24 on Xenagos EDH

2 weeks ago

Honestly for what your deck is looking to do you are severely lacking in ramp. Farseek Explosive Vegetation Sakura-Tribe Elder Wood Elves Hour of Promise Gruul Signet Commander's Sphere Search for Tomorrow

Nethereon on Golgari Discard Elves

2 weeks ago

Sweet deck. I like taking advantage of Nath's discard theme, and the tokens are a great way to stall the game. There are a few recommendations that may improve the deck. I'm an advocate of using hard ramp, i.e. ramp that places lands on the board over cards that are subject to removal. With that being said, I would definitely run Hour of Promise because it doesn't have a restriction on what it can find, in terms of lands. This is a great way to tutor out your Urborg and Coffers if you need them.

Also, I think you would benefit from more card draw. Vanquisher's Banner and Greater Good are both excellent in tribal decks - Greater Good more so in elves because of Timberwatch. Another great inclusion is Wirewood Herald. The ability to tutor for a creature, specifically elf, when you have plenty of ways to sac your stuff, is perfect. Plus, it combos with Timberwatch and Greater Good.

Since you're running a heavy discard theme, I know you have Megrim, but having Liliana's Caress seems like a given choice, too.

If you want to get really cheeky, this deck is set up to run Paradox Engine + Buyback spells that generate tokens, primarily Sprout Swarm and Wurmcalling, but you can also run Mind Peel as a way to essentially Mindtwist everyone's hand. It's just a thought, but it's more of a win more strategy.

Hyacathusarullistad on [Standard] Hapatra, Vizier of Ballistas

3 weeks ago


I've already considered the Winding Constrictor. The thing is though including him would endanger creatures like the Defiant Greatmaw and (once it's added) the Channeler Initiate, making a good portion of the deck's more useful creatures unplayable as long as the constrictor's on the field.

The Gifts of Paradise are there to provide white mana for Dust; the Channeler Initiate would do the same, sure, but less reliably depending on when I draw it. But the Initiate does give more opportunities for -1/-1 counters, and I guess I could swap a few Swamps for Concealed Courtyard (or Forsaken Sanctuary, if I wanted a more budget option) to have a more reliable way of producing W.

The more I try to make room in the mana base to splash White, though, the more I think the deserts are holding it back. They're only included for the sake of Hour of Promise. Do you think it's worth removing Hour and the accompanying deserts for white-producing lands?


3 weeks ago

Rex_JB24 Commit is an interesting idea, however, I don't think it has a place, especially on turn 3-4 we are either casting an Hour of Promise or casting a Glimmer of Genius to draw cards to get Approach of the Second Sun or you are casting a Fumigate to wipe the board. Censor I have considered but to me it doesn't do enough to be worth a slot, I mean what do you cut? To me the cuts are the Skywhaler's Shot and/or Hieroglyphic Illumination This cuts down on our answers to Glorybringer and our late game draw engine. This, in my opinion, is not worth it for a counterspell which most people play around and is only good on turn 2 as past that we are tapping out for ramp or board wipes and when we do have 7-9 mana Censor probably is not playable, especially when we can answer the things that Censor counters quite easily.

venomhydra on [Standard] Hapatra, Vizier of Ballistas

3 weeks ago

This deck really has some potential! Have my upvote! Here are some suggestions/questions as well.

Is Sly Requisitioner there for any reason other than getting more tokens off of your puzzleknot? If it is, then it doesn't really need to be a 3-of, and it may not even be worth it to include in the deck. If you have another purpose for it, please tell us what it is.

I would consider adding some white mana to activate the dust side of grind. It can help you clear the field after you placed a ton of counters on your opponent's creatures.

Also, I would strongly consider splashing in red for Soul-Scar Mage. It would help a ton with generating tokens.

Lastly, if your deserts are just there for Hour of Promise, I would lower them to two each. You only have hour of promise as a 2-of, so it isn't really worth it to have 40% of your lands, (excluding Itlimoc), enter tapped just to activate an ability on 5% of your Nonland cards.

Other than that, the deck plays nicely. Good job.


1 month ago

JeppeTheJappe You need speed much more than you need card draw, cards like Pull from Tomorrow are too slow especially when we are trying to resolve a seven mana spell twice. Hour of Promise gives us chump blockers and a way to get Ipnu Rivulet consistently. Card draw is great in the late game but we have a good enough late game anyways, we need help against aggro more and Hour of Promise is our second best card behind Fumigate against mono-red

Red_X on

1 month ago

You have a good start, but there's some sub-optimal cards in here. I am assuming this is a budget deck, but there are still some strong options at lower price points. Feral Prowler, Brambleweft Behemoth, Accomplished Automaton, Ancient Brontodon, Nissa's Encouragement, and Nissa, Genesis Mage are all cards that are either sub-optimal, too slow, or just don't fit the deck. Some better options for payoffs that are still cheap would be Thundering Spineback, Sifter Wurm, and Scaled Behemoth, while some better enablers would be Spring / Mind and Beneath the Sands. Hour of Promise would also be a good addition, but you would have to switch up your mana base to include a healthy number of desserts. You could also make the deck better with better payoffs if you wanted to spend more money, but you can easily keep the deck under $15-20 and still be useable.

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