Hour of Promise


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Arena Legal
Standard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Brawl Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Hour of Devastation (HOU) Rare

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Hour of Promise


Search your library for up to two land cards, put them onto the battlefield tapped, then shuffle your library. Then if you control three or more Deserts, create two 2/2 black Zombie creature tokens. With the Hekma breached and its protection removed, the deserts swept in.

Hour of Promise Discussion

eliakimras on Jurassic Park Adapted

6 days ago

Gishath, Sun's Avatar requires kind of an aggro strategy. You'll almost never win by casting dino after dino and swinging. Your goal has to be cast him as soon as possible then swing for cheat dinos into play. Extra combat steps really help with that. So you should be looking for each ramp card that can get you to 8 mana. Going over 10 ramp cards is almost a must, given the mana cost of this commander. Cultivate , Kodama's Reach , Explosive Vegetation , Circuitous Route , Skyshroud Claim and Hour of Promise should do the trick. // These are some ways you can get to 8 mana: Nature's Lore / Farseek / Rampant Growth / Sakura-Tribe Elder + Explosive Vegetation / Circuitous Route / Skyshroud Claim + Temple of the False God (or just wait a turn). Cultivate / Kodama's Reach + Hour of Promise (grabbing Temple of the False God and Boros Garrison ) will also do the trick. // You can take off some cards that don't synergize with the deck: Rootborn Defenses , Unbreakable Formation , Eerie Interlude ( Boros Charm and Heroic Intervention are enough protection), Onward (they can see it coming), Reinforcements (this is only useful when Gishath connects, otherwise is a dead card). // Gishath, Sun's Avatar requires kind of an aggro strategy. Your goal is to cast him as soon as possible. So you should be looking for each ramp card that can get you to 8 mana. Going over 10 ramp cards is almost a must, given the mana cost of this commander. Cultivate , Kodama's Reach , Explosive Vegetation , Circuitous Route , Skyshroud Claim and Hour of Promise should do the trick. // Eladamri's Call is better than Congregation at Dawn (if you have 11+ mana to cast both Gishath and Congregation, you should already be winning the game). But I don't think you should bother with tutors, since this is not a combo deck. You should focus on connecting with Gishath, and keeping your board state for the next swing. // Harmonize is never a bad card in decks without blue or black. You might need some cards when you don't have a creature. // Austere Command , Cleansing Nova , Blasphemous Act ( Akroma's Memorial protects your creatures from B. Act), Harsh Mercy , Mass Calcify , Solar Tide and Rout are better boardwipes than Wrath of God in this deck, since mana is never a problem for Gishath. Catastrophe , Armageddon and Decree of Annihilation if you feel like swinging without oposition.

dingusdingo on Flex

1 week ago

Nice deck! A lot of neat combos tucked in here. I have some suggested edits for you though!

Mouth of Ronom is a card you could very easily run. Green doesn't have a lot of targeted removal, and the opportunity cost for playing it is extremely low. If you swap your forests for snow covered forests, you're golden

I'm confused why you're running a fetchland at all. You don't need color fixing, and the deck thinning is extremely marginal when you consider how much it can slow you down against cards like Root Maze Back to Basics Thalia, Heretic Cathar Blood Moon Magus of the Moon Frozen AEther Kismet

Some of the card draw you run is pretty inefficient or extremely expensive. I'm specifically looking at Seer's Sundial and Sandstone Oracle . Sundial costs you 6 mana for the first card, while Sandstone is always dependent on opponents hand sizes for card draw, making it unreliable (and also costing 7 mana). I'm also not a huge fan of Sea Gate Wreckage but the opportunity cost for running it is extremely low. Have you considered Memory Jar or Howling Mine ? With your massive mana production Memory Jar could allow you to draw 7 and dump your entire hand. Howling Mine will accelerate your draws much earlier, although it is symmetrical. Beast Whisperer could be a good replacement if you don't want to give advantage to opponents, you certainly run enough creatures to justify. Life's Legacy is also a solid choice, especially since you're already running Greater Good

You run quite a few basic land tutors, some of them pretty low card quality. When you have access to Gaea's Cradle and Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx , why are you spending mana and card resources looking for basic lands? Specifically looking at Cultivate Kodama's Reach Nissa's Pilgrimage Seek the Horizon Journey of Discovery and Yavimaya Elder . If you ran fewer than 40 lands in this deck, you probably wouldn't have to run so many cards to deck thin to help your top deck, you could pretty easily cut to 34-36 lands. I'm also not wild about the very high CMC Hour of Promise , but it does search for non-basics. I'm also not very hyped about Tempt with Discovery , if you are playing against even mediocre or up skill level opponents you will be paying 4 CMC to search for one non-basic land. You're only getting more than one land off Tempt against bad players, or against players who can drop a Gaea's Cradle or other super value land against you.

Speaking of ramp, you should consider running Priest of Titania as well as Karametra's Acolyte . Currently you are very vulnerable to Armageddon and Ravages of War , two cards that see play in stax decks (as well as others). Having Ramunap and Crucible is a good choice, but you won't have access to those every single game you get hit by Armageddon. You should really consider mainboarding Carpet of Flowers as well, its virtually guaranteed someone will be running blue in a pod of 4, and it will let you hit turn 2 Azusa, and provide more value as the game goes later for very small investment.

On the topic of Stax, your deck is super vulnerable to getting caught. Almost all your draw is 3+ CMC, you have basically no removal, and you run a barebones 0/1/2 CMC ramp package. Thorn of Amethyst Sphere of Resistance Winter Orb Static Orb Thalia, Guardian of Thraben Lodestone Golem all cause immense problems for your deck. I understand that if you start your draw engine, you can escape from underneath them by dumping lands with your commander, but what do you do if one of those stax pieces lands on turn 1? Going fast works against stax, but there's no way you're going faster than a deck that runs the full suite of 0/1/2 cmc artifact ramp (which most stax decks do). You aren't going fast enough to threaten a win on turn 3, so you need to include removal. Having no removal is also a huge problem when beatdown is your wincon. What do you do against Moat ? Or Island Sanctuary ? Or Solitary Confinement ? A single piece of removal in the form of an 8 cmc creature is just not gonna cut it against real decks.

I would also recommend casting a really critical eye towards anything 5+ cmc. Cards that cost that much that don't actively win or directly lead to winning are most likely not worth the mana investment or the card space, even though you are a deck that ramps mana and draws cards. To put it in other terms, there are better things you could be doing with that mana. Your primary win con costs 10 mana to cast, 20 more to use, for a whopping 30 mana. Its forcing you to run pretty low quality cards like Mana Reflection and Zendikar Resurgent to get to that absurd amount of mana, on top of 40 lands. Running lower CMC spells will allow you to free up those expensive CMC slots that only enable you to play other expensive spells.

A couple more cards in specific you should reconsider Akroma's Memorial Ring of Three Wishes . Memorial you can replace with Lightning Greaves as a haste enabler for Craterhoof Lines, and Ring happens to cost you 10 mana to get a single card to hand, 15 for 2 cards, 20 for 3 cards, which we would call inefficient.

Would recommend Staff of Domination , especially if you include Priest of Titania or Karametra's Acolyte . Opens up lines for infinite mana and drawing your deck, or just provides a solid dump when you have too much mana and nowhere to go. I would also recommend Eldritch Evolution as another strong tutor. Uncage the Menagerie and Weird Harvest are a bit lower quality, but potentially what you're looking for as well. And I can't stress enough, add some removal to your deck. There are plenty of hyper efficient 1/2 cmc removal spells in green, as well as creatures that pack removal on ETB, which combines well with all the green tutors you run.

triproberts12 on Maya Angels

3 weeks ago

Yeah, I love it. I run both Hour of Promise and Pir's Whim in my Tatyova, Benthic Druid deck. I might go with Pir's Whim for this deck, though. It's pretty heavy at the 5-drop slot, and with the exception of Aura Shards , it's very light on interaction. Also, turn 2/3 Mayel, turn 3/4 Whim, blowing up your opponents' mana rocks, turn 4/5 Mayel activation is a nice curve.

Stardragon on Maya Angels

3 weeks ago

IC your point i alway thought tempt was good as every at my game store uses it but Hour of Promise is better all around.

triproberts12 on Maya Angels

3 weeks ago

The way that Tempt works, in practice, is that everyone says no (That's the correct decision, anyway). That or they pull out Strip Mine and hit the land you actually want. Hour of Promise or Pir's Whim are much better if you really want that Nykthos.

DrkNinja on Five Color Gates

3 weeks ago

Well first lets start with a 5c Commander...

You could do Child of Alara , Progenitus , The Ur-Dragon , Najeela, the Blade-Blossom , or my personal favorite Jodah, Archmage Eternal that way you can play silly big stuff for 5c.

Next we need some mana fixing on your part so you're going to need Chromatic Lantern , Coalition Relic , and Commander's Sphere for sure. I'd suggest a Cultivate , Kodama's Reach , Sylvan Scrying , Tempt with Discovery , Crop Rotation , Hour of Promise , Scapeshift , and Expedition Map these will help you fetch gates and basics to get your lands right.

Next I think you have a few cards in here that just aren't good enough, sure they have interations with gates, but... Garrison Seargant is really bad when compared to something like Azusa, Lost but Seeking or Oracle of Mul Daya . Your goal should be to draw cards and get as many land plays as this game will allow you! So I'd make some cuts to some of the low value cards.

This is the last thing for this comment at least, you need EDH staples! Rhystic Study , Teferi's Protection , Vandalblast , Vedalken Orrery , Cyclonic Rift , Eternal Witness , Merciless Eviction , Anguished Unmaking , Demonic Tutor , Toxic Deluge , and Beast Within ! Oh and Lightning Greaves for that sneaky ram!

I don't want to tell you how to build your deck so I'm just giving you cards to consider and kinda helping you get your gameplan together. But you're always free to ask for more help or cut suggestions or whatever. Your game plan should be as I said earlier, draw cards and get as many land plays as this game will allow you! Also Lord Windgrace .

triproberts12 on Hydra Over Run

3 weeks ago

Citanul Flute is a good card for Hydra decks. If you're going to bother with the Urza lands, you'll want to run Hour of Promise , so you actually stand a chance of assembling Tron. Not really sure what Reflecting Pool is doing in a deck with no double red costs.

I think there's a lot of room for general card improvement, as well. Run Sakura-Tribe Elder over Darksteel Ingot. Instead of Naturalize, Cindervines and Destructive Revelry get in additional damage. If you're willing to give up Instant-speed, Hull Breach and Gleeful Sabotage hit multiple targets. Krosan Grip is an EDH staple, since it can't be responded to. Nature's Claim is cheaper.

Without cards that care about Basics, you shouldn't be running Evolving Wilds in a 2-color deck. Any dual is better, although, I don't know what you're thinking only running 33 lands. This deck should be running 36-38 lands, easy. Only cEDH decks run that few lands, and it's because they don't expect to need a 4th or 5th land drop before the game is over.

I would take a look at EDHREC to see what the best cards out there for Rosheen Meanderer Hydra tribal decks and in Gruul in general are.

triproberts12 on Omnath Is One Angry Boyo

1 month ago

I can see that. If you're not running Hour of Promise , you probably don't need Ulvenwald Hydra . I only run him in Tatyova because he's a non-legendary creature for Rite of Replication and grabs Nkythos. The reach has been funnily relevant, though.

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Hour of Promise occurrence in decks from the last year

Commander / EDH:

All decks: 0.02%