The first time this list got too bloated and I lost interest. The idea is to create a list of a seemingly cards to provide an excellent limited format. Limited playability will be stressed, with a focus on fundamentals; attacking, blocking and two for ones. Legacy cube, this aint.

Flashback, Kicker, cycling, and variants of those mechanics will be preferred. So will 'iconic cards.' Commons and uncommons will be prioritized also. I'm designing toward general archtypes. They are as follows. WU- azorious actually has two separate styles. There is a classic control archtype, using wraths, oblivion ring style effects, and card draw spells like kiss of the amesha. There is also a more tempo, aggro deck making use of white's suite of low to the ground creatures and the aggressively costed equipment. WB- Life Drain. There is similarly more than one version; you make use of white's tokens and sacrifice effects like Blood Host and Gnawing Zombie, or you can make use of bigger spells and pay life to reanimate creatures like angel of the god pharaoh or Phyrexian Gargantua (with cards like Phyrexian delver). Or else make use of Victimize and go both ways. Alternately, just use Nighthawk and Ajani's pridemate to go on the attack and aggro your opponent out, or else get grindy with drain effects Scholar of Athreos. This is easily the flexible but finicky archtype.
WR- Weenie Aggro. Pretty standard. This is the fun police. You will need to prioritize Gideon and his Resolve, and efficient equipment. WG- Tokens. I've been having issues making this one sing. UB- Control. This is pretty standard. Removal, counters, bounce, card draw. UR- Spell Slinging. The most important cards for you are Slice and Dice and Breath of Darigaaz. UG Ramp. RB- Spell recursion, half way between reanimation and spell slinging. Youre looking to combine flashback cards with burning vengeance, and play cards like recoup and shreds of sanity.. RG- Stompy Midrange.Prioritize two drops. untamed Kavu is the best one for you. GB- Grindy Graveyard Recursion/ Value. Don't afraid of the self mill, of cycling your fatties, or of trading off early. Krosan Tusker is of special value to you.

The Shards also are playable archtypes! At least I'm still working on it. Naya: Three archtypes in this shard combine well into a very angry aggro midrange plan. There are no untapped duals in this cube though, so beware going too deep on a third color. If you take the aggressive cards in these colors though, you have a a very good chance of being the fastest deck in the draft. Jund: Jund can actually be very grindy. Rakdos and gologari both have powerful recursion effects, so combining them means you get a ton of value from your yard. Gruul also brings powerful fatties, so don't be afraid to fill up your yard and go from there. You can also play a quicker jund, relying on Gruul beef and black removal. Grixis: Grixis is a very spell heavy archtype. It plays similarly to Jund, except it cuts out the creature aspect for spells. It plays a very heavy control game. Esper: Esper is the least well defined archtype in the cube. In the lore of Alara, Esper was the artifact plane, but here it didn't play out. Right now, esper makes use of come into play triggers, along with reanimation and flickering effects to reuse those effects. It can also be played as a heavy control deck. (as Dmir and Azorious combine well but have overlapping tools). Bant doesn't draw upon the strengths of its composite guilds. Instead is a cycling deck. If you intend to go into this deck, make sure first pick Astral slide. There is also a twiddling artifacts theme in artifacts and blue, but there wasnt enough cards to make this deck a full fledged archtype.

Right now, various section have cards that are mislabeled. Black has four gold cards ( Bump in the Night , Strangling Soot , Vigor Mortis and Puppet Conjurer ), Green has three ( Appeal / Authority , Spring / Mind , Spider Spawning ), Red has one ( Fires of Undeath ), White has two ( Scholar of Athreos and Stand / Deliver ), and Blue has one( Mystical Teachings )
Below are a list of cards I am considering but have been cut for some reason or another Herald of Anafenza Sudden death 1x Disfigure Murder of Crows 1x Fireball 1x Prophetic Bolt (VMA) 1x Primordial Wurm 1x Tajuru Pathwarden 1x Disenchant Adventurous Impulse Grasp of Darkness 1x Arcane Flight 1x Mind Control 1x Cancel 1x Sentinel of the Eternal Watch 1x Cultivate 1x Master Decoy 1x Explosive Vegetation 1x Mulldrifter relentless hunter 1x Naturalize mana leak 1x Flame Slash Death Grasp 1x Frost Breath 1x Shock 1x Tidings 1x Divination 1x Skull Fracture 1x Extract from Darkness Repulse Dauntless Bodyguard 1x Plummet 1x Sign in Blood 1x Fiery Intervention 1x Volcanic Fallout Skysnare Spider 1x Noxious Dragon 1x Skulduggery 1x Sibsig Host Sengir Vampire

Intimidation Bolt Bloodwater Entity Thieving Magpie overrun Bestial Menace 1x Concentrate 1x Hollow One Cone of Flame Oblivion Ring Harmonize Cudgel Troll Verdant Force (10E) 1x Clear Shot Archangel Makindi Sliderunner 1x Jace's Ingenuity Serra Angel (DOM) Devouring Light AEther Adept 1x Snare Thopter Imperiosaur 1x Commit Weaver of Currents 1x Last Gasp Captain's Claws Tidings

SubPuppet says... #1

this cube is amazing. i relly wanna build this irl now! thank you

June 18, 2018 7:53 a.m.

Brutticus says... #2

Why thank you! I'm still working on making azorious pop but I appreciate it that someone really digs this!

June 18, 2018 8:44 a.m.

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