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The first time this list got too bloated and I lost interested. The idea is to create a list of a seemingly cards to provide an excellent limited format. Limited playability will be stressed, with a focus on fundamentals; attacking, blocking and two for ones. Legacy cube, this aint.

Flashback, Kicker, cycling, and variants of those mechanics will be preferred. So will 'iconic cards.' Commons and uncommons will be prioritized also. I will be slowly adding cards as I realize how much I like them

I'm also designing toward general archtypes although I haven't decided on all of them WU- Control WB- Life Drain WR- Weenie Aggro WG- Tokens UB- Control UR- Spell Slinging UG Ramp RB- Spell recursion, half way between reanimation and spell slinging RG- Stompy Midrange GB- Grindy Graveyard Recursion/ Value

Right now, various section have cards that are mislabeled. Black has three gold cards (Bump in the Night, Strangling Soot), and Vigor Mortis, Green has three (Appeal // Authority, Spring // Mind, Spider Spawning), Red has one (Fires of Undeath), White has two (Scholar of Athreos and Stand/Deliver), and Blue has one (Mystical Teachings Below are a list of cards I am considering but have been cut for some reason or another Herald of Anafenza Sudden death 1x Disfigure Murder of Crows 1x Fireball 1x Primordial Wurm 1x Tajuru Pathwarden 1x Disenchant Adventurous Impulse Grasp of Darkness 1x Arcane Flight 1x Mind Control 1x Cancel 1x Sentinel of the Eternal Watch 1x Cultivate 1x Master Decoy 1x Explosive Vegetation 1x Mulldrifter relentless hunter 1x Naturalize mana leak 1x Flame Slash Death Grasp 1x Frost Breath 1x Shock 1x Tidings 1x Divination 1x Skull Fracture 1x Extract from Darkness Repulse 1x Plummet 1x Sign in Blood 1x Fiery Intervention 1x Volcanic Fallout Skysnare Spider 1x Noxious Dragon 1x Skulduggery 1x Sibsig Host Sengir Vampire Urban Evolution Intimidation Bolt Bloodwater Entity Thieving Magpie overrun Bestial Menace 1x Concentrate 1x Hollow One Cone of Flame Oblivion Ring Harmonize Cudgel Troll Verdant Force (10E) Cackling Counterpart Archangel 1x Jace's Ingenuity Serra Angel (DOM) Devouring Light AEther Adept 1x Opportunity 1x Commit

SubPuppet says... #1

this cube is amazing. i relly wanna build this irl now! thank you

June 18, 2018 7:53 a.m.

Brutticus says... #2

Why thank you! I'm still working on making azorious pop but I appreciate it that someone really digs this!

June 18, 2018 8:44 a.m.

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