Nyx-Fleece Ram


Format Legality
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Hero Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Heirloom Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
MTGO Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Masters 25 (A25) None
Journey into Nyx (JOU) Uncommon

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Nyx-Fleece Ram

Enchantment Creature — Sheep

At the beginning of your upkeep, you gain 1 life.

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Nyx-Fleece Ram Discussion

Catalog9000 on What are some cheap creatures ...

3 days ago

There is always Forced Adaptation, which makes any of your creatures grow each turn. Combo it with Hardened Scales and you passively get huge. Use Managorger Hydra as a bane against your opponent playing spells. That should do the trick.

Alternatively, in white you have access to Citadel Siege.

You can also combo Nyx-Fleece Ram with Archangel of Thune to buff your entire boardstate every turn.

ArchdruidoftheSquirrel on Greatest Of All Time

4 days ago

If you wanted to streamline it a little more, I'd say

remove one Nyx-Fleece Ram it's just a wall/life gain anyway

remove one/two Soul Warden they are only there for longer games to cushion your life and pay for Trading Post

remove a Trading Post because it's an inefficient token generator

remove a Rootborn Defenses and a Sundering Growth so that we can draw into what we need quicker and go offensive

I'd throw in a copy of Pearl Medallion and Sol Ring to be able to play spells a tad faster

That puts the deck at 61 or 62 depending on the how many Soul Warden you removed

Not a regular white player but if there is an enchantment that lets you draw cards, I'd consider it

FancyTuesday on Karametra's Enchatress's

1 week ago

From your description in the EDH forum thread it sounds like your group isn't playing enough mass disruption to break up board states. Your commander is indestructible, less than a fifth of your deck is creatures and only half of them really matter beyond ETBs, you're set up to play wrath heavy. Wrath of God, Austere Command, Winds of Rath, Day of Judgment, and Rout are crazy efficient in multiplayer. In you have enough answers to spot-exile/disenchant problem targets that you don't need to crack yourself with more broad/powerful wipes like Hour of Devastation or Hallowed Burial.

I know wraths are scary when you're coming from another format, but this is multiplayer against decks built to go long and you control when/if you play them. Quarantine Field would cost to hit a single target for each of 3 players, Wrath hits every single one of their creatures for half that and gets around shroud/hexproof.

Beyond that, here's some suggestions for threats and cuts. There's a lot so I'll hold back on justifying them unless asked.

  • Nyx-Fleece Ram
  • Helix Pinnacle - Cute, but a complete dead draw in terms of impact on board state, and impotent in a vacuum. You can win for less than = 101, and yes that includes an optimal situation with mana doubles and effects like Awakening
  • Kismet / Blind Obedience - You've said they're filler, which they pretty much are if you aren't building around them
  • Words of Wilding / Words of Worship - You're way too concerned about decking out. If the cards you're drawing are less helpful than a 2/2 or 5 life you need to cut those cards

That's a lot of words, I hope you find some of them helpful!

recell08 on Budget UW-Control

3 weeks ago

Hey,thanks for your suggestions! I like Field of Ruin but I will stay with Ghost Quarter for only one reason: I already own 8 copies of it. But I have this card already in my mind and I'll keep it there.I thought about Thing in the Ice  Flip sind my mono-blue-build and you're right. I'll do that change and will remove both Nyx-Fleece Ram, all 3 copies of Timely Reinforcements and will add 2 more Wall of Omens and 3 copies of Thing in the Ice  Flip.I will test Opt and Anticipate for my draws.

Dorotheus on Budget UW-Control

3 weeks ago

Keep in the Spreading Seas plan, they are super good right now in the mainboard. Thing in the Ice  Flip is one of the best budget friendly cards in a control deck right now, and translates to non-budget decks too, works with yourOjutai's Command also. Opt and Serum Visions are also great budget cards that help smooth your curve and give you answers, you could probably get rid of Nyx-Fleece Ram and Timely Reinforcements to move them at least sideboard, and get 4 Things and 2 more Wall of Omens.

I've been working on a control deck also Belafonte, Life Aquatic (Mono Blue Teachings), but I still don't have most of it. But in tests Field of Ruin has been better than Ghost Quarter.

chadsansing on Mono-White Lifegain- Under Construction

3 weeks ago

If this is more casual, Swords is great. If you want to drop into Modern events, maybe swap it out for Condemn (for your creatures) or Path to Exile (for opponents' creatures).

Maybe drop Accord. Sticking an Evra seems to be the best plan here.

Suture Priest might be more important than Pridemate since Evra is the win con and Archangel of Thune handles counters.

I would either drop many of the bigger creatures and play the smaller ones with ETB life-gain triggers + Archangel + Evra or maybe just play the bigger creatures, including Archangel of Thune, as 1-ofs to get around Extraction and similar effects. I would also choose between a defensive, Felidar Soverign game plan or an aggro Evra one. Having 8 6-drop win cons seems like too much.

Let's assume we have a list with 24 lands (to make sure we can cast 6-drops), maybe 6 instants, and 6 enchantments, giving us

Now we have a way to get Evra damage across more quickly if the opponent's shields are down. I think I would play a little cautiously to make sure that I could trigger some life-gain with something like a Martyr after switching my life total with Evra's power.

Sideboard would be something like:

A more defensive build might look something like this:

With Evras or Archangels in place of Sovereigns in the sideboard.

What do you think?

Rashuff on GW Enchant Deck

1 month ago

Nyx-Fleece Ram is also a really strong card in this deck, because it is a fantastic blocker, source of life gain, and people don't really want to waste their removal on it.

matzi8qr on Regents (B/W Sac)

1 month ago

Funny aspect, I really like it. Why not throw a Nyx-Fleece Ram or Soulmender, though? They're pretty much gain life each turn. Secondly, Abhorrent Overlord can work really well, sacrificing your Bloodsoaked Champion (which I would trade out for Oathsworn Vampire), and if you want to risk Awakening Zone, you can use your Eldrazi Tokens to snag a green mana.

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