Rise from the Tides


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Heirloom Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Standard Legal
Legacy Legal
Frontier Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Shadows over Innistrad Uncommon
Promo Set Rare

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Rise from the Tides


Create a tapped 2/2 black Zombie creature token for each instant and sorcery card in your graveyard.

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Rise from the Tides Discussion

Hyperalgialysis on My Ex-Wife

20 hours ago

Turn Aside is still in standard for a 1 drop to cast off Brain in a Jar a single main deck Rise from the Tides seems like it would be good.

Hyperalgialysis on Cyanomania

4 days ago

Right now isn't a very good time to try and mill in standard. Green black counters, mardu vehicles and ramanup red are all incredibly fast and run enough haste that bounce spells won't slow them down enough for you to stabilize. If I may suggest continue to acquire piecese for a mill deck as the next sets are likely to have more support for mill as well. I would love for this deck to be viable but if you take it to an fnm right now it will likely result in you not having much fun. Perhaps a somewhat playable deck could be made splashing black, red or white as you need a ton of removal to make it to the mid game to start milling. I think based on some of what you have you may really like the izzet spells decks that are taking some shape. They won't win as often as those tier 1 decks I mentioned but you should be able to have fun at fnm. If you would like I will gladly offer some card suggestions for you to make that deck or any other you would want to try. If you do stick with mono blue, Rise from the Tides is a pretty good alternate win condition. Good luck to you

Hyperalgialysis on Locust Pocus

4 days ago

Enigma Drake is pretty solid against that red deck wins. I understand wanting to run sweepers against it but honestly a great solution is 4 each of Magma Spray Galvanic Bombardment Shock. The downside is that your sideboard is almost entirely set up for that match up, but your deck should be able to handle just about anything else. Essence Scatter is a must have to since hazoret is hard to remove otherwise. Also give Rise from the Tides a try as a one of instead of one island. 24 lands with all that draw is plenty.

Reverie42 on Melek, Izzet Paragon (Storm)

1 week ago

Some cool options in this list. Mana Severance and Ideas Unbound are pretty neat.

  • Brainstorm is great for setting up Melek.
  • Temporal Fissure probably belongs in main. If you're not running extra turns, bouncing all the lands is a good way to protect your board if you intend to win with Empty the Warrens.
  • If you're setting up to protect an Empty the Warrens board, Rise from the Tides may be a worthwhile include.
  • How do you stave off early aggression? The lack of mana rocks seems to indicate that your earliest viable combo turn is 5-7, which is plenty of time for an aggressive deck to kill you.
  • I agree with the previous commenter that Curious Homunculus  Flip is probably better than Deranged Assistant in this list.
  • They may be too expensive to cast with this design, but other fun payoff options are Sphinx-Bone Wand and Eye of the Storm.

Reverie42 on Melek Commander

2 weeks ago

It would be helpful in evaluating the deck if your description actually went in to more detail about your intended game plan and the interactions that the deck is built around. Without that information, it's hard to evaluate some of your choices.

Also, there's a lot of card choices here that are not great EDH cards. In some ways, this list looks a lot like if what you'd get if you took a reasonable 60-card constructed Izzet spells deck and brought it up to 100 cards by adding similar versions of the stuff that was great in the 60 card deck. Things like Rift Bolt, Vapor Snag, Delver of Secrets  Flip and Monastery Swiftspear tend to be much worse in EDH than in normal games for a couple reasons:

  • As a 40-life format, they're almost trivial when pointed at face. Shock only does the work of Gut Shot.
  • Since the format tends to be slower, mana pools are larger and cheap, efficent spells that are so good in 60-card are massively outclassed by more powerful, more flexible options at higher CMCs. That's not to say that running a handful of cheap removals or counters isn't good, but you run a few of them to deal with very specific must-answer threats. They're not your bread and butter.

I'd also recommend cutting Browbeat. In EDH, nobody is really too sad to take 5. If you want to draw 3 cards, Treasure Cruise is just going to be insanely better. Mana Leak and Censor are probably going to be dead a huge portion of the time as well. Slightly more expensive hard counters are generally going to be better (or something like Arcane Denial, which is really good in EDH.

In terms of mana base, you probably want more mana rocks, too. While your average CMC isn't very high, your payoff cards are all pretty expensive and in a lot of cases, you're going to need to be casting a bunch of spells in a turn to really get things done. At the very least, I'd recommend adding Sol Ring and Izzet Signet. You might also consider something like Mind Stone or maybe even Dreamstone Hedron.

All that out of the way, there's some cards you might consider adding:

  • Aetherflux Reservoir is a really common EDH storm-style deck win con. You don't need to gain much life to kill a player with it.
  • Blasphemous Act is one of the best red board wipes (not sure if it'd be in budget or not)
  • Burnished Hart is an all-around great ramp card
  • Charmbreaker Devils is a huge threat that also gives you more spells to cast
  • Docent of Perfection  Flip fills a similar role to Talrand, which is one of the best cards in the deck already
  • Echo Mage is an option for spell copying if you want to go really deep (probably the worst copier of what I've listed here)
  • Empty the Warrens can flood the board pretty efficiently at the end of a big turn
  • Insidious Will is a great counterspell in EDH
  • Mana Geyser is absurdly broken in multiplayer EDH. It's more broken online where people tap out to F8, but it's still pretty good and can lead to an absurd Comet Storm.
  • Nivix Guildmage is another way to copy spells wherever you need a mana sink
  • Red Sun's Zenith is a repeatable Fireball
  • Reverberate is incredibly flexible and cheap enough to be able to hold up easily
  • Rise from the Tides is frequently a "board wipe or bust" level card in these kinds of decks
  • Rite of Replication may be out of budget, but can win games on its own
  • Seething Song is basically a free spells for triggering any of your payoff cards and can ramp to bigger X spells
  • Spelltwine gives you 3 spell casts on its own
  • Sphinx-Bone Wand gives incidental damage as you cast spells. You can frequently kill an opponent in one big turn with it.
  • Temporal Fissure can utterly blow people out at the end of a big turn
  • Treasure Cruise is legal in EDH and still utterly busted
  • Volcanic Vision can be a one-sided board wipe
  • Wild Ricochet is a super fun card in this sort of deck

Good luck with the deck :)

Argy on Amonkhet God of Zombies

3 weeks ago

My biggest problem with adding cards to the mix that aren't Counter or destruction spells is that I need as many Counters/destruction as possible, because I need as many chances of protecting Liliana, the Last Hope and The Scarab God as I can.

That rules out Dark Salvation and Rise from the Tides, even though they would be great in the late game.

I know exactly what you mean by playing around Censor, I do it all the time, but that works in this deck's favour.

If my Opponent has to wait until Turn 2 or 3 to play their first Creature, it gives me a chance to let Liliana, the Last Hope slip on to the field with less threats.

I like where it falls on the curve.

I considered Kalitas, Traitor of Ghet but I want to make the spells in my Sideboard able to react to whatever threats my Opponent is playing.

That doesn't leave room for extra Creatures.

I do like the suggestion of Never / Return. The card has been a favourite of mine.

I'll try to find some slots for it in the Sideboard.

Thanks for the feedback.

SmokeyBear15 on Amonkhet God of Zombies

3 weeks ago

Never//Return might be a good choice, in that it is solid removal (comparable to Ruinous Path, and later let's you remove something from their graveyard AND get a zombie token. I really like how Dark Salvation also works as zombie generator and targeted removal. These help you control the board while also fueling your desire for zombie tokens. Downside is that they are sorcery speed.

And Rise from the Tides could potentially be a 1-of wincon after you have a lot of your instants and sorceries in the graveyard, of which you have plenty.

I disagree with Westvale Abbey  Flip as useful here, unless you want to use it as a potential mana dump to make tokens if you end up with extra lands untapped. But at 5 and 1 life per 1/1 token (that isn't even a zombie), it's kinda not great here. If you've already generated enough zombies to transform it into Ormendahl, Profane Prince  Flip, then that means either Lili or The Scarab God are already going well and you want to keep your zombie count high.

HOPMONSTER on Amonkhet God of Zombies

3 weeks ago

Ok, so I was going to troll you because I don't like your attitude, but instead I give you gold: Rise from the Tides

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