Tezzeret's Simulacrum


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Frontier Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Aether Revolt (AER) Uncommon

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Tezzeret's Simulacrum

Artifact Creature — Golem

: Target opponent loses 1 life. If you control a Tezzeret planeswalker, that player loses 3 life instead.

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Tezzeret's Simulacrum Discussion

t3hdarkness on Rona's Assasins

1 week ago

Wouldn't creatures that can swing be a bigger priority.

Tezzeret's Simulacrum does the same job as Wall of Forgotten Pharaohs with fewer restrictions and cards like Filigree Familiar and Scrap Trawler have good ETB and Death Triggers for only one more mana.

FlabbyAbs on Standard Tezzeret aggro

4 months ago

I like what you got here. I'm thinking you might be on the budget side but if not:

Bomat Courier instead of Augmenting Automaton. I think Bomat is everything this deck wants as a quick drop.

Whirler Virtuoso instead of Tezzeret's Simulacrum and Weaponcraft Enthusiast. I like the Simulacrum combo with Tezzeret planeswalker but Whirler is just better with Saheeli and Tezzeret's Touch. Plus it opens up Aether Hub.

I would look at Maverick Thopterist with the extra slot.

Finally looking at Walking Ballista. Yeah he's not the greatest here but still a viable option.

Hyperalgialysis on

5 months ago

Ok, so first buy a 2nd copy of the deck. You will then have 2 copies of Tezzeret, Master of Metal and 4 copies of Tezzeret's Betrayal. This will be a huge step in the right direction. Tezzeret's -3 ability is where you will get most of his value. You want to run as many artifacts and artifact creatures as you can. Scrapheap Scrounger Treasure Keeper Filigree Familiar Fleetwheel Cruiser Skysovereign, Consul Flagship and Merchant's Dockhand are all cheap and solid cards to include. To this end, Tezzeret's Simulacrum is great for his ability. Tezzeret's Touch is decent, but provides real value when attached to one of the vehicles mentioned above. They still keep their abilities when enchanted, so the Fleetwheel Cruiser has trample and becomes a 5/5, even better tho since if it dies you don't need to bother with crewing it since it becomes a creature on entry to the battlefield. Metallic Rebuke is also inexpensive and very good in this type of strategy, if you cant get Fatal Push the lifegain from Tidy Conclusion will make it a little more playable.

pistachio28 on Grixis Improv

7 months ago

I like how different this deck is from all the other improvise decks I've been seeing. I haven't seen Tezzeret's Simulacrum so I hadn't heard of it, but it's really good. I've been working the past couple weeks on my own take on the improvise deck. Would you mind checking it out and giving me some feedback? Thanks.Rage Against the Machine (90% win rate!!)

DanaBarrosReincarnate on

1 year ago

why not run a more consistent # of the cards that synergize the most efficiently with Tezzeret's Touch/Mechanized Production?

i'd add: 2x Ornithopter, 2x Contraband Kingpin, 3x Foundry Inspector, 4x Scrapheap Scrounger, 1x Herald of Anguish, 1x Inspiring Statuary, 1x Reverse Engineer, 1x Pacification Array, 4x Fatal Push, 2x Battle at the Bridge, 2x Metalspinner's Puzzleknot, 2x Yahenni's Expertise, 1x Scrap Trawler

& take out: 4x Dhund Operative, 1x Pendulum of Patterns, 1x Walking Ballista, 2x Treasure Keeper, 4x Tezzeret's Simulacrum, 1x Essence Extraction & cut the land down to 22 or 23. the curve might not be perfect, but it's a start at least lol

Orion93 on Tezzeret Artifcat Modified

1 year ago

Im gonna suggest a couple small edits.

First I would make room for Metallic Rebuke. This is the best hard counter spell for your deck. You can easily tap down an artifact that you aren't using to help with the mana cost, servo schematic is the option I'm thinking of.

Second, you should increase your planeswalker count. Tezzeret the Schemer is great in this deck because he gives you artifacts and works wonderfully with most of the deck.

Third, you could probably make an interesting combo using Scrap Trawler and Resourceful Return. Just keep bringing back your creatures.

I agree that Chief of the Foundry is great but there are better options to play. Metallic Rebuke, Battle at the Bridge, Metallurgic Summonings are all great cards that play well in a tezz deck.

As far as what to drop, Chief of the foundry, maybe Merchant's Dockhand (I tried him in my deck and it didn't work well), and Implement of Examination.

The implement would be great late game but think of what you could do with 3 mana. You can play an artifact that doesn't progress your board or you can play tezzeret's touch, scrap trawler, Tezzeret's Simulacrum, Metallic Rebuke, Battle at the Bridge.... You get it. I know that the extra draw is great, especially if you use the sacrifice ability on your opponents turn, but for 4 mana you could also play Glimmer of Genius which plays much much better. Or even Anticipate which is almost as good.

WiltLeafElves on Tezzeret at the Wheel

1 year ago

you should cut down some of the stuff like the metalwork (since it isn't doing much, also nombo with your tezz touch since metalwork says noncreature artifact and touch turns artifact into artifact creatures), and get more Tezzeret's Simulacrum, because its basically a lightning bolt latched onto a creature that only targets players, Tezz betrayal isn't exactly a great card, for removal use stuff like Fatal Push, Grasp of Darkness, etc. for creatures, try to get your hands on some Herald of Anguish, because you will have a lot of artifacts, you can cast this turn 4 and ruin your opponents hand by making them discard, also its activated ability is nice, you can get rid of an empty ornithopter (that has no touch on it) and destroy some of your opponents creatures.

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