Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Amonkhet Uncommon

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Counter target spell unless its controller pays .

Cycling (, Discard this card: Draw a card.)

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Censor Discussion

The_Sir_Austin on It's Not Stupid If It Workz

10 hours ago

I'd maybe suggest add some more early game removal; I dig Declaration in Stone, or even the new counterspell/ cycle Censor, and maybe even Heroic Intervention to act as a "Fog" for your walkers for a turn- that could decide the game too! You've got the right idea with the 4-drop walkers tho, in playtesting, you can almost guarantee one by turn four. It's very difficult to have an answer for a turn-4 Gideon :)

Stephencliffe on UR FNM

14 hours ago

Nice deck. I see that you're considering Censor. I think it's great, it could for sure go in the main. I don't think you need Niblis of Frost. It's a really good card in some matchups, so maybe put it in the sideboard. I think torrential and thing are good enough finishers, you could cut the frost and throw in two more towers and maybe some more counter magic or Glimmer of Genius.

Heck, with torrential and thing you might not even need the tower. You could just go heavy control and win with those two creatures. Glorybringer is also kind dumb, something to consider.

Good luck, hope the deck works well for ya.

SGTLightbrite79 on "Censor" bugged? Magic Duels on ...

17 hours ago

I can't find this in any of the big threads. I was playing a game and went to cast Censor but it only gave me the option to cycle not hard cast. I had the correct mana open and a spell on the stack to counter. Anyone know if this is bugged? Thanks!

Monochromacy on Dimir Cycling

18 hours ago

Why do you have Compelling Argument in the deck? Do you plan on milling out your opponent? You may as well have another Drake Haven, and Censor.

ForestMoose on You and what cards?

1 day ago

Just wanted to tell you that some of the cards you are playing are not standard legal :)
This includes Unburden, Lay Bare the Heart, Censor, Winds of Rebuke, Cruel Reality, Compelling ArgumentYou can see what cards aren't legal for your deck type by scrolling a bit down while looking to the right of the page right beneath the price of the deck where it says "Legality"

MTG73JLE on As Foretold Competitive Modern

1 day ago

@Wurmlover I'm still testing between Mana Leak and Censor, but Censor is great on turn 2-4 and after that you can draw for your As Foretolds, while your Mana Leaks are just dead later on. I'll let you know after more testing.

Wurmlover on As Foretold Competitive Modern

1 day ago

Mana Leak is strictly better than Censor.

ajande01 on Nissa, Steward of Ulamog

1 day ago

Since you have no other energy synergies Channeler Initiate would probably serve you better as a 2CMC mana dork than Servant of the Conduit as it gives you more activations and can evade some removal later in the game. As well I would recommend taking out the Metallic Rebuke, since your only source of artifacts is Oviya Pashiri, Sage Lifecrafter, and include some combination of Essence Scatter and Censor. And lastly your sideboard looks more like a maybeboard for the deck, it should have answers for the meta, not value cards that you couldn't include in the 60, Walking Ballista is ok in it, the rest should either be reconsidered or worked into the main deck to make room for answers

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