Format Legality
Noble Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Casual Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Duel Decks: Sorin vs. Tibalt (DDK) Uncommon
Odyssey (ODY) Uncommon

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Target sorcery card in your graveyard gains flashback until end of turn. The flashback cost is equal to its mana cost. (Mana cost includes color.)

Flashback 3R (You may cast this card from your graveyard for its flashback cost. Then exile it.)

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Recoup Discussion

maswenson on Infinite Swarm | Competitive Locust God

3 weeks ago

I've been toying around with The Locust God for about a month now. At first it was just a funzies deck and has quickly become not only one of my favorite decks to play, but also one of the most competitive and consistent. At first it was just a control shell with rocks into big value stuff and with either Coat of Arms or Shared Animosity beats. But after testing with some storm pieces it seems to be a better way to go. One card that has been absolutely insane and I haven't seen it in many lists is Battle Hymn not only does it chain with wheels well, it also enables you to cast your rocks in between wheels and is also great to flashback. On that note I also have been testing Recoup which has been surprisingly good in the few games i've seen it. One that i'm constantly on the fence about is Mizzix's Mastery I guess it comes down to if you're in magical christmas land it's awesome, but even then you have choose and stack your targets correctly or casting it without counter protection. I like your list though, very tight. I'll have to put mine in sometime soon to get some feedback.


1 month ago

Hi, I really like the deck and I've made a lot of mono red decks recently so hopefully I can add some good suggestions:

Daretti, Scrap Savant - I think even for pure looting he is a great addition and meshes well with squee. Red has the corner on the market for artifact recursion so it might be a good idea to consider Goblin Welder too. Artifacts like Memory Jar or Eldrazi Monument(flying is pretty relevant with goblins) are excellent in mono red and win games.

Past in Flames/Recoup - Personally I include them in every mono red build, they are pure gas when you need it either from the hand or graveyard. Almost 1/4 of your deck is sorcery/instant spells so they could be relevant.

Wheel of Fortune/Reforge the Soul/Runehorn Hellkite/Magus of the Wheel - Unfortunately Wheel of Fortune doubled in price recently but the other options are great when you find yourself needing gas to close out a game.

Goblin Chieftain/Goblin Warchief - Haste is extremely important for goblin tribal. Krenko and company draw a lot of hate so it is best when you can tap them immediately or attack.

Anyways hope these help!

dlamars on Daretti, Some Assembly Required

2 months ago

Hey, so I've been play testing your list and I've noticed your cmc feels a little high. A couple observations:

I tried Karn Liberated and Ugin, the Spirit Dragon in my own list and drawing them early is harsh. Have you considered Codex Shredder in the possible situation where discarding them is necessary early on for daretti's +2? It's great for returning them to your hand when needed and throws a card in the yard each turn which can be nice. I replaced both with Unstable Obelisk (this is iffy since it doesn't help get daretti out early, I might put karn back in after testing) and All Is Dust(which I see you run anyway) since both can be easily recurred via daretti, Past in Flames or Recoup .

How is Clock of Omens feeling to you? It seems pretty situational and while it can be used for ramp I haven't found it to be effective most of the time.

Blightsteel Colossus doesn't really mesh great with daretti but if I had a foil id probably include it anyway. Have you considered Chandra's Ignition as a possible wincon with it?

Contagion Engine is awesome for a one sided board wipe, but I wonder if the slot wouldn't be better for a 2 mana rock allowing daretti to come out a turn early and start +2ing? The same could be said for Tormenting Voice substitutin Fellwar Stone and/or Thought Vessel(or one of the rituals).

Lastly I would say Mirrorworks and Mindslaver are great but situational.The mirror plays better the sooner it comes out but later on it can be kind of meh. Mindslaver is obviously just good with daretti but it does paint a target in 4-player, does it generally generate enough value for you to use it and still survive a potentially hostile table?

Anyways thanks for looking at my build and your suggestions. I hope mine help you out too!

Izu_Korasu on The law of averages states...

2 months ago


also Chance Encounter, Recoup and Mana Clash feel like fun inclusions.

Izu_Korasu on Ramos, the Cascading Flicker Storm

2 months ago

I could see dropping the three more underwhelming storm cards, and the (correct me if im wrong) seemingly pointless flicker effects for better cantrips/counter producers/permanents that counter.

Manamorphose(and other rituals), Burning-Tree Emissary, Scarscale Ritual, Trace of Abundance, Abeyance and Gitaxian Probe to cantrip/increase storm.

Hydromorph Guardian, Judge's Familiar, Kira, Great Glass-Spinner, Spiketail Hatchling/Spiketail Drakeling are permanent options for counterspells that are cascade proof

Nivmagus Elemental, Clout of the Dominus, Hardened Scales and Past in Flames, Recoup, Baral, Chief of Compliance and Rashmi, Eternities Crafter feel like useful utility cards to mention.

RingoDingo92 on Daretti: One Scrappy Chap

3 months ago

Thank you for the comment and suggestions, ibstudent2200!

So, first off, Darksteel Forge, Mycosynth Lattice and Nevinyrral's Disk are essentials to any Daretti, Scrap Savant deck. I'm going to break this stuff down further when I finally find the time to update the description and all that jazz, but basically I'll say each provides powerful effects on their own, in conjuncture with other cards, and yes, as a combination most of all. It basically works as a constant destruction lock. The combination isn't difficult to put together, considering the tutors and all the digging through the deck via drawing effects. So no, I would never consider removing any of those pieces. It's one of the main win-cons and the one I've probably used most to win. Just because a couple cards might not be good together in one situation doesn't mean they aren't worth inclusion if they provide a shit-ton more value in just about any other conceivable situation.

Past in Flames just took the place of Recoup because the latter doesn't hit instants. I'll have to play it enough to see if I like it anyway, because I did like Recoup. But, the way I see it, its flashback only costs one more mana, hits more targets, and provides me an easy outlet to doling out infinite damage with it + Comet Storm + my infinite mana combos. That's why I decided it's worth a shot.

However, Codex Shredder is an interesting suggestion, so thank you for that. I like that it could get me back Chandra, Flamecaller or Blood Moon. I'l have to keep that one in mind and potentially test it in the future.

dlamars on Jori En, Diving on a Budget

3 months ago

Hey there, I'm not great with budget lists but I have a few cards to consider:

Mystic Speculation - always love drawing this card, so much value.

Recoup - I'm not sure if you are running enough sorcery spells for this maybe Past in Flames, Shreds of Sanity or Mystic Retrieval instead?

Increasing Vengeance - best spell doubler on a budget imo.

That's about all I can think of atm, hopefully it helps.

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