Shreds of Sanity


Format Legality
Standard Legal
Frontier Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Vintage Legal
Legacy Legal
Modern Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Eldritch Moon Uncommon

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Shreds of Sanity


Return up to one target instant card and up to one target sorcery card from your graveyard to your hand, then discard a card. Exile Shreds of Sanity.

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Shreds of Sanity Discussion

Hyperalgialysis on Izzet Drake Haven

3 days ago

Put in Rise from the Tides as like a 1 or 2 of. Be a scary wincon they wont expect. Shreds of Sanity might be handy too.

Hyperalgialysis on Devil Tribal [BUDGET]

1 week ago

It would be much more effective if it was rakdos or gruul simply for some more unconditional removal or ramp to get delirium online quickly for gibbering fiend. That being said I think you have a cool concept and could use a little tweaking. Shreds of Sanity is a great way to get cards back into your hand and pairs well with Fiery Temper. Fling might as well be 6 damage if you cast it the same turn as Impetuous Devils. The new rules regarding aftermath cards make Sin Prodder a nightmare. The total cost of both sides is what they have take damage wise if they dont want it in your hand and even then aftermath will get them. If possible a pair of Devils' Playground can be hard to deal with if they resolve since it is 4 Goblin Arsonist

Akujiki on Shu Yun, Violent Monk

2 weeks ago

Here's some card recommendation that you might like : - Chandra's Ignition

- Hidden Strings

- Hands of Binding

- Mystic Retrieval

- Shreds of Sanity

- Mark of Fury

-Dawn Charm

-Boros Charm

-Ajani's Presence

- Valorous Stance

-Young Pyromancer

I hope those suggestion might lead you to create a martial prowess in the future

Wendigo4481 on Mono red insult storm

4 weeks ago

thanks for the suggestions, I was just sketching this out on my breaks at work and haven't really play tested it. I was thinking the recursion from Shreds of Sanity into Fiery Temper would be enough, to redraw at least a couple of the cards I need to set off the Thermo-Alchemist and Insult / Injury I really need to read up on Brain in a Jar to make sure it does what I think it does.

Citric.Spirit.gif on StandardMill.dec

1 month ago

Murphy77 It's an interesting problem, with a lot of things that seem like they should work but don't. Here's what I found: Scribe of the Mindful Ulamog's Reclaimer and Vexing Scuttler. There's one more outside of my colors in Shreds of Sanity.

The way I phrased the gatherer search cut down on the false positives, but I'm sure I also missed a few things that don't call out sorceries specifically.

TakeInventory on Faith of the Discarded (Amonkhet Aggro/Burn)

1 month ago

Thank you all, your suggestions were great, Ruthless Sniper and Collective Brutality will probably find room in this deck, although to be frank I believe Soul-Scar Mage to be a better fit instead of the sniper.

Shadow of the Grave doesn't work with madness cards but it is an interesting option if I feel like I'm running out of cards too quickly.

Not sure about Skirsdag Supplicant. I know I'll be able to negate that lifeloss easily, but it seems inefficient at 3 mana for a 2/3.

I want to like Shreds of Sanity but I don't feel that it works in this deck. Maybe if I was less aggro and more control and running Drake Haven as well it would work.

Eiti3 on No Hand(lebars) - 1v1 Hazoret EDH

2 months ago

Yea, I have the big three colorless tutors in the maybeboard. I'm going to be testing them out more extensively soon.

I like Vow of Lightning as much as Assault Suit, which is a bit, but not a whole bunch. I usually don't play pod games, but instead 1v1s. There just isn't anyone who plays EDH in my area anymore. So while they are amazing in a pod, in 1v1 I want to trick my opponent into discarding their hand into using her which doesn't do much if they can only attack me. Vow of Lightning is also an enchantment and doesn't have much recursion value like Assault Suit with Goblin Welder or Daretti, Scrap Savant. I'll definitely add it to the maybeboard and test it out.

Worldslayer is hilarious, but I can't stand the thought of not having mana. Especially if I don't have the right combo and all I can do is Traitorous Blood her for the turn, attach and swing. Then they get Hazoret and Worldslayer and I have nothing. I'mma stay away from this one for just a tid bit.

Sword of the Ages was added because it could target more than 1 creature and because I could recur it from the graveyard with Goblin Welder or Daretti, Scrap Savant in the case that I either discarded it or my opponent(s) recognized the threat and destroyed it. And this was when I had like 140+ cards so I actually had creatures with large P/T to make it viable for a one-shot-kill. I don't have much in the way for recurring Instants. Sure Shreds of Sanity could work there, and hell even my Charmbreaker Devils, but I dislike Shreds of Sanity for the inconsistencies. It would be better if it had flashback and no exiling itself. I guess the Devils could get it.... fine, you convinced me. I'll add it in and test it out. As for Repercussion, the same argument as I posted in response to Zimmers_0: She's attacking me and my creatures and I don't always have the right cards to defend, thus even blocking with a Stuffy Doll will double that damage to my face.

Fetches are here for thinning purposes as well as the Crucible of Worlds combo. I don't play mono-red much and I hate how little ramp they have, so I at least need consistent land drops.

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