Shreds of Sanity


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Casual Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Frontier Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Eldritch Moon (EMN) Uncommon

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Shreds of Sanity


Return up to one target instant card and up to one target sorcery card from your graveyard to your hand, then discard a card. Exile Shreds of Sanity.

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Shreds of Sanity Discussion

TheSpiritombEnthusiast on Jori En, Generic Title

4 days ago

Thanks for the suggestions! Ive considered Quicken and Gitaxian Probe before, so Ill definetly try them if I pick up some copies. Goblin Electromancer/Baral werent here before because I figured my curve was low enough as is, but Ive swapped in the electromancer to give it a shot! I think Rewind is a bit too much of an investment, you could say. I rarely hold up more than one or two mana on an opponents turn. Mystic Retrieval Ill keep in mind, but I prefer Shreds of Sanity.

supersalamandar on SuperBait181 V2

1 month ago

Unstable Obelisk- Its mana intensive to do, but this effect is very valuable to have in your colors. I recommend having it just in case.

Bedlam Reveler- A very good topdeck late in the game, as well as an efficent beater for that refills your hand. Not so good if you're early on and dont have self mill

Bloodwater Entity- for a Reclaim and an evasive body with prowess is not a bad rate. Downside of course is having to use your jori trigger or a cantrip to get the card into your hand (but thats not so hard).

Jace, Vryn's Prodigy  Flip- Card selection is King. This fuels your delve spells and smooths out your draws in the early game, while relieving pressure and ensuring you get your jori triggers late

Torrential Gearhulk- This is the only gearhulk that is seeing modern play for a reason. It lets us keep using our graveyard as a resource, while being a big body. Very often you can flash it in to block and cast a random spell in your graveyard FOR FREE to get a jori trigger. Thats a 3 for 1. And now you have a 5/6.

Chaos Warp- see Unstable Obelisk

Magma Jet- Part of my efforts to find interaction that gives card advantage. 2 damage isn't a lot, but its an instant speed play that can pick off utility creatures while giving us powerful card selection

Oona's Grace-Particularly powerful with your cost reducers, gives us a way to use our excess lands to hit jori triggers. Also an excellent card to discard.

Remand- Tempo play that digs you deeper. I'd probably fire this one off at the first chance i'd get.

Think Twice- Similar to Oona's Grace.

Voyage's End- Instant speed bounce with scry. Similar options discussed later.

Riptide Laboratory- mana is actually a big issue with this deck, but I think this effect is powerful enough

Anchor to the Aether- Sorcery speed, but going to the top of the library messes up your opponent's next draw, while the scry digs you further through the deck. I haven't played with this one yet, but it might be good to test.

Pieces of the Puzzle- is a lot and sorcery speed sucks, but this is a powerful draw spell that has the advantage of also filling your graveyard

Spite of Mogis- This is the addition that I am most proud of. I can't believe we didn't know this card existed.

Desperate Ravings- Good rate on this card and instant speed with flashback is nice. random is bad though

Lat-Nam's Legacy- similar rate to Desperate Ravings, but doesn't get you the card immediately

Perilous Voyage- Excellent if it hits something with cmc or less, underwhelming if not. Meta call. Also note that it has cyclonic rift's restriction.

Repulse-Bounce with draw. I think this is the best rate for this effect.

Select for Inspection-A bit troublesome to use, but the scry bounce for only is nice

Stymied Hopes- I'd consider this one a tempo play. Hit the first thing you can, so you can get that sweet sweet scry.

Unsubstantiate- Versatile spell, but the lack of card advantage on it is a minus

Baral's Expertise- Big bounce spell, will trigger Jori. But costs .

Mystic Speculation- Could be ok. Scry 3 is a lot, but thats all it does. I dont see you buying this back all that often.

Shreds of Sanity- 2 cards back for 3 mana + a card. Sounds interesting

Strategic Planning- sorcery speed impulse, but fills your yard.

Void Snare- 1 mana bounce

LongswordSamurai on The Archmage's Gambit

1 month ago

No, not really, TheRedGoat. Most of my burn consists of spells like Sizzle or Slagstorm, and while I do like to swing out with Neheb when I can, his damage isn't usually my primary source of post-combat mana gain. My local meta also doesn't tend to use Fog effects, but either way I don't see stopping combat damage as a large hindrance to the deck.

I have considered Past in Flames, and even once had a Shreds of Sanity in an earlier build, but so far I haven't seen too much need for either of them, because I usually manage to draw into a card like Reverberate or Pyromancer's Goggles that let me cast my big x-spells (like Burn from Within or Fireball ) more than once for a lot of damage. My damage doublers help as well. Honestly, the largest problem with the deck so far is card draw. With the right hand, I can kill someone fairly quickly, or at the very least drop my hand on the battlefield, but gaining more options after dumping/gaining mana is the real weakness I'm finding with the deck. Perhaps more wheels...

Razulghul on Jori En, Diving on a Budget

5 months ago

Hey there, I'm not great with budget lists but I have a few cards to consider:

Mystic Speculation - always love drawing this card, so much value.

Recoup - I'm not sure if you are running enough sorcery spells for this maybe Past in Flames, Shreds of Sanity or Mystic Retrieval instead?

Increasing Vengeance - best spell doubler on a budget imo.

That's about all I can think of atm, hopefully it helps.

xyr0s on Prototype U/R

5 months ago

If you want to go with prowess, don't play much in your opponents turn, espeically counterspells. They end up being dead when you really want something in your own turn. So, I'd suggest losing the 4 Counterflux and adding 4 Mutagenic Growth instead.

Unless you get a lot more instants and sorceries, Enigma Drake will never really be worth it. The same goes for Delver of Secrets  Flip. But you do need another 2 Monastery Swiftspear. And perhaps a couple of Wings of Velis Vel would be a funny budget card in a prowess deck. Consider Lava Spike or maybe, if you get better lands, Searing Blaze, as they go really well with a turn 1 swiftspear. One of the ways to gain a bit of tempo against opponents with a lot of fetch and shocklands is to hit them really hard early on (turn 1 Monastery Swiftspear, turn 2 Lightning Bolt, Lava Spike, attack = 10 damage total), as they then often become reluctant to play their lands untapped and cracking fetches.

Let me get Shreds of Sanity straight... so, you pay 3 mana, pick 2 cards in your GY, lose another card from your hand... right? so, it's card neutral for 3 mana (no loss, no gain, except if either instant or sorcery was missing from your GY, in which case it's card negative). And it then triggers any prowess creatures in play... Not really a modern card. How about Expedite instead? Nothing in common between the two cards, really, but expedite is cheaper, more aggressive, potentially impacts the board state, and always replaces itself.

Don't play tapped lands in a deck as aggressive as this (is supposed to be). It is roughly equivalent to playing a timewalk on behalf of your opponent. Also, you should trim down casting costs, until 20 lands is enough.

Hobbez9186 on Now With Double the Thermo-Alchemists! (Red Burn)

5 months ago

I second the Shreds of Sanity. I run a pretty janky alchemist build that was absolutely founded on Alch and Sanity. It's a beast.

Being able to pick back up your Voice and Temper to recast and redraw more cards is just stupid, especially since it triggers the Alch and the Archer three times (if you had 6 mana to do it all at once).

Bomat Courier is a nice little one drop that usually nets at least two or three cards, more if you burn down your opponent's creatures and get more hits in. It's sweet since you can and often will run out of cards so having to discard your hand is no big deal.

I also prefer Combustible Gearhulk over the Reveler, especially if you run Shreds of Sanity. Most people won't give you 3 cards to your hand and will take the damage which probably won't be much, but it's something. Then you can just Shreds and pick two things back up and cast them anyway next turn. I wouldn't run 4 hulks though, 2 should do it. You could maybe keep 1 or 2 Revelers if you like them. Their crazy high CMC could be gross with the Hulk as well.

Just my two cents. It's funny how people complained about how weak red burn was in standard and now it's insane and has dozens of solid card options. Love it.

Slush on I Know Y'all Hate Me

6 months ago

I haven't played it, but Shreds of Sanity seems like it should be a better card that does something on its own. It trades two cards from your hand for two in your graveyard, which have to be sorcery and instant and it costs three mana. How has your experience been with it?

I also think that Sunscorched Desert is better than your Desert of the Fervent, because it deals guaranteed damage that can't be countered and doesn't slow you down at all. Sure, cycling it in the late game is nice, but I feel that the 1 damage is better. Also not perfectly sure, but I'm much much happier to see Sunscorched Desert in my starting hand than this one and I'm also not totally unhappy to topdeck it in the late game.

One more nice card you could consider is Hungry Flames, which is awesome against creatures that are small enough and deals damage at the same time. Also fits your budget theme.

Regarding the previous comment about Tormenting Voice vs. Cathartic Reunion: You can always hold back one land in your hand in case you'd draw a Tormenting Voice. But what are you going to do when you topdeck Cathartic Reunion? Always hold back two lands? Wait a turn and hope to draw something bad so you can discard it to reunion? If you draw something good you'll play it and still have two dead cards in your hand. With Tormenting Voice you'd be able to draw two useful cards instead. Since you're not benefiting much from throwing things in your graveyard, except for Fiery Temper, I don't see why Cathartic Reunion would be better.

ccmaci on How to Mil Someone to Death in Seven Turns

6 months ago

Persistent_Nightmare56, red can be used for Startled Awake recursion, cards such as Bloodwater Entity and Shreds of Sanity work well... really well.

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