Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Duel Decks: Divine vs. Demonic Common
Shards of Alara Common

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Prevent all combat damage that would be dealt this turn.

Cycling 2 (2, Discard this card: Draw a card.)

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Angelsong Discussion

nightblindsniper on avacyn

1 week ago

Maybe cut Entrapment Maneuver for Wing Shards I think the extra sacs are better cause what if they just sac a 1/1?

Maybe cut Angelsong for like Dawn Charm but honestly IDK if any fog effects are super worth it.

Maybe cut Gift of Immortality? cause it seems weird with Avacyn. Could add Emeria, The Sky Ruin? It is kinda a mono white must have.

Maybe cut Gift of Estates for Oath of Lieges? I mean it might occasionally help someone else but it also triggers way more for you and is ramp unlike just putting them in hand.

I really like everything else.

Zouzk on mono blue paradox engine

1 week ago

ehlanamarie I've played around with it and it's pretty fun. I tried making a deck with it as my Win Con and it became a 4 colored deck where I used 4 Isochron Scepters with Manamorphose, Silence, Boomerang, Fire/Ice and Mana Leak and used 4 Khalni Gems as my mana stones. You could put in Angelsong, Lull and other Cycling cards so that you can get to Paradox Engine and the other cards faster

thegreenwonder on Big Momma's Flock

2 months ago

I searched more stuff and found these: Angel of Jubilation is a good lord with a good tax effect for only 4 mana. Angel of Salvation has a convoke cost which could be more manageable. Inspiring Statuary can also help by letting your artifacts help with mana cost.

Angelic Destiny and Angelic Renewal could protect some of your higher mana cost spells, or your commander, so that you don't have to worry about wasting mana. Angelsong is good protection as well.

infected07 on R/W Angels

2 months ago

You have heavy mana, you could benefit from green and smaller maybe token creatures for early on chump blocks.

Dromoka's Command - Sigarda, Heron's Grace - Path to Exile - Traverse the Ulvenwald - Oblivion Ring - Serra Ascendant - True Conviction - Soulmender - Soul Warden - Intrepid Hero - Hanweir Militia Captain  Flip - Doomed Traveler - Herald of Anafenza - Angelsong - Mass Calcify - Generator Servant

Would be terrible for those angels to be countered. Cavern of Souls

precociousapprentice on Queen Marchesa: Politics, Aikido, and Control

3 months ago

Looking to increase the cards that either discourage attacks against me or come as surprise swings, as well as trim some things that were underperforming.


Assemble the Legion - Too slow. I want turnaround wins. This doesn't do that, and places a target on my head. May need to add another wincon though.

Chaos Warp - Finding I don't play it when I have it. Taking away their options is often counter to the strategy of this deck. Leaving them to overcommit or develop, while laying low myself, leads to my opponents taking each other out. My offense is often letting their offense develop and be used against everyone but me. When I do choose to intervene in their development, I want it to be final, with no upside for them. This is counter to that.

Oblation - Same as Chaos Warp.

Isochron Scepter - Many times a dead draw, and when it comes into play it is less impactful than I want. It also creates too much worry over my board state any time I play it. Counter to my strategy.

Silence - Not the impact I was hoping. Proactive counter does not work the way I wanted. I want turnaround after their deck does what it is supposed to, not just delaying their playing their deck.

Wild Ricochet - Many times a dead draw, many times too expensive, rarely as impactful as I wanted.

Lapse of Certainty - I often let things through because I want them to be used against my opponents, I don't want a target on my head, and I want to use those things against their controllers. I sit on this card too much.

Foreboding Ruins - Almost always an ETB tapped dual with no upside. I can do better.

Secluded Steppe - ETB tapped plains that I rarely Cycle. No combos to take advantage of it.


Temple of Malice - Upside that Foreboding Ruins didn't have.

Temple of Triumph - Replaces Secluded Steppe. Still ETB tapped, but now a dual and with an extra upside of Scry instead of Cycle.

Mystifying Maze - Another Maze. Leads to attacking elsewhere or to overcommitting. Encouraging both is exactly what this deck wants.

Gossamer Chains - Essentially another Maze.

Gift of Estates - Smoothing out the early game, ensuring land drops.

Karmic Justice vs. Martyr's Bond - I will cycle both. Redirecting targeted removal at my opponents would be good. Adding the chump block Rattlesnake of Martyr's Bond may or may not make up for the extra cost.

Some combination of Fogs such as:

May Consider:

Academy Rector - Just a simple Rattlesnake tied to a tutor. Would potentially be great.

False Prophet - Another Rattlesnake card tied to a boardwipe. May be counter to the strategy, but the Rattlesnake may be worth it.

Athraithe on W/U Fog

3 months ago

i feel like you could almost cut green completely. Commence is a bad card in general, and fog could be easily replaced with Ethereal Haze. Angelsong could be good here too since its a 2 mana fog (like your commence) but has the added side of being able to play 2-c instead of 3 and has cycling

ZaneOlric3 on Bant Turbo Fog

4 months ago

Hey this deck is awesome! I love Turbo Fog and it's awesome that you thought of doing it in pauper. Since there are no common Turbo's I think Angelsong and Lull could help with making Jace's Erasure go faster.

spacetear on Controlled Burn

4 months ago

Soulfire Grand Master's last ability uses Hybrid Mana (an either/or mechanic), so there's no blue splashing involved. You could just pay . That's not the relevant ability though, it's the second one that gains life whenever instants or sorceries deal damage. A single Lightning Helix could activate your Angelic Accord. You could also replace some of the other less-fitting bits of the deck with more damaging instants like Lightning Bolt, Boros Charm, Arrows of Justice, Stoke the Flames, Warleader's Helix, Lightning Axe, Deflecting Palm, or mainboarding 4x Fiery Tempers. All of them would be doing double duty with Soulfire GM just sitting on the field.

I'd suggest stripping Lone Missionary, Thraben Inspector, and Wall of Resurgence for 4 Soulfire GMs and 4 instant damage spells.

As an aside, I'd also suggest removing the Boros Signets and Luminarch Ascensions to just triple/quadruple up on the other 3 enchantment spells. With the land you have, you don't need the mana fixing the Signets provide (if those are meant to provide MORE mana for the expensive angels and Gearhulk, Signet does nothing to help that way. A higher land count would be better). The Ascensions work off having a Fog effect, like Angelsong, Ethereal Haze, or Hold at Bay. Gaining life BACK after life has already been lost during a single turn would still prevent Luminarch Ascension from getting a quest counter.

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