Format Legality
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Frontier Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Magic 2015 (M15) Uncommon

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Creature — Faerie Rogue

Flash (You may cast this spell any time you could cast an instant.)


When Quickling enters the battlefield, sacrifice it unless you return another creature you control to its owner's hand.

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Quickling Discussion

StoryArcher on Fairy Two-Step

3 weeks ago

Nathanaiel, thanks for the input. I was thinking about Tron in particular when I asked about sideboards - do you think a handful of Spreading Seas would be adequate?

As for card draw, there is no real mechanism in place - Remand gives me some, Cryptic Command can occasionally provide a draw and from time to time I get a nice little run out of bouncing Faerie Miscreant in and out but that's about it. Can you recommend anything in particular? I originally had a full set of Ancestral Vision because I thought it was an ideal one-drop/turn one play but was advised against it, in part due to how often I ended up with cards back in my hand (via Quickling, Familiar's Ruse, etc.). I could probably replace one Vendilion Clique and the three Cryptic Command with them if that was the way to go. I suppose I could do the same with a set of Serum Visions as well...

ZorrosRage on Faerie(ly) Rogueish

4 weeks ago

I'm not a fan of Aether Vial in this deck. I usually really like vial in combat tricks decks like Humans or Merfolk. Feel like those 4 spots can have control or destruction cards. All of your good combat trick faeries have flash so just feels like its not as good since its a fairly low cost deck that you are not going to last second buff or anything. I think Fatal Push should be at 4

Maybe add Spell Snare or Countersquall maybe alsoCast Down to main or side

Inquisition of Kozilek possibly in the side for a discard setup

A fun faerie setup could be using Quickling and Mistblade Shinobi it's a fun trick to mess with your opponent.

Also we have to be mindful with Oona's Prowler not sure how much it helps the popular deck around Hollow One since it is becoming very popular

greyninja on Animar, soul of the elements

2 months ago

Quickling is chill yea. You could likely find all those cards online for ~$2. Maybe throw in Wood Elves and Farhaven Elf for more ramp.

Throne of Geth and some of the other noncreature spells could come out eventually. Animar wants creatures >:)

Dennis14 on Mono Blue Faeries

3 months ago

Mistbind Clique and Quickling don't target so this isn't an issue.
And Vapor Snag is mostly used on opposing creatures.

Cantrips are good but the deck needs interaction so it will mean going down on threats or support cards like Favorable Winds or Aether Vial .
In the current build Remand and Faerie Miscreant provide the cantrips.

If I were to cut the Aether Vial I'd probably add 2x Smuggler's Copter and two more lands.

magharibo on U/B faeries

3 months ago

hey, You could use two or three Quickling to get your Spellstutter Sprite back, after countering something and I would play 4 Spellstutter. Aether Vial is also great with faeries. Also Faerie Miscreant ist really great, it drawes you cards. In UB faeries you should think of Bitterblossom but its expencive. Vendilion Clique ist really good too. Cavern of Souls is perfect. It protectes you from counter.Those are expensive upgrades but first two are really cheap. I hop I can help

peacemaker791 on Esper - Merieke Flicker

5 months ago

Damn! Thanks those are excellent suggestions! I absolutly love Conjurer's Closet and Panharmonicon even though Panharmonicon may cause an overkill for several things like Quickling. I need to cut some filling cards so everything works out smoothly. Archaeomancer can also come in handy. Ashen Rider is excellent too. Didnt thought of that at all! Only card i'm not totally convinced is Paradoxical Outcome because it may be too expensive. Thanks a lot!

ComboCrazy on "And Just Like That... They Were Gone"

6 months ago

So, I noticed your curve is really skewed towards one and two drops, and thought Id at least suggest that you cut one Unsummon and one Jace's Phantasm, and perhaps replace them with cards like Mitotic Manipulation or Familiar's Ruse. Also, for cantrips, given you do have a creature that likes things in graveyards, Thought Scour might be somewhat useful. Whether or not its better than peek is up to playtesting. Id also recommend seriously considering Boomerang over Unsummon. Hitting a Death's Shadow is nice, but have you ever tried hitting eldrazitrons Urza's Tower? Point being, it can buy you a whole turn against some decks. As for sideboard, I dont think some of the cards youve got in there do much... Quickling is an excellent sideboard option, as is Leyline of Singularity. Other Leylines are nice too but they tend to get pricey.

Hope this was helpful, good luck with the deck!

Force_of_Willb on The Lady Doth Protest Too Much

7 months ago

As good as Mistbind Clique is, with so few faeries have you had problems casting and championing another faerie?

I haven't tested this but if you want to be mean I think Mistbind + Faerie Impostor + Quickling or any other creature that requires you to return a creature to your hand (Ex Aether Adept) but Quickling is the best since it has flash.
So for 6 mana you can lock out an opponent. During opponents upkeep have Have Mistbind champion the Impostor, then you can flash in Quickling to return the Mistbind returning the Impostor to the battlefield which then returns to Quickling to repeat next uptap phase.

You are also missing some pretty solid Faeries for a Fae Deck: Faerie Harbinger (tutor), Faerie Trickery (counter), Spellstutter Sprite (counter), Glen Elendra Archmage (more counters), Glen Elendra Liege (lord - great with Oona making 3/3s), Scion of Oona (Lord + Shroud), and just a fun one but Faerie Artisans basically it lets you benefit from all your opponents ETB effects sometimes you get a good creature to attack with but mostly it should be the ETB

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