Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Frontier Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Magic 2015 (M15) Uncommon

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Creature — Faerie Rogue

Flash (You may cast this spell any time you could cast an instant.)


When Quickling enters the battlefield, sacrifice it unless you return another creature you control to its owner's hand.

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Quickling Discussion

Force_of_Willb on FaerieOppression.dec [Deck in Progress]

1 week ago

As good as Mistbind Clique is, with so few faeries have you had problems casting and championing another faerie?

I haven't tested this but if you want to be mean I think Mistbind + Faerie Impostor + Quickling or any other creature that requires you to return a creature to your hand (Ex Aether Adept) but Quickling is the best since it has flash.
So for 6 mana you can lock out an opponent. During opponents upkeep have Have Mistbind champion the Impostor, then you can flash in Quickling to return the Mistbind returning the Impostor to the battlefield which then returns to Quickling to repeat next uptap phase.

You are also missing some pretty solid Faeries for a Fae Deck: Faerie Harbinger (tutor), Faerie Trickery (counter), Spellstutter Sprite (counter), Glen Elendra Archmage (more counters), Glen Elendra Liege (lord - great with Oona making 3/3s), Scion of Oona (Lord + Shroud), and just a fun one but Faerie Artisans basically it lets you benefit from all your opponents ETB effects sometimes you get a good creature to attack with but mostly it should be the ETB

venatcher on Bouncing Faeries Everywhere

2 weeks ago

Cafelattis It's a good question. The 3 cards Familiar's Ruse, Quickling and Mistbind Clique can be used with Scion of Oona on the battlefield because they don't mention the word "target".

Moreover, in Familiar's Ruse text rule, the return card is a part of the cost to cast. This means that when you cast your spell, your creature is already in your hand. The bouncing ability of this card can't be countered.

Cafelattis on Bouncing Faeries Everywhere

2 weeks ago

I think this deck is very cool, very different from other tribes in magic. But i do wonder, if Scion of Oona is out on the bf, and gives all other faeries shroud, would that not prevent you from bouncing them with things like Familiar's Ruse, Quickling and Mistbind Clique.I am just wondering, or is there a plan or way of playing to avoid this. Thanks in advance.

elementalheroflamewingman on Favorable Faeries

3 weeks ago

Get rid of Zephyr Sprite. It's a bad card, even for tribal fae. Smuggler's Copter is an extremely good card in this kind of deck allowing you to sift through your deck for your more important anthems. Also, make space for Mistbind Clique. In addition to allowing you to basically timewalk your opponent past t4, championing Spellstutter Sprite basically makes Quickling a counterspell when you need it, while letting you tap out your opponent's lands again which is an extremely strong tempo play. It also lets you reset the persist from Glen Elendra Archmage, and it also has good stats to close out games.

xyr0s on Favorable Faeries

3 weeks ago

Mutavault would be nice, as for any tribal deck - Faerie Conclave could easily do in this deck. Quickling might also be useful, but definitely not the full playset.

I don't think your deck does enough things that rely on your opponents game, to make Peek good. If you bring it for the card draw, Opt is better, but probably redundat, as you already have Serum Visions. You could exchange a Peek for Ghostly Flicker. Sometimes, it's a counterspell, sometimes a way out of unfavorable combat, sometimes... well... many uses for that one. The last 2 Peek could become Vapor Snag instead.

Xica on Core of Faeries

3 weeks ago

I recently looked into faeries, more specifically lists that managed to score high in some tournament.
And to my surprise i found that only 4x "creature" cards are played in them:
Mistbind Clique
Vendilion Clique
Spellstutter Sprite

Of course there tend to be 25 land (including 6+ manlands), and a lot of controll spells played along them.
Sometimes a Smuggler's Copter or two.

However to my astonishment, Quickling & Snapcaster Mage are often missing from these lists.

So what would be the ideal core of faerie decks in modern?

Hyperalgialysis on Are there any creature spells ...

4 weeks ago

In your colors Species Gorger and Roaring Primadox both let you get a free bounce back on your upkeep. I also like Quickling as an easy way to bounce things back too. Familiar's Ruse and Disappearing Act are both spells that let you bounce on the cheap too, just in case you could make use of them. I am sure blue has a handful more creatures that function the same way Quickling does, maybe someone else will know what they are.

RoarMaster on Ninja/Faerie Bouncers (Budget-ish)

4 weeks ago

The miscreant is the only creature aside from spellstutter that actually WANTS to be bounced.

Ninjas I guess sort of want to be bounced, but not really. They need to be bounced, piggybacked, and then cast for ninjitsu. Which is a fair bit of resources if you are planning on doing this regularly, or with multiple ninjas in a turn. I think its more efficient to keep your Ninjas in play if you can ensure that they can connect on their own for cheap, especially since the original creature deals no damage. I dont think Walker of Secret ways is really worth an include due to this fact, and the fact that it cannot target spellstutter or miscreant.

You need to keep your faerie count up, or else your spellstutters will suck, Id consider replacing the Impostors with Quicklings. The flash is what makes the difference, especially when you are already running a number of reactive cards that you need mana open on opponents turns for.

If you are still wanting to bounce your ninjas in order to piggyback in, Snap is good as it is 'Free', ensuring you will be able to aford to ninjitsu the creature out again on the same turn, or keep threats off your opponents field while still casting threats yourself.

Withdraw is another great card for this. Bounce an opponents creature with the first target, then bounce your own guy because you choose not to pay the 1 mana.

And depending which route you end up going, and how tribal it is, Thalakos Seer may dilute the tribe a bit, but its just so much value with ninjas. Guarantees you can piggyback in, and also gives you a card when bounced or killed. Its a more reliable miscreant basically.

Ive always wanted to run Vela the Night-Clad but I dont have the black for it.

As for your concern about the lack of hard removal in my deck, its meant to play aggro tempo moreso then control. My cmc curve is super low which allows me to play more threats quicker in the early game, and I cant afford to not put pressure on my opponent by holding my mana open for counterspells or instant speed removal. Being able to repeatedly bounce via mistblade shinobi helps keep large ground creatures tied up, and the aforementioned Snap is a big tempo swing early on. The Seer, Shadowrifts, and Deep Hours keep the threats and mana coming a a steady pace as to not run out of steam early.

Ive wanted to experiment with Saprazzan Heir for a while. And Ive looked at and considered Vedalken Ghoul and Inkfathom Witch but again, didnt have the black.

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