Stir the Sands


Format Legality
Standard Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Vintage Legal
Legacy Legal
Modern Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Amonkhet Uncommon

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Stir the Sands


Create three 2/2 black Zombie creature tokens.

Cycling 3B (3B, Discard this card: Draw a card.)

When you cycle Stir the Sands, create a 2/2 black Zombie creature token.

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Stir the Sands Discussion

T0tal on Zombie deck help

6 days ago

Hey guys i am using Grantley91 's SUPER Budget Sub $20 B/W Zombies! Post Rotation deck and id like your help because i am missing:

2x Wayward Servants 1x Dusk//Dawn 2x Never//Return 1x Stir the Sands

I'm thinking of substituting Dusk//Dawn with Start//Finish or Compulsory Rest

also i have 2x Dread Wanderer and 1x Plague Belcher . Which of the cards in the deck should i swap them with ?

dra600n on Undeadication

4 weeks ago

Alright, I've made some changes:

I removed the following (and placed these in the sideboard for now): Gideon of the Trials, Liliana, Death's Majesty, Stir the Sands, Diabolic Tutor

The following were removed entirely:Oketra, Bontu, Null Caller's

I added in:1x Metallic Mimic, 2x Fatal Push, 1x Battle at the Bridge, 2x Campaign of Vengeance, 3x Blessed Alliance, 1x Dark Salvation

Here's my reasoning for the changes:The Null Callers didn't really add a whole lot unless I had a graveyard full of creatures, and it being a 4 caster as a 2/4, I figured there were better spells for that cost (or less). Same with Oketra and Bontu - both had great stats, but with their restrictions, it just didn't fit with the deck IMO. The Metallic Mimic will give +1/+1 to all Zombies, and even though there's only 1, I think it'll be more effective than either of the God's or the Null Callers.

The Fatal Pushes and Blessed Alliance are for creature control, though I'd still like to get 2 more FP's.

I added the Dark Salvation to replace Stir the Sands, just as something to add in, and it's more effective. I'd like to add at least 1 more in, but maybe this will get rotated out. Same with Battle at the Bridge, which will get rotated out for a Fatal Push once I get more.

Would it be wise to rotate out In Oketra's Name for Cryptbreaker or Diregraf Colossus, or should other cards be rotated out instead?

lisabethshaw on Black Zombies - Help!

4 weeks ago

Thanks for the feedback netdecksandchill!! I have several of the cards you suggested - 4 different Liliana's, 1 Grasp of Darkness, Dread Wanderer... I am really interested in getting a bunch of token zombies out on the field as quickly as possible. I know Stir the Sands is pricey, but getting three out at once is so rewarding! I just got From Under the Floorboards for that reason and it is only a 5 drop so I'll swap those out. And Graf Harvest just came in the mail. :)

Hopefully I'll be ready for FNM at my kitchen table tomorrow night. Thanks again.

netdecksandchill on Black Zombies - Help!

4 weeks ago

Some initial thoughts...

Dismember and Fatal Push are two of your best cards, should be in the main deck. Actually, you could use more of each or other black removal spells, of which there are many, like Grasp of Darkness.

You also probably want more/better zombies and less of a mishmash of creatures, plus more creatures overall - 24 seems about right. Lord of the Accursed, Diregraf Colossus, and Metallic Mimic are all fine. Relentless Dead is really good. Geralf's Messenger, Gravecrawler, Cryptbreaker, Dread Wanderer are worth considering. Kalitas, Traitor of Ghet is cool. Look at some of the Standard and Modern lists out there for more ideas.

Some Liliana planeswalkers would fit.

I think spells like Dark Salvation and Stir the Sands are too expensive to run 7 total. Dark Salvation is better I think, so maybe drop the Stir the Sands? Too many of the artifacts too I think - maybe one of each? Liliana's Mastery is good.

Other spells to consider: Thoughtseize (expensive though) or cheaper variants like Inquisition of Kozilek or even Duress. Collective Brutality is good too.

bellz76 on Undeadication

4 weeks ago

I think any zombie build these days should have Cryptbreaker. He's good early, he's good late, and he does all the things you need him to do- make zombies and draw cards. I would run a full set of him. You also want to run the full set of Wayward Servant. He's that good.

And for wanting to control the board, you don't have any removal. Fatal Push, Grasp of Darkness, and Declaration in Stone are all really good right now. I know you have a couple tappers, but you need some hard removal.

You can probably find room for these cards with just a few changes- I would suggest taking the solo cards out. the Gideon, the Bontu, the Kalitas, and the Oketra (probably the Lilly as well). They are powerful, but there's no consistancy with that many solos. I see you have a tutor to help, but you only have 1 of those too. I also think the Stir the Sands and the Null Caller can come out.

These changes will keep your curve low and make 22 land work. I think if you keep the 5 and 6 drops in, than you'll need to bump the land to 24. And I know you're looking to switch some land around when you get it, but in the meantime, there's nothing wring with playing 4 Forsaken Sanctuary. Yeah, it's slower, but it helps to fix the mana and is easy to get.

Hope this helps some.

ticked-off-squirrel on B/W Standard Zombies

1 month ago

Deltis thanks for the feedback and here is my reply:

no to these cards: Time to Reflect, Plague Belcher, Liliana's Mastery, Stir the Sands, Gravedigger. why? I don't own them.

card reduction: Wayward Servant (from 4 to 2), Wander in Death (from 4 to 2), Binding Mummy (from 3 to 2). why? that is all I own of those cards.

maybe cards: Supernatural Stamina, In Oketra's Name,

no need to restrict to just Ahmonkhet. there are many other Standard Blocks so please, suggest more from those blocks.

Deltis on B/W Standard Zombies

1 month ago

I would suggest less creatures. Creatures are good, but there is a thing as too much. Cards like the new Liliana and old one are good. Anointed Procession, In Oketra's Name, Time to Reflect, Never, Wander in Death, Supernatural Stamina, Stir the Sands, Plague Belcher, Liliana's Mastery, and Gravedigger are all cards from Ahmonkhet that could do nicely in a zombie deck. Innistrad, of course, has a lot of good zombies but those are black and blue. If you want to keep this deck to a minimal price, I would suggest something along the lines of...4xWayward Servant 2xLord of the Accursed 4xFan Bearer 3xBinding Mummy 3xVoracious Null 4xDoomed Dissenter 4xIn Oketra's Name 4xTime to Reflect 4xWander in Death 2xStir the Sands 4xSupernatural Stamina 12xSwamp 10xIsland or something along those lines.This deck using just Ahmonkhet cards. And if I am correct, this (main)deck, minus land, should only be about $12-14 on CardKingdom.

DaringApprentice on Part-ners: Ravos, SoulCycler

1 month ago

This looks like a lot of fun, great to see these blasts from the past get used! One card that you might consider for ramp is Thran Turbine, could give you a free cycle each turn. As for lower CMC creatures, some that I think could be useful are Cryptbreaker, Stoic Champion, Ruthless Sniper, Cho-Arrim Alchemist, Pack Rat, Skirk Ridge Exhumer, Undertaker, and Devout Witness, since they get a different kind of value out of discards than cycling. Similarly, Key to the City and Smuggler's Copter can allow you to use discards for different kinds of value.

As far as other cards related to cycling go, did you consider Ash Barrens, Gilded Light, Stir the Sands, Unearth, Radiant's Judgment, Street Wraith, Viscera Dragger, and Pitiless Vizier? I'm not sure if those fit in perfectly, but they might be worth considering.

If you wanted to make all players discard but have you benefit more from it, you might consider cards like Oppression and Necrogen Mists. I also think Library of Leng is worth looking at, but it might not fit your strategy.

Do you think getting Hellbent is something you are looking to do with this deck? If the former, maybe something like Gibbering Descent, Asylum Visitor, Dark Suspicions, Grim Strider, or Hollowborn Barghest could be interesting. In either case, some card draw like Phyrexian Arena could be very useful.

Also, watch out for Stabilizer!

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