Hieroglyphic Illumination


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Amonkhet (AKH) Common

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Hieroglyphic Illumination


Draw two cards.

Cycling (, Discard this card: Draw a card.)

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Hieroglyphic Illumination Discussion

KaladeshFavorer on First deck

3 days ago

Pretty Solid. First of all this isn't standard because of the Lightning Axe. Disallow is Strictly Better than Cancel. You probably should add more prowess creatures to win games more often because a bunch of counter spells doesn't let you win. Glimmer of Genius is much better than Hieroglyphic Illumination. You don't really have any real use from the Treasures that Spell Swindle makes. I think that this deck could be pretty good.

Soulus101 on Sanity Swallower

2 weeks ago

Of course, you could switch Hieroglyphic Illumination for Glimmer of Genius, which takes the Minister's mill potential to 12... And you get a bonus scry 2 in place of Cycling. Worth considering.

usurphling on 4,5-Colour New Perspectives Combo

2 weeks ago

its so funny that this deck once lost to saffronOlive's Naya Glorious End by making his opponent do the new perspectives combo and end it with Glorious End making his opponent waste his efforts lol. watch the match here

anyway, there is one card that you forgot to add and i think this is one of the best cycling cards right now - Hieroglyphic Illumination. other than that, this is your usual new perspectives combo deck...just add more untapped lands so that you can answer early game threats using censors and haze.

but in this metagame full of creatures, i would suggest to add more answers early game. i understand you have censors and haze but adding a sweeper or two wont hurt because they usually try to overrun you preventing you to pull your combo. so Sweltering Suns (which has cycling too) wont hurt you in the main.

when i made this deck, i made this in sultai colors because i just dont like to be greedier by adding another color...also i have Torment of Hailfire as an alternate wincon by cycling and tapping for more mana and making a lot of mana to cast it...maybe you may consider that card as another wincon.

hope it helps!

djnewellmit on The Ex-Wife Strikes Again

2 weeks ago

Leon9358, this is definitely a different tactic than my build with Rashmi, Rashmi's Foggy Summonings. I did a couple quick games against each other, and yours won consistently thanks to River's Rebuke.

I feel like Rashmi, Eternities Crafter isn't really being used to her fullest potential here, although paired with a late game Nissa, Steward of Elements or River's Rebuke she can generate some good value. You have zero instants, so you can never take advantage of her ability on your opponent's turn. I would consider dropping a pair of Kefnet's Last Word and putting in an instant-spped card draw like Glimmer of Genius or Hieroglyphic Illumination to help you dig for your Rashmi or other finishers.

Similar to Rashmi, you are only taking advantage of half of Majestic Myriarch's abilities as none of your creatures have any keywords. Emperor's Vanguard is easily my first choice to cut. Dreamcaller Siren would be a good swap since flying will benefit your Myriarch, and flash will also enable Rashmi. You might instead consider swapping in a pair of Dreamcaller Sirens in place of a pair of River's Rebuke to lower your average CMC. Ramunap Hydra is another option to replace the Vanguard, as it come loaded with a bunch of keywords. Siren Stormtamer is another option to give you the flying keyword, while also protecting you and your creatures from some removal. Vizier of the Menagerie could also be a good idea in this deck since you are running so many creatures; the Vizier also pairs with Rashmi and Nissa very nicely.

x12721 on [PRIMER] Torment From the God-Pharaoh

3 weeks ago

TappedOut isn't updating, so here is the new primer:The Primer

  1. The Scarab God is one of the best cards in the format. Its incredible versatility allows me to reanimate my own Gearhulks as well as my opponent's creatures. The extra scry + lifeloss is just icing on the cake.
  2. The Torrential Gearhulks are also great, a 5 power body with pseudo-haste and the ability to reuse my instants allow me access to better card advantage.
- Search for Azcanta  Flip is an excellent card when played on curve, allowing me to filter my draws. Its transformation (Azcanta, the Sunken Ruin) is basically a reusable Anticipate and can dig for the answers I need at instant speed. An absolutely great card.

    • Abrade is a quick answer to early threats, and when coupled with Magma Spray will exile anything with power 5 or less. Alternatively, it removes God-Pharaoh's Gift and Aethersphere Harvester before they become relevant.

    • Censor serves as a cheap Counterspell early game, and replaces itself later when the 1 mana is irrelevant.

    • Disallow counters anything. Unquestionably the best counterspell in the format.

    • Essence Scatter is essentially unconditional creature removal, and counters anything from Longtusk Cub to The Scarab God.

    • I run Glimmer of Genius over Hieroglyphic Illumination for the scry + the 2 energy. I can dig deeper with Glimmer, and it also guarantees me at least 2 mana of any color to cast the cards I find with it. While Illumination's cycling ability is great, Glimmer just works better for me overall.

    • Harnessed Lightning kills anything played turns 1 or 2, and can even be used to kill big creatures later on, which is great in a format with Dinosaurs and Gearhulks. Alternatively, I can use it just to get 3 energy for 2 mana, which powers my Aether Hubs or even Glint-Sleeve Siphoner.

    • Vraska's Contempt is one of the best removal cards in the format. Removing The Scarab God or Hazoret the Fervent is great, and the 2 life gained keeps me alive for longer as well. Still, the double black requirement is tough, so we only run two.

    Coming soon...
    Coming soon...
    Coming soon...
    Coming soon...
    Coming soon...
    Coming soon...
    (2-1 versus Mardu Reanimator), (2-0 versus GW Ramp), (1-1-1 Mirror Match), (2-1 Simic Merfolk), (2-0 Abzan -1/-1 Counters), (2-1 Naya Dinos), (1-2 RDW), (0-2 WU Aggro), (2-0 WU Aggro), (1-2 Orzhov Vamps), (2-1 WU Approach), (2-1 RG Pummeler), (2-1 RDW), (2-0 Orzhov Vamps), (2-1 BG Explore), (2-0 Temur Synergy), (2-1 Naya Humans), (2-1 Mono-Black Discard), (2-0 Golgari Counters and Izzet Jank/Orzhov Vamps [Casual Game]), (2-0 Temur Spellslinger)
    Mana base changed, once again. Splashing for Attune with Aether and Vraska, Relic Seeker has proven to be quite interesting. (2-1 Gruul Energy), (2-1 Gruul Energy)

    ShiningSpear on Paratrooper Pirates

    4 weeks ago

    Yeah, Glyph Keeper might be a solid choice to top out the mana curve. I'll give that a shot and see how well it works.

    I'm less keen on Pull from Tomorrow, though. Instant speed is nice, but it needs 5 total mana dumped into it to be better than Chart a Course. I think I'd prefer Hieroglyphic Illumination, since it's just two cards at instant speed that you can cycle if you get it early.

    Antimage on Baby's First Standard Deck

    1 month ago

    General good cards in these colors:

    Cards that help the Call for Unity strategy:

    Good cards for a cycling strategy:

    Rwhr2d2 on torrential Gearhulk U/W control

    1 month ago

    A few things: 1. This deck is marked as standard, and is running a lot of standard legal cards but has Flooded Strand, Force of Will, Path to Exile, and Snapcaster, none of which are standard legal. If it is meant for standard, you should remove them. If it is for modern, you still need to remove Force of Will. All other suggestions for cards are based on standard.
    2. Since you don't have any cards that care about cycling you may want to consider replacing Hieroglyphic Illumination with Glimmer of Genius.
    3. Maybe go to only 2 or 3 Search for Azcanta  Flip, since it is legendary.
    4. The deck is currently named torrential Gearhulk U/R control but is white blue (U/W).
    5. If you want to keep Approach of the Second Sun as your wincon, you can probably ignore my advice about Glimmer of Genius, but cutting an Approach would help to lower the amount of cards that you won't be able to cast until late in the game. This would let you replace it with some that can help earlier, such as Cast Out

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