Hieroglyphic Illumination


Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Amonkhet (AKH) Common

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Hieroglyphic Illumination


Draw two cards.

Cycling (, Discard this card: Draw a card.)

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Hieroglyphic Illumination Discussion

joleson490 on The pesky sea men

1 day ago

The deck doesn't need 4 Unclaimed Territory. In my experience it bricks at 3 or 4 so I've cut it down to two in my merfolk deck. I also run 3 Verdurous Gearhulk for pressure, 4 Hieroglyphic Illumination for draw power and 3 Kopala, Warden of Waves for protection/disruption. Thinking the Illuminations might get cut for 4 Glimmer of Genius just because the pile can be super finicky with draws.

KazicGreyhelm on Budget U/B control - Ixalan

2 days ago

I have many things to say about this.

First, If you don't want to buy Drowned Catacomb and Fetid Pools then you should at least invest in some Submerged Boneyard because duallands are better than basics; especially if there are color intensive spells such as Walk the Plank. Also, utility lands such as Ipnu Rivulet, Ifnir Deadlands or Field of Ruin would not be bad.

Second, on the subject of walk the plank, I am not a fan of the card. Instant speed removal will always be superior in my eyes. Fatal Push is clearly good and Essence Extraction is decent to throw into the mainboard despite not being hard-removal. I understand that walk the plank is basically unconditional removal, but i would rather have Hour of Glory than Walk the Plank. There is a consideration for cards such as Never / Return to deal with the likes of planeswalkers. The main problem I have with sorcery removal is that it conflicts with holding up counterspells.

Third, I am not a fan of Censor as it is not a great counterspell. I still play a couple of them, but not 4. Supreme Will is not expensive and is a nice flexible card. Commit / Memory is not exactly a counterspell, but it is a very flexible card that would not be a bad inclusion. And you can assume I wouldn't leave the point on counterspells without mentioning that Disallow is amazing and expensive.

Forth, there are to many creatures in the deck for my tastes. Kitesail Freebooter is a nice card in the control mirror, but it is more of a sideboard card unless you are playing a tempo deck. I don't see the point of Siren Stormtamer putting the opponent in a tough spot early on, it provides about as little pressure as possible and is generally ignorable for majority of the game.

Fifth, Hieroglyphic Illumination is a good card and Glimmer of Genius is better. I play both in my deck as 3 of glimmer and 2 of illumination. You could also sneak in a copy of Pull from Tomorrow into the deck, it is great in the late-game.

Lastly, take out One With the Wind. I understand it might work with the creatures in the deck, but it would be better for you to have more removal in the deck.

I have played control for years and have won many fnms and gamedays with it, so I feel entitled to say I have an idea of what I'm talking about. My deck runs 25 lands, 8 card draw spells, 9 removal spells, 12 counterspells and 6 threats. Keep in mind my deck is expensive and has Torrential Gearhulk and The Scarab God as threats.

dthoreson813 on That Thing, Cryptic Serpent?

2 days ago

Countervailing Winds!!

Derp! Can't believe I forgot to mention that one. It's a decent hard counter later on. Cycling helps get it into your graveyard for the snake.

Hieroglyphic Illumination?

Yurie on Cycling to Victory

4 days ago

BlueGoblin123 i really liked this deck and even intend to buy it on paper, but i believe some changes are necessary due to the fact it needs more cards with cheap cycling cost, the perfect card in my opinion for this job is Hieroglyphic Illumination, take out 1x Faith of the Devoted and 1x Abandoned Sarcophagus so you can put 2x Hieroglyphic Illumination

Chasko145 on Aggro Merfolk

6 days ago

I like it, like the person above im running a similar deck as well. I decided to add in a playset of Metallic Mimic. It works great because it will give all of your merfolk the +1/+1 and then with Herald of Secret Streams you pretty much have the win. I like the idea of Hieroglyphic Illumination might steal that idea myself lol

Haak on Jeskai Approach

2 weeks ago

You need to slot in some Fumigate. You can't rely on spot removal alone, because decks that go wide (like tokens) will get you. And while Settle the Wreckage is great against certain match-ups (like Temur) it's going to hurt you against others (like Ramunap Red or Tokens). You could cut either Opt or at the very least trim out those two Hieroglyphic Illumination. The life-gain is also important, because Approach isn't a control deck. It's a delayed combo deck, and the more time you can buy for yourself the more likely you are to successfully cast that second time.

Also, and this is totally a matter of preference, I think the only reason to run Jeskai over other options if for Sunbird's Invocation. I was running this shell last month, and the mana base is a bit clunky. But the Sunbird instant-win (when it happens) is about the best reason to dip for Red. Good luck with your matches!


3 weeks ago

Rex_JB24 Commit is an interesting idea, however, I don't think it has a place, especially on turn 3-4 we are either casting an Hour of Promise or casting a Glimmer of Genius to draw cards to get Approach of the Second Sun or you are casting a Fumigate to wipe the board. Censor I have considered but to me it doesn't do enough to be worth a slot, I mean what do you cut? To me the cuts are the Skywhaler's Shot and/or Hieroglyphic Illumination This cuts down on our answers to Glorybringer and our late game draw engine. This, in my opinion, is not worth it for a counterspell which most people play around and is only good on turn 2 as past that we are tapping out for ramp or board wipes and when we do have 7-9 mana Censor probably is not playable, especially when we can answer the things that Censor counters quite easily.

Hyperalgialysis on Need opinions for standard deck

3 weeks ago

Run more Supreme Will. Its nice to have the Impulse side of it and both Essence Scatter and Negate are really strong. Instead of Tezzeret's Ambition, Opt Glimmer of Genius and Hieroglyphic Illumination are all instead speed and have a lot of extra value. I like Duress and Harsh Scrutiny as well as Lay Bare the Heart. I run Search for Azcanta  Flip and it is pretty good for fixing you draws, and filling your hand late game. If you have a strong enough mana base for it splashing red would be nice for Enigma Drake as well as Harnessed Lightning and Cut / Ribbons. Your local meta may be different than mine, mine is mostly aggro with a couple control decks that tend to win. I have been using a lot of hand disruption main board and then sideboarding in a lot of counters depending on the match up.

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