Rakdos Charm


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander (2016 Edition) Uncommon
Return to Ravnica Uncommon

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Rakdos Charm


Chose one —

  • Exile all cards from target player's graveyard.
  • Destroy target artifact.
  • Each creature deals 1 damage to its controller.
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Rakdos Charm Discussion

precociousapprentice on Queen Marchesa: Politics, Aikido, and Control

2 days ago

Ok, all. I am an idiot. I had a realization in play yesterday that should have been obvious, but I had missed it. Ayli, Eternal Pilgrim was meant to be both Rattle Snake and spot removal, but the deck was not built around it, so she never got going. I focused on the spot removal, and when she was removed from the deck, I replaced it with repeatable creature spot removal, thinking that would at least come close to replacing the value of Ayli, Eternal Pilgrim. What I didn't fully grasp was that the weakness of slow speed of the removal, along with the durability of the removal was the problem, and that Assassins would never be able to make up for this. I was sitting on one of the best removal spells that are available in Queen Marchesa's colors, and I recognized this at least enough to put it into a sideboard slot because I just couldn't cut it all the way. I think I should just put the good spot removal back in, and skip all this getting fancy with creatures for removal BS. Since my Rattle Snake and Pillow Fort defense is already very strong, I am not sure why I am worrying about it so much, especially since I keep strengthening it with the most subtle of subtle Pillow Fort cards like Duelist's Heritage, Slayers' Stronghold, and Key to the City.

Right now, I think I just need to consolidate what I think this deck does best, make sure that I bring enough of both the offense and defense that this deck works off of, ensure that I am optimally countering common deck archetypes in ways that are synergistic with the rest of the deck, and not get distracted with complicated additions.

With that said, I have a sideboard that I have constructed of cards that are meant for tuning this more specifically to different metas, and for including cards for combating common archetypes that my meta does not contain. Even if I don't use this as a common sideboard between games, this is my list of cards to adjust for changing metas as I go between them, likely usually between sessions.

Changes that I plan:

Main Deck changes should be to consolidate the theme of the deck, removing weakness in favor of the strengths.


Kiku, Night's Flower, Royal Assassin. I love the art on Kiku, but she was a distraction. Neither will be the bomb that I want, neither is subtle enough for a non-bomb card.


Stronghold Discipline - Rakdos Charm is a huge part of my offense, and wins a ton of games. Stronghold Discipline is essentially another copy. Unconventional offensive plays are what this deck does best. Consolidate around the deck's strengths.

Utter End - One of the best spot removal spells available. Control is one of the things this deck does best, especially surgical removal. Consolidate around the deck's strengths.

Sideboard changes should compensate for different metas and allow me to combat the weaknesses in the deck with respect to commonly played archetypes that are just not that common in my usual meta. I am OK with unfairly destroying decks in metas that are not my usual meta.

Out: Utter End - Into the Main Deck!

In: Rest in Peace - The best at what it does, kills a lot of combo, storm, spellslinger, value engines, reanimator, etc...

So, what does that leave us with?

Ramp and Fixing: Lots of Ramp and Fixing that is tuned and synergistic with the rest of the deck, as well as a curve that allows us to bring out early big plays. Gift of Estates and Tithe double as card draw late game, and our unconventional manabase is highly synergistic with the rest of the deck.

Draw and Tutoring: Enough Draw and Tutoring to make the deck consistent and holding enough answers for every threat or weakness, without being obtrusive or conventional enough to be obvious about it. Three all star players in this list are Shred Memory, Key to the City, and Sea Gate Wreckage. Uncommon tutors and draw with huge impact in this deck without ringing any danger bells for most players. This suite makes my already versatile card list even more versatile.

Defense: A 25 card subtle and somewhat unconventional Pillow Fort and Rattle Snake defense with a low curve, the potential to be used offensively, and which is synergistic with itself as well as my offense. Back this up with a nice Fog suite, making my defensive wall extend into my hand so as to not have all of it sit on the battlefield to be effective, and bringing it's own offense in the right circumstances. Add to this a control package that is complete with a very strong and versatile spot removal suite, some reactive board wipes that have offensive uses, and multiple cards to allow us to protect our board state, including counterspells in Mardu colors!

Offense: The offense is structured to take advantage of typical board states and the strengths of my opponents with cards that have outsized effect for their costs. It is designed to be huge Aikido bombs against any Big Mana, Big Creature, Big Army, Big Hand, or Big Attack deck. It is structured in pairs of cards for each of these, including Acidic Soil/Price of Progress, Backlash/Delirium, Rakdos Charm/Stronghold Discipline, Sudden Impact/Toil / Trouble, Deflecting Palm/Comeuppance, with Arcbond, Batwing Brume, and Eye for an Eye all reinforcing this array of counterattacks. This reactive offense is backed up with a couple of big bomb offensive attacks in the form of Master of Cruelties and Hatred, a couple of midrange beaters in the form of Serra Ascendant, Gisela, the Broken Blade, and Kazuul, Tyrant of the Cliffs, and an army of smaller defensive and utility creatures. Bring in combat tricks and enablers like Duelist's Heritage, Slayers' Stronghold, Key to the City, and Rogue's Passage to act as later game silver bullets, and the offense is quite versatile.

Sideboard: Packed with Combo hate, a counterspell suite of my own for Counterspell and Blue Control hate, Graveyard Antics hate, and extra offense in the form of Dark Depths as an uncounterable big beater and Exsanguinate for big burn.

In all, I think I am pretty satisfied with where the deck now sits, and will likely consider this list to basically be the core deck. Testing will confirm, I think I have chased down all the areas that needed shored up, and I feel like this is, at the moment, a completed list.

DeepbloodEclipse on Black Moon

2 days ago

Yeah, I have a suggestion, don't play Blood Moon nor Magus of the Moon in mainboard, it will affect all your fetch lands and nonbasic lands as well, effectively you'll just screw yourself over in the end. And who or what is a Mogus? Do you mean Mogis, God of Slaughter? If so, I advise you also add Dictate of the Twin Gods do double the damage Mogis deals every turn and all your other burn spells as well. Which reminds me Rakdos Charm could be a good addition.

precociousapprentice on Queen Marchesa: Politics, Aikido, and Control

3 days ago

To be totally honest, I just don't see Contagion Engine, so it has never bothered me. I will likely only keep one of them, but I want to try both.

I am also reconsidering Stronghold Discipline. I have never playtested it, and I had figured that Rakdos Charm was vastly superior to it, so I never tried it. The thing is, I win off of Rakdos Charm way more often than I should. Granted, it is searchable with both Sunforger and Shred Memory, but maybe I am overlooking the fact that the offense it would bering would be worth the higher cost, the inability to be tutored for with Sunforger and Shred Memory, the fact that it is a sorcery and not an instant, and the fact that it has no other uses. If that brings enough offense, it can be worth it.

Magnivore on Force-Feed them, you Dingus!

6 days ago

I actually came up with this list. Everything you read over on Reddit as well as the mirrored TappedOut deck were my thoughts. I do like the idea SaberTech suggested because you can kill people in combat if you have Rakdos Charm. I would enjoy getting together though and brewing some more, because I had a really hard time doing so. I almost made it Saskia because of how much I wanted to include.

Azetsu on Copter Mardu Midrange

6 days ago

Thank you for your feedback, very helpful.

About the man lands I can agree that 6 are too much. Why would you prefer Lavaclaw Reaches instead of the 4th Shambling Vent? I will take fetches when they drop in price.

I replaced the motorists with bitterblossom. Your argument that his power is wasted when copter only needs 1 for crew convinced me. Thank you.

I like 4 paths because they can ugly things like eldrazis or wurmcoil engine. For the cheap stuff I have bolt and helix. I am not really sure if I need Fatal Push.

Crumble to Dust is temporal replacement for fulminators mage. He is very good with kolaghans command.

Hide/Seek is good versus nahiri emrakul decks, that are popular in my local meta.

You are right Rest in Peace is better. I also consider Rakdos Charm.

Swapping the Ajani for a second Sorin looks like a good plan.

precociousapprentice on Queen Marchesa: Politics, Aikido, and Control

1 week ago

There were not enough creatures to get Ayli, Eternal Pilgrim going, and being an efficient deathtouch creature was not enough. I may put her back in, but I think she needs a different deck. The list is very tight, creature light, and is not build to abuse her. Too bad. I was really hopeful she would be great.

Withered Wretch is nice graveyard hate. It is just about the same as Samurai of the Pale Curtain, but not as strong as Rest in Peace. I have Rakdos Charm and Shred Memory in already, and both have stronger uses in my deck than Withered Wretch, Samurai of the Pale Curtain, or Rest in Peace. I guess it would depend on what you need, since a body is usually nice to have around, even if just for chump blocking.

precociousapprentice on Queen Marchesa: Politics, Aikido, and Control

1 week ago

Quick update. I experimented with some of the changes outlined above.

Out: Dread In: Ayli, Eternal Pilgrim

I didn't notice Dread being gone at all. By the time it usually comes out, I have other defenses out, these defenses often make Dread superfluous, and even as a big evasive beater, I never won with it. I will keep this in mind for if I need another wincon or if my defenses seem to be lacking, but I think I will leave it out for now. Ayli, Eternal Pilgrim was an interesting addition. An efficient creature with deathtouch helps to replace Dread at a much earlier time in the curve. A single deathtouch creature will often put the brakes on an entire offense since the attacking player doesn't want to lose their best creature. On top of this, Ayli, Eternal Pilgrim's ability is actually very pertinent, especially given how often I am up in life. I have yet to bring either ability online, but the potential is quite interesting, even without building around it.

Out: Felidar Sovereign In: Master of Cruelties

This was an amazing switch! Felidar Sovereign never really did anything for me. I thought that it would be another path to victory, but mostly it was a dead draw. It is not evasive, so the lifelink never really paid off, and doesn't add anything to defense like deathtouch does, even if vigilance may have been nice for defense if it was ever worthwhile to attack. The win only happens on the upkeep step, giving my opponents plenty of time to get rid of it first. Most of the time it just sat there, doing nothing but acting like a bad blocker, and then got removed before it did what it was put in the deck to do. It was fun to experiment along these lines, but it didn't pay off at all. Replacing it with Master of Cruelties was an immediate upgrade. Deathtouch is always pertinent in this deck, providing a Rattlesnake effect that inevitably turns out to be much more powerful than people ever think it is. As I stated above, a single deathtouch creature often redirects multiple attacks away from me and toward my opponents, and the first strike ability only strengthens this ability. This is perfectly in line with the defense of this deck. On top of this, it provides a huge swingy wincon. If I land an attack, even a small burn spell will finish off the opponent. It provides another way that I can play defensive, with perfect synergy with the defensive style already in the deck, and providing the type of offense that allows me to switch gears at any time, putting extreme pressure on defending opponents and threatening a win in a single turn. An early landed attack with Master of Cruelties puts an opponent into survival mode, and also strengthens my defense because I don't have to worry about pressure from that opponent, or other opponents who smell blood in the water. Even if he is removed right after a landed attack, the game is completely changed in my favor. My only worry is that dropping it will prompt a boardwipe at times when I would rather not wipe the board. I have to be aware of this when playing.

More playtesting will confirm if these changes are the right thing for this deck, but my initial feeling is that they were good changes. I removed a bad wincon and added a better wincon. I removed an expensive Rattlesnake and added an inexpensive Rattlesnake with both lifegain potential and spot removal potential. I also added two deathtouch creatures, which seems to work great in this style of deck. Removing Dread seems almost heretical in a Pillow Fort style deck with , but the more I experiment with Pillow Fort decks, the more I realize that making your Pillow Fort subtle and bringing it online early strengthens it, since people have a tendency to assess an obvious Pillow Fort as a higher threat level, even if you have no offense on board. Dread is a classic Rattlesnake for many Pillow Fort decks, so people turn their resources against it, especially since it can be a wincon by itself. A small deathtouch creature doesn't create this reaction, and seems to have about the same effect as Dread, but at a much earlier point in the curve.

I initially thought about removing other classic Pillow Fort cards like Ghostly Prison, Sphere of Safety, Windborn Muse, and Kazuul, Tyrant of the Cliffs, but they do make a nice defensive stronghold, and also synergize with each other and with Acidic Soil, a very frequent wincon of this deck. When I drop a Ghostly Prison early, it redirects all attacks away from me in the early game, and hits my opponents with all those early attacks, doing double duty for my game plan. Then players drop every land they can so that eventually they can bring their army against me. My deathtouch creatures come online in the mean time, and my stronghold gets stronger. By the time that they have the mana and the army to actually do any damage to me, I can drop an Acidic Soil and a Rakdos Charm for a win. I just can't deny the synergy, even if it advertises my Pillow Fort. With that said, I will continue to assess if this is my best game plan as I evolve the deck further. At some point, it may no longer be worth it.

As a slight aside, for those considering Rattlesnake cards, Kazuul, Tyrant of the Cliffs vs Dread has been a question of mine since the start of this deck. Initially, I did not play Kazuul, Tyrant of the Cliffs, thinking Dread was much stronger. Then I played both, realizing the potential of Kazuul, Tyrant of the Cliffs. Now I have taken out Dread. Kazuul, Tyrant of the Cliffs is a better card for this deck. Dread does not actually stop an attack. It wipes out the army after a successful attack, and discourages an attack with this threat of retaliation. Kazuul, Tyrant of the Cliffs can create an army of blockers to stop an attack before it hits, unless the attacker spends resources to prevent it. This army of defenders can also become an offense as well, something that Dread can't do. I find it interesting that the real character of this deck has only become apparent to me as I have played it, and the most optimal cards have only become apparent as I have come to learn the real character of this deck. The more I play it, the more interesting it becomes.

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