Depose / Deploy


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Custom Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Arena Legal
Standard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Brawl Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Ravnica Allegiance (RNA) Uncommon

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Depose / Deploy


Tap target creature.

Draw a card.

Create two 1/1 colourless thopter artifact creature tokens with flying, then you gain 1 life for each creature you control.

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Depose / Deploy Discussion

ghgiunco on Tezzeret Combo. War of spark

22 hours ago

hi stensiagamekeeper tks for the comment. I still thinking in the build, putting and removing card. I wanted to build somenthing with Dovin's Veto and Depose / Deploy around Saheeli, Sublime Artificer . Something with more control build. But today i remove all W cards but dont remove the W mana.

I still in doubt between Saheeli and Sai. Servo can be transformed into Powerstone Shard and helps to ramp. But still hard to find the right slots

Bast zone is in and i think to use Zhalfirin Void too

VampiricJace on Teyo is super cute, okay? (WAR Standard)

2 weeks ago

Aragon_Neotrix: Love the potential of Depose / Deploy ! I'll play around with it. The incremental life gain has played really well, but I like the versatility of that card.

Narset, Parter of Veils is not on this list, because I have struggled with mana fixing just a bit too much, and her ability hinders that. I replaced her with Kasmina, Enigmatic Mentor who has worked so much better. But you're right...maybe I'll replace Invoke the Divine or something in the SB for control decks.

Regarding River's Rebuke , creature removal isn't a problem, so that really would be added for walkers. However, I'm using The Elderspell in leiu of that, which works better. But then again, now that I'm writing this, it could be also good against enchantment and/or artifact heavy decks. However, to my knowledge (which isn't much about Standard meta), that isn't a big archetype. I'll just add it to the maybeboard haha


Aragon_Neotrix on Teyo is super cute, okay? (WAR Standard)

2 weeks ago

Okay then since you are keen on this

River's Rebuke deals with any deck including control, preventing a amass (heh) of powerful walkers

Narset, Parter of Veils should definitely be in the sideboard for preventing control from refilling their hand but maybe in the mainboard since you only run 3 creatures

Rather than Revitalize try Depose / Deploy the first side stops aggro a bit and replaces itself and the second side gets you evasive tokens, blockers and gains you life at instant speed

Gameguy39 on Izzet Drakes Ultra Budget

2 months ago

Instead of using the Pteramander , I would highly recommend using Goblin Electromancer . It will make your cards cost less so that they can be used more readily. If you are going for budget and are using more expensive versions of better cards, then using Electromancer really helps with casting them during the game. I have used Pteramander many times and every time I use him it is too slow for my liking.

There is also a card I have been liking called Depose / Deploy . It has a nice effect in tapping a creature if you need it, and there is no need to splash another color with the hybrid mana. Plus it draws you a card and gives you 1 tick for your drakes.

If you want to make sure that you have enough tempo in order to last into the late game, you may want to take a look at Murmuring Mystic . He has a nice ability, though he does have a pretty high CMC. I have found that he is a very good sideboard card against token decks.

If you use Goblin Electromancer , you will almost always have a wizard on the field. You want him to be in your starting hand so you can play him turn two, so if you decide to go that route I would take a look at Wizard's Retort and Wizard's Lightning . They both cost significantly less with a wizard on the board, but they also cost less with electromancer in general.

As far as straight up damage goes, you have the obvious Lightning Strike , which would just be the same as a lightning bolt if you have the Electromancer. If you are looking for something more though, you can look at Direct Current . Little harder to cast because of the two red symbols, but it also has Jump-Start, so you can cast it again from the graveyard. Firecannon Blast Is essentially the same, but it has that raid trigger to do 6 damage instead if you attack (which you will be). Fight with Fire also gives you more options, as you can either choose to deal 5 damage to a creature or kick it to deal 10 wherever you want.

As far as drawing cards so that you can get your instants and sorceries into the graveyard and your drakes on the field, one of the best budget ones that I have found is Chemister's Insight . It also has the jump-start ability so you can use it again. Radical Idea is basically a smaller version of that. Warlord's Fury is a low CMC card that will draw you a card and also give all your things first strike. I found it helpful sometimes, but not enough to keep it in my deck. Something like Arrester's Admonition could also be useful with it sending a creature back to its owner's hand, but I have not tested it enough to know if it is super viable.

The version of the drake deck that I play can be found at Draken' My Bacon. I tend to run a more aggro version of the drake deck that focuses on getting the drakes out as soon as possible and casting as many spells as I can. I also have all of the expensive cards vs the non-expensive ones, but I only got that over time. I started out where you are with a budget version.

abenz419 on Need help making changes..

3 months ago

@SP3CTR3_chelts consume is also my only way of dealing with a Carnage Tyrant that hits the board. Also, to be fair, I feel like having more removal than other hero decks has helped me in those matchups because I can break through board stalls easier. It's also helped against the aggro matchups as well. Removing their board along with any incidental lifegain I get keeps me alive till they stall out and I can take over. I think the card most likely to get removed in the mainboard is Depose / Deploy . But even that has been good, creating instant speed blockers and gaining life.

Consecrate / Consume might not seem impressive, but instant speed graveyard hate, that's a cantrip, and triggers hero is really good. Not to mention the utility I get from it being a split card and extra removal to deal with large things like Carnage Tyrant , Lyra Dawnbringer , etc.

Squirrelbacon on Esper control

3 months ago

A couple of ideas for you, hopefully nothing too major!

First off, I want to address the SB choices. You are in Esper colors, which is full of plenty of extra options to keep the deck flexible. Right now, you seem very focused on creatures, which is fine, but I feel that makes the deck far too narrow... here's a few options:

Negate --> What's a Teffi anyway, I know I don't want to see him... Also clean answers to Settle or any other sweepers going on.

Disdainful Stroke --> See above, but add in creatures (I'm looking at you, Hydroid Krasis !!)

Smothering Tithe --> This one is eh... but it might help in the control matches.

Depose / Deploy --> I have been EXTREMELY impressed by this card in playtesting so far, but this one is also somewhat opinionated.

Warrant / Warden --> See above.

Unbreakable Formation --> BONKERS

Ethereal Absolution --> I play tokens... be prepared...

Settle the Wreckage --> Lopsided board wipe, kinda. Can be useful if your meta is full or aggro.


Your deck seems to be focused on early disruption and overall being annoying. You have a lot of interaction, so here's a few ideas for the main:

Hero of Precinct One --> Only if you add in a few more multi-colored spells, but I love this card.

Kitesail Freebooter --> I know it is in your sideboard, but since the rest of the deck is so disruptive it may be worth a thought.

Basilica Bell-Haunt --> What's mono-red anyway...

Seraph of the Scales --> Significantly more expensive, but, she good. at least, so I've heard.

Several of the cards can be shifted around, for example Kitesail Freebooter can probably just replace Ministrant of Obligation in the main, even if for only 2 or 3 copies. I think any of the split cards I put for the sideboard could go in the main as well, Plaguecrafter can shift to the SB (meta dependent). I also feel that Chemister's Insight doesn't have a home in this list, since you want to out-value and disrupt rather than win through card advantage in a design like this.

Have you thought about adding in a planeswalker anywhere? Both new walkers I feel a soft spot for in my heart, I even added Baby Dovin to my tokens list, (which is now bant) and I just have a soft spot for new Kaya as well.

These are all just opinions, but if you have any questions about my suggestions or want some help let me know!

multimedia on Rainbow Hero

4 months ago

Hey, great concept, but I think you're relying too much on Lantern to make the mana work.

I think Hero combines very well with Rakdos to make Mardu or with Bant. You have the beginnings of a Mardu strategy already with Aurelia, Tajic and Reinforcements consider expanding on it? Fireblade Artist and Imperious Oligarch , multicolored two drops. Fireblade can be a source of damage using Human tokens. Judith, the Scourge Diva is an anthem for tokens and she's multicolored.

Consider this Mardu creature base example:

  • 4x Hero
  • 4x Fireblade
  • 3x Imperious
  • 3x Judith
  • 2x Tajic
  • 2x Aureila
  • 1x Seraph of the Scales
  • 4x Reinforcements

Another direction to consider is Bant using the low mana cost multicolored split cards: Incubation / Incongruity , Depose / Deploy and Flower / Flourish . These split cards give you the token value with Hero, but also other value; in the case of Incubation and Deploy draw. I especially like Incubation because it can potentially find Hero turn one and after that it can potentially find a multicolored creature or exile a creature. Bant has two very good multicolored creature three drops in Knight of Autumn and Deputy of Detention and two drop Emmara, Soul of the Accord . Multicolored five drops Trostani and Teferi are great and Dovin also has potential.

Consider this Bant base example:

  • 4x Hero
  • 3x Emmara
  • 4x Autumn
  • 3x Deputy
  • 3x Trosanti
  • 4x Incubation
  • 4x Flower
  • 4x Depose

Good luck with your deck.

Depose / Deploy occurrence in decks from the last year


All decks: 0.16%