Watcher in the Mist


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Custom Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Modern Legal
Arena Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Standard Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Brawl Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Guilds of Ravnica (GRN) Common

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Watcher in the Mist

Creature — Spirit


When Watcher in the Mist enters the battlefield, surveil 2. (Look at the top two cards of your library, then put any number of them into your graveyard and the rest on top of your library in any order.)

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Watcher in the Mist Discussion

FSims81 on Budget Dimir Surveil

11 months ago

You might want to consider swapping Citywatch Sphinx for Watcher in the Mist. If your goal is to stay budget and use surveil to your advantage, doing so when the creature enters rather than when it dies is a better play. Another solid combo to consider is something like adding in a few Barrier of Bones and some Unexplained Disappearance You can have the Phantasm or Spybug out, cast the Barrier, bounce it back to your hand, and then recast it for three different surveils in the same turn. Lots of counters for minimal cost.

the__odysseus on Multifunious

11 months ago

What? No Phage the Untouchable? You can just take out someone with that? Also, what about Phyrexian Dreadnought. Watcher in the Mist just seems bad. Dimir Signet, Invisible Stalker, and other unblockable creatures. You just seem to have a bunch of strictly worse cards. Is this just the cards you had lying around?

Boza on Guilds of Ravnica: Spoilers and ...

1 year ago

I played Sunday in my prerelease and went 5-0 with Grixis. I opened a Dimir box with promo Lazav and had a very strong collection of commons - 2 Watcher in the Mist, 2 Deadly Visit and the best cards in the deck 3 Artful Takedown. I had 10 surveil enablers, yet only 2 payoffs in 1 Dimir Spybug and 1 Disinformation Campaign, which I think is the single best card in the set.

Unfortunately, I got no bombs so I splashed red for a Crackling Drake, Hypothesizzle and of course, 1 Niv-Mizzet, Parun.

Played against Golgari 2 times, 1 selesnya and 2 Dimir and cast Niv-Mizzet only once, but the plentyful removal was nice.

Overall, the set was challenging and there were representatives of all guilds that did 4-1 at least, so everything felt competitive.

Deco_y on Guilds of Ravnica: Spoilers and ...

1 year ago

I have gone to, I don't know, maybe a dozen or so pre releases in my MTG career. Now I have to say something that I used to rail on people for saying to justify their poor play.

I got the absolute worst card pool I have ever experienced playing the game of magic. The deck I actual managed to build is odds on one of the 5 weakest decks I have ever witnessed at a pre-release. Of my 5 non-seeded packs(I was Dimir), one of my rares was Thousand-Year Storm as well as Sacred Foundry and one being a Temple Garden. I only opened 2 removal spells and my best bombs were two copies of Watcher in the Mist. I managed to luck out and win my first game but overall went 2-1, 0-2. 1-2, 0-2, 0-2.

Just a painful, painful experience. When I got home I plugged in my free sealed event into MTG Arena, got a really good Boros pull, and reeled off 6 wins. But man that pool was legendarily bad.

Caerwyn on Guilds of Ravnica: Spoilers and ...

1 year ago

Prerelease was an absolute blast--perhaps the most fun I've had at a prerelease ever. There were lots of different decks being run, so I never had the same exact matchup twice.

I was playing Dimir, and was incredibly lucky with my packs. I only had eleven worthwhile creatures, but three of those were Muse Drake, two Watcher in the Mist, and a number of other assorted flying creatures. With three copies of Artful Takedown to help protect me and three copies of Notion Rain to dig for my very few creatures, I could easily locate and play my myriad fliers, going over top of my opponents. Ended up going 3-1-0, with the draw against Golgari Control--I was low on creatures and had almost milled myself, so I think I would have lost that match had there been another 4 or so turns.

Fun as surveil shenanigans were to play, I think most of my success was based on luck--I was the only Dimir player that seemed to be having any success.

The few people playing Izzet seemed to all be disappointed in their decks. I've found spellslinging decks to be pretty mediocre in prerelease, and that seemed to be the case here as well.

Selesnya did not seem as good as I expected it to be--there's a lot of removal floating about in this set, and large creatures did not work well with it. My girlfriend played this guild, and had a pretty decent selection of cards, but nothing overly exciting. I think it is a very "safe" guild to pick--there's lots of decent cards, so you're pretty much guaranteed to have something playable. I played against one person who splashed into Abzan for removal, and that worked pretty well for them.

Golgari had some really fun cards, but not enough of them. Ochran Assassin was a powerhouse at many tables, removing a creature and helping punch through damage. The one time an opponent used it against me, I had Passwall Adept in play--they were pretty upset that I kept making their creature unblockable so I could freely stop their other creatures.

At least two people were running Underrealm Lich to great effect. I had one game where someone pulled it, allowed them to mill their library while controlling with blocks/removal, and then hit their Lich with -2/-4 so they lost to mill on their draw. That was pretty fun, and checked "win via mill at prerelease" off my bucket list.

Boros with mentor was scary to play against. Besides being fast, there were enough inexpensive combat tricks that even blocking smaller creatures was dangerous if mana was open.

I think the lockets were way overvalued. Lots of people were using them just for card draw, and seven mana for two cards, even if spread over two turns, did not seem to work out well for anyone.

Overall, it was extremely fun--exactly what I was hoping for when they first announced another return to Ravnica. Can't wait for the next set. Orzhov and Azorius, here I come!

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