Vizier of Tumbling Sands


Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Amonkhet Uncommon

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Vizier of Tumbling Sands

Creature — Human Cleric

: Untap target permanent.

Cycling _(, Discard this card: Draw a card)

When you cycle Vizier of Tumbling Sands, untap target permanent.

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Vizier of Tumbling Sands Discussion

usurphling on Cheaty Cycling

3 days ago

youre gonna need some Weirding Wood or Gift of Paradise to ramp up and get New Perspectives early. then you start cycling and untapping your lands that produces 2 mana thanks to Vizier of Tumbling Sands until you can cast Torment of Hailfire for whatever number you like and win the game...hopefully.

you got me on Cunning Survivor but make sure you make it alive to score the win in addition to Torment of Hailfire. goodluck on your next FNM!

GrimWalkerAce on Will using the second ability ...

1 week ago

If we are talking about putting this combo in standard, The best way to make the combo work is to use cards such as Vizier of Tumbling Sands to untap Oracle's Vault whenever you hit a land on the top of your deck and try again. and if that fails you can cast a spell and untap Oracle's Vault with Paradox Engine. say you don't have enough mana to cast that spell? mana dorks. you tap them to cast a spell, they untap afterwards, refilling your supply. the combo could be infinite if you can get the pieces right.

jawz on Sandwurm Dilation

2 weeks ago

Some ramp cards I've really come to like are Vizier of Tumbling Sands (possibly with Gift of Paradise) and the Pyramid of the Pantheon - Skyship Plunderer combo.

Funkydiscogod on Resounding Kek

2 weeks ago

Wait...what am I thinking? If you run Selective Memory, pull out every nonland card, except Vizier of Tumbling Sands, Esper Sojourners, an Edge of Autumn for each basic land left in your deck, some graveyard recursion, and the Resounding Keks.

Any other cards in the deck wouldn't make a difference in the deck once you cast Selective Memory.

I guess Selective Memory would let your deck be able to run support cards, but you'd have to find both cards, and cast Selective Memory before you cast New Perspectives for the win, and I'm nut not sure how reasonable that would be.

Oloro_Magic on Cycling to Victory

2 weeks ago

I assume you are trying to stay away from New Perspectives combo? If that is the case then Vizier of Tumbling Sands is still one of the best cyclers from Amonkhet. Also a lot of your payoffs involve -1/-1 counters so you may want to consider Nest of Scarabs or even splashing green for Hapatra, Vizier of Poisons.

Slowgod on Cycling to Victory

3 weeks ago

My deck relies on New Perspectives, Vizier of Tumbling Sands and Shadow of the Grave, but your deck relies on creatures where mine does not. These cards would probably still be good here and I don't think you need 4 Faith of the Devoted or 4 Drake Haven since you really only ever need 1 of either of those cards in play.

WowzerBowzer on Hour Of D Speed Cycle (Needs Help!)

3 weeks ago

I kind of really like Vizier of Tumbling Sands because it allows us to play on curve without having to cycle one and it serves as ramp as well as being cyclable for virtually .

I think Ruthless Sniper's inclusion is justified now that I've added Forgotten Creation. And with Ruthless Sniper justified I now have an even greater reason to shield them with Negate.

Any thoughts on that?

puetypoo on Sultai Cycling

1 month ago

Vizier of Tumbling Sands paired with Gift of Paradise can be great in a cycling deck.

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