Atemsis, All-Seeing

Atemsis, All-Seeing

Legendary Creature — Sphinx


, : Draw two cards, then discard a card.

Whenever Atemsis, All-Seeing deals damage to an opponent, you may reveal your hand. If cards with at least six different converted mana costs are revealed this way, that player loses the game.

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Set Rarity
Core Set 2020 (M20) Rare

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Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Historic Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Arena Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Standard Legal
Pioneer Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Brawl Legal
Frontier Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

Atemsis, All-Seeing Discussion

seshiro_of_the_orochi on The little Timmy wants to ...

3 weeks ago

To everyone who posted in this thread: Thank you a large lot!

I pondered the options back and forth, and came to a first conclusion after being able to trade for an Atemsis, All-Seeing. It might not have been the most suggested commander, but I like the puzzle feeling they have to them. For now, I'll try if I like the deck, but I definitely will come back to the great suggestions in this thread if I happen to dislike the deck.

Mj3913 on how tin with as blink ...

1 month ago

Blink decks revolve around "Enter the Battlefield" (ETB)/"Leaves the Battlefield" (LTB) effects either attached to permanants being blinked i.e. Mulldrifter or a triggered effect i.e Elemental Bond. Working with the examples I've given you could add something like Laboratory Maniac to draw your Library and win, or Atemsis, All-Seeing as a win condition. Drawing out your deck isn't considered infinate as your deck as a finite number of cards.

Another route to go is theft if in a creature heavy meta. Steal opponents creatures, blink them with effects that read "return under your control" not owners, then you keep them permanently to swing or sacrifice.

Infinite mana combos (example Peregrine Drake & Deadeye Navigator) into X spells that result in a win like Torment of Hailfire, Blue Sun's Zenith, & Villainous Wealth.

Other than that you can just try to generate enough advantage via ETB/LTB effects to outpace your opponents.

seshiro_of_the_orochi on The little Timmy wants to ...

1 month ago

Boza: From all these suggestions, I like Tromokratis and Atemsis, All-Seeing best. Thanks a lot.

Boza on The little Timmy wants to ...

1 month ago

The most timmy feels in EDH in blue would be connected to the Sphinxes - large overcosted beasts of flight that generated card advantage.

Unesh, Criosphinx Sovereign - for that sweet tribal.
Atemsis, All-Seeing - built-in alt win-con is more Johnny than Timmy, but it can be good.

Non-sphinx Timmy commanders:

Tromokratis, Lorthos, the Tidemaker, Stitcher Geralf, or if you just want to be mean -Jin-Gitaxias, Core Augur.

BMHKain on Omnath, who Mana Breaks for us all.

2 months ago

@king-saproling: Took all, but the Generic G Mana Producing Dork. advice. Sadly I've still Ten to cut. As for Vorinclex, I do understand where you're coming from; having a target painted on thus as a result just by having such a powerhouse in play. Cutted him as a result. Though maybe having an Artifact like Akroma's Memorial is nt only too pricey in CMC, but the effects are not all that good either.

I barely can think of a cut to throw out of this deck. I'll be working on Atemsis, All-Seeing & Cromat "Counters mean Nix " deck.

I'll see if I can handle both those myself... Thank you very much for all you've done. I really dunno how to pay you back. :D

BMHKain on Omnath, who Mana Breaks for us all.

2 months ago

(CAUTION: TL;DR Crap AHEAD; Reason: This is a set of opinions of cards of note for this deck.)

@king-saproling: After all this, I'd like a possible Review on this deck, as well as this:

Take all Text for Yourself w/o needing to Steal!

Commander / EDH* BMHKain


This is a 1 Damage KO Deck. Utilizing Card Advantage, a Myriad of threats to slow those down, Heck, I actually put the High CMC stuff in as Atemsis Bantha Fodder. just to win a game; so they're not useless at all as this is how Atemsis, All-Seeing Works as a CMDR; high amounnts of unique CMC Costs for use.

But what about these?

1: Hall of Gemstone : (I guess Omnath Reserve works here?) 2: Frontier Siege (Ramp or Kill... I'd rather ramp; not enough powerful creatures to be a "Dragon"...) 3: Silent Arbiter (Is this why you said "No." to a Teferi Killer? ) 4: Angel's Trumpet (But why use this, W/O Hydra-Kitten-chan? 5: Uba Mask (I, uh,,, How good is this? I never understood how these effects are "Good".) 6: Abundance (It's a Random Pick, but at least you get to choose which pick needed. II keep.)
7: Teferi's Puzzle Box ( Mindmoil ? IN MY ?! Permanent Keep.) 8: Meteor Golem If only what this guy can do IRL is safe; as it's not. Awesome effect; almost like a Bramblecrush on legs; Artifice also. Keep.). 9. Cauldron of Souls (This looks good for my Cromat "No Counters Allowed" Deck. But why the recommendation?
10: Colfenor's Urn (Uh... I'd have an opinion as long as I know Exile Stoarge Plus'.) 11: Lifeline (I'd like to make a list of stuff hates, & recursion is one. Since we're in theme, this Pases.) 12: Mimic Vat (This is secret tech for Superfriends; but what to use w/ here) 13: Mirrorworks 14: Not of This World (This wasn't chopped. This was Planet-Cleaved. How many creatures here have 7 Power?) 15: Pariah's Shield (I guess it's for Omnath? I'd like to change this up after this as well as work on my Atemsis Deck for this.)

As well as the Losers of this deck...

1: Wolfhunter's Quiver (There is a combo involving this, Thornbite Staff , something w/ Deathtouch, & It That Betrays to wipe a whole field clean while going to Value Town. Why the cut?) 2: Akroma's Memorial (I re-entered this in as it's Mana-Pricey, but we've Omnath Anyway; so putting this online is proof of Omnath #1 's HUGE Ramp.) 3: Destructor Dragon (I guess we've already enough flying stuff; & this was just a clunker.) 4: Lignify (Why cut this, & not Song of the Dryads also? Is this for turning a creature into a mere blocker?) 5: Eldrazi Conscription (Is this Aura really that bad? Alright, Tuvasa the Sunlit has it now.) 6/7: Noxious Revival / Reclaim (Reclaim is at least, affordable (Quasi-Recursion via Topdecking; Noxious Revival is basically the same, but on Gitaxian Probe level power. Why does everyone think Phyrexian Mana Cards are so good? I'll never know...) 8: Scour from Existence (Do I Other Ways of Destruction? I guess I'll allow the cut.) 9: Ulamog, the Infinite Gyre (Are Eldrazi that Bad here? It's either This, or Kozilek, & It that Betrays. Should I trust my gut on this?) 10: Chrome Mox : Replaced by Nyx Lotus indefinitely unless it gets banned. 11: Key to the City : (I guess The Quasi-Rummage requiring more mana for one to have a creature unblackable, then untap to Draw. I didn't think I'd be better off w/o Discarding...) 12: Ratchet Bomb (Blowing up Mana Rocks; someone said (Kinda...), But you were right about this as a cut; I thought it as sketchy.) 13: Sensei's Divining Top ((?_?) I mean, even Noxious Revival is understandable, but saying Chopp'd to a Big Staple of all Commander/EDH? I'm at a loss...) 14: Harmonize (Should I put Rishkar's Expertise back in?) 15: Gilded Goose ((Looks at Card.) Why say no? It makes food, & ramps. Just imagine the (WeiƟ)Versatility this can do. 16: It That Betrays (Why say no to this? is it that average? Remember that Value Town Combo...). 17: Kozilek, Butcher of Truth (Does this attract that much hate? Is that why the Eldrazi are veto'd here? 18: Wall of Tanglecord (Actually, good piont; would rather bust defenses, not use them.) 19: Questing Beast (Are you confident to suggest cutting Kitten Hydra-chan? It's one of the best cards in this case, sadly...)
20: Vorinclex, Voice of Hunger (Doubling Land Mana; & more so, while Halfing everyone else? Is the problem w/ big fatties I didn't know of even?) 21: Bow of Nylea (+1/+1 Counter on a Creature? 2 Damage to a flyer? 3 Life? & Retrieve 4 Cards from the Yard to the Bottom of your library in any order? Attackers have Deathtouch? Damn; I'd actually put this in now if I've a way to Untap Freely for this...)

& the underdogs?

1: Gingerbread Cabin (Is this worth keeping? Seems lackluster...) 2: Nissa, Worldwaker (Searching for all Forests? Why not Landfall like mad? Opinions?) 3: Prototype Portal + Ugin's Nexus Extra Turns w/o Seedtime . Good, or not?)
4: Sword of the Animist Is this good for ramp? I'm wondering...) 5: Umbral Mantle (Yeah, this could've been good, if the Shaman Staff 1 Damage Deathtouch Steal via IT THAT BETRAYS is far better even w/o the last piece!) 6: Yeva, Nature's Herald : (Is another Restricted to just Creatures worth it?) 7: Nylea, God of the Hunt : Already got a way to Trample like MAD, & I've other ways to increase both Power & toughness for my creatures anyway. Nylea, Keen-Eyed ? Worse here, but better in Animar, Soul of Elements all-creature builds. Oh, & the latter demands Topdecking, otherwise, you might just wasted a good card.

Sorry for the immense sized comments; I just want to point out my opinions; & I'm sorry if So, that said, I'll revise my Atemsis, All-Seeing Deck later; It's night where I'm at...

Later! :)

BMHKain on Omnath, who Mana Breaks for us all.

2 months ago

@king-saproling: All cut. I even have two others that would've been great w/ the Chopped, on the chopping block. So we're still 12 running to get slaughtered. As I'm still planning a 5-Color Solemnity oriented deck, should I find ideas for the other 10 cards to cut?

You already knew about my other deck idea; but it requires a 5-Color CMDR. The Deck has one Law: No Counters Allowed. W/ stuff like Decree of Silence , Stuff for Suspend , Persist , Undying , Age Counters among other kinds of stuff. Now I just need a 5 Color CMDR that might help this case: Cromat , It's 5 Abilities Neither grant it a +1/+1 Counter to itself, & its 4 Other Abilities don't matter for requirements; thus being the CMDR of choice.

That said, I've 10-12 cuts left, depending on opinion to cut here. On the following deck:

A Space-Time Quaking Ressurection of Dead Magic.

Commander / EDH* BMHKain


, I already decided on 4 things on the chopping block:

1: Sunforger : 9 Instants are even on there, limiting my options so much it's insane; & not a lot are good targets anyway.

2: Secrets of the Dead : The Saddest Part is that I've no support for this. 1/3 out of 3 is chopped.

Maybe I'll add more choices. But I'll leave this to you one last time; even as I'm working on a True Cromat Anti-Counters (Not Counterspells.).Deck, & I'll still try Atemsis, All-Seeing alone if you don't mind. Same for ol' Cromat . The rest is up to you; How to bring such decks to 100 cards? Have I annoyed you enough? I wonder what you'd recommended cutting for both.

Until then, I'll be waiting... Great work BTW! :D

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