Skittering Surveyor


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Standard Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Brawl Legal
Frontier Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Dominaria (DOM) Common

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Skittering Surveyor

Artifact Creature — Construct

When Skittering Surveyor enters the battlefield, you may search your library for a basic land card, reveal it, put it into your hand, then shuffle your library.

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Skittering Surveyor Discussion

citrusface on Tetsuko's Band of Cheapskates ($20 Budget EDH)

1 week ago

carpecanum Thanks for a bomb-ass suggestions! I totally forgot about the existence of Alexi's Cloak - that is a must add. Def gonna sub a land for Pilgrim's Eye and Skittering Surveyor (just gotta figure out how to shift my costs around since I'm fast approaching my limits for the challenge). Thopter Spy Network is already in - but I think I'll end up passing on Thopter Squadron and Puffer Extract because I don't have 75cents to spare.

Thanks again! Really helpful and some awesome improvements!

carpecanum on Tetsuko's Band of Cheapskates ($20 Budget EDH)

1 week ago

Alexi's Cloak, Puffer Extract, Pilgrim's Eye, Skittering Surveyor , Thopter Spy Network and Thopter Squadron

I would also consider dropping two or three lands (replaced with the land tutors)

All_Regent on Counter Burn (please help)

3 weeks ago

There are many things that can be done to improve this deck but I'll start with a few key points:

You need WAY more lands, probably at least 24. Rupture Spire is a pretty terrible land and does nothing more than being a worse ETB tapped land. There are some more expensive blue/red lands you can get, Sulfur Falls and Steam Vents

The Skittering Surveyors don't really go with the theme of the deck, I'd remove them to help get to the higher land count.

There are currently some strictly better forms of Cancel entering the format, Ionize and Sinister Sabotage

There is a lot more to be done to a deck like this, but the suggestions here should get it moving in the right direction. Land count is definitely the most glaring issue right now.

SmokeyBear15 on Let 'em Die [Primer: Shirei, Shizo's Caretaker]

1 month ago

Skyscanner and Desecrated Tomb look like important additions to an artifact/token theme Shirei deck. Skittering Surveyor seems handy too. If/when I come back to playing, that's definitely what this is going to turn into.

Going back to Ixalan also gives me Pitiless Plunderer (thanks shub!) Gleaming Barrier is also great mana and (non-creature) artifact token creation, Dusk Legion Zealot has great potential but it's risky if you use it too often.

I'm hoping for something good in mono-black with Undergrowth from Ravnica, but we'll wait and see.

Optimator on MTG list of EDH Ramp Cards | last update: 30-07-18

2 months ago

Extra land drops are indeed ramp. It's more potent and noticeable in regular 60-card formats but it's ramp nonetheless.

Treasure Map  Flip is ramp-y. Boreas Charger, Centaur Rootcaster,

Some more honorable mentions: Renegade Map, Pilgrim's Eye, Mycosynth Wellspring, Skittering Surveyor, Thaumatic Compass  Flip (might be real ramp, what with the flipping), Traveler's Amulet, Evolution Charm, Attune with Aether, Caravan Vigil, Lay of the Land, Sylvan Ranger, Traverse the Ulvenwald, Realm Seekers

Arcaneful on UW Raff Flash

3 months ago

Hey, it's me from the Teshar BRAWL forum.

I love the premise of your deck. Legends is always a fun deck. Add control to the mix? It's awesome. just wanted to say that I think Baral is banned from brawl currently, if that makes any difference to you.

I love the deck though, Problem is I don't have $117 to spend, and even if I did, my friends who I'm teaching to play magic through brawl certainly won't have decks over around $35.

I ended up taking a different route through artifacts.

This is what I threw together by looking at what cards I own. It's no where near as good as your deck but there are some good cards I'd like to point out.

Dauntless Bodyguard: Honestly it's even better in your deck than mine. I use it as insurance to keep Raff on the field, but you could go even further and keep a big beater!

Mirage Mirror: What to say about this card... honestly it's just amazing. It can become the biggest threat on the board, and when it's not a creature it can dodge removal easier. Overall I've been loving it with my play testing this afternoon.

Filigree Familiar: Draw cards, gains life, you can flash it in, what else could you want? :)

Skittering Surveyor: Any way to ramp is good in Brawl, especially a colorless ramper/CA in Surveyor. It can be flashed as a blocker, it can get you the land you need for following turns. This is my weakest recommendation, but I find it fun.

Thaumatic Compass  Flip: This card is an all-star. Not only does it ramp you early, and keep your hand full, but it also can be made into a deterrent for attacking late game! It's overall performed admirably and is probably my favorite of these recommendations.

I hope my list helps you out abit if you're still working on this. Your list certainly inspired me!

Corporal_Sparrow on Kaalia EDH

3 months ago

Regarding the creatures there are definitely quite a few that don't fit into the decks theme such as Sky Terror, Skittering Surveyor, Iron League Steed, Ammit Eternal, and Baleful Ammit. You should definitely replace them for lower drop creatures that can be effective early on in the game while you ramp up in order to drop your big threats.

There are also creatures that fit into the theme of the deck and have powerful abilities that more than likely wont be useful such as Archangel of Tithes, Aegis Angel, Reya Dawnbringer. Tithes because nobody should really be attacking the player who early on manages to have enormous flying angels and demons, Reya because its fairly unlikely you will have too many cards in the graveyard that can be pulled out and overall you wont get that much value from her, and Aegis could be replace with cards like Dauntless Bodyguard, or Darksteel Plate.

As for the rest of the deck there is a distinct lack of either card draw or tutors throughout the deck. The best cards don't matter if they never make it into your hand. Cards like Shock and Abrade while staples in Standard are fairly useless in EDH partly due to large life totals and multiple threats that often cannot be stopped with just 2-3 damage.

There needs to be more spot removal such as Anguished Unmaking, Swords to Plowshares, and Path to Exile.

In total there are only 3 board wipes in the entire deck which is sub optimal and two of those are creatures which require you to do combat damage to wipe the board so consider having more ways to clear the board.

As for lands you should definitely be running at least 38 since a majority of your creatures have high cmc's. While you are trying to cheat them into play using kaalia you should also be able to pay their full cost if the game runs long or if Kaalia is continuously targeted.

The last point I would make is Elspeth doesnt fit into the deck very well as most of your creatures already have flying so one of her abilities is fairly useless and only producing a single soldier token isn't great protection. However Elspeth, Sun's Champion produces 3 soldier tokens to better defend herself to get to her ultimate and her second ability is a board wipe that is almost 1 sided since most of your creatures are so large.

Dreamweav3r on Karn, Scion of Urza // artifact // Block Dominaria

4 months ago

I think Navigator's Compass is extremely weak. Jhoira's Familiar make everything in the deck cheaper and Voltaic Servant has synergy with Traxos, Scourge of Kroog. Skittering Surveyor is decent but really should only be played in a deck that has multiple colors. Jousting Lance is a decent card, probably better than Helm of the Host in a deck like this that doesn't have many bomby creatures.

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