Unexplained Disappearance


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Brawl Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Guilds of Ravnica (GRN) Common

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Unexplained Disappearance


Return target creature to its owner's hand.

Surveil 1. (Look at the top card of your library. You may put that card into your graveyard.)

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Unexplained Disappearance Discussion

Wayneh73 on [PreCon] Moving Shadows - Rogues & Ninjas

1 month ago

Thanks for taking the time to reply and clarify Etratas ability Stefouch

I've tried this again on Arena when I had Blink of an Eye , Unexplained Disappearance and Rescue in hand and it would not let me play any of these to bounce Etrata back. I'll submit a bug report about this

ZendikariWol on Ral, Niv-Mizzet

2 months ago

I hate to be this guy and I promise I have an actual comment but let's get this out of the way... In your description, you list Instants and Sorceries as Instant's and Sorcery's. This implies one of two things; that Instant's and Sorcery's is either being used as a contraction or a possessive. If it were a contraction, then Instant's would be short for "Instant is". If it were a possessive, then Sorcery's would describe something belonging to a sorcery. If you're using the words as plurals, it becomes Instants and Sorceries. I'm so sorry. Time for my actual comment.

This deck needs more consistency. The only cards you have four of are lands, and that's a bad sign. I would recommend the following changes.

Replace Perilous Voyage with Unexplained Disappearance. Surveil is better than scry. It can get instants and sorceries with jump-start into your graveyard. Not only that, but it surveils no matter the target.

Replace Wizard's Lightning with Lightning Strike (or Lava Coil, depending on what you usually hit) or get more wizards. Right now you have seven wizards in the deck, and three of them are Goblin Electromancer, which makes the price the same anyway. So you have 5 cards in your deck that would make Wizard's Lightning better than a plain ol' Lightning Strike.

I would recommend switching your Crackling Drakes out for two more Wee Dragonauts.

Fight with Fire is usually going to be either a worse Banefire or a worse Lava Coil. If you get to nine mana, it's better than Banefire, but until you get there, it's a worse Lava Coil. Since a little over a third of your deck is lands, you'd have to draw approximately 22.5 cards to get to nine, unless luck is on your side. So unless you draw maybe 23 cards, and discard 0 lands to jump-start costs, Fight with Fire is worse than either Lava Coil or Banefire.

Ral, Izzet Viceroy's + is bad. His - is only okay. Why are you running him? If it's for the ult, then stop because planeswalkers never get to ult until you've already basically won the game.

WKM on NEED help for first FNM! Thank you!!

2 months ago

I'd replace the Barrier of Bones and Darkblade Agent. Some good budget options to look at are Plaguecrafter, Nightveil Sprite, Burglar Rat, Unexplained Disappearance, and Price of Fame to name a few. Are you wanting to build a more tempo based deck or a more control focused deck? One nice thing about UB for budget is it's fairly easy and cheap to be able to transform your deck from one to the other through side boarding.

alexjustdoit on Dimir Guildkit Upgrade

2 months ago

I think I'd get rid of one or both of the Dimir Guildmages depending on how much you like the card (the ability is a bit expensive for what you get in my opinion). If you like the dual utility of Dimir Guildmage you could also consider swapping it for House Guildmage which I think is a tad better unless you're really hurting for draw abilities. Same with Dinrova Horror, while flavorful 6 cmc for a 4/4 with bounce seems a bit much when you have a good number of counters, removal, or things like Unexplained Disappearance. Of surveil cards, Nightveil Sprite can give you some great mileage out of just one card. As far as Dimir Spybug and Thoughtbound Phantasm, you'll have to make the call if you think its worth it for just one copy of each. From experience playing a Dimir deck I drafted with lots of surveil but only one of each those creatures, they're amazing when you draw them, but also often I had games where I didn't draw them. Or they got immediately removed. Surveil helps filter your deck to get to them faster, so 2 of each would probably make it much better. Up to you.

You could probably replace Dimir Charm with one of the cards I mentioned that you like, since I think the best ability on the charm is usually going to be the counter, followed by the removal, and you have a fair number of counters and some removal already.

Unmoored Ego is cool but if your friends/playgroup are also playing "guild kit" style with few duplicates, then it probably wouldn't make much sense in the deck, unless you have that one pesky friend that's always rocking 3-4x of a particularly annoying card that you need to nip at the bud.

Whispering Snitch and Enhanced Surveillance are also fun if you feel like you're surveiling enough to make it worth it. Though one could also say, if you're surveilling a lot then Enhanced Surveillance is a bit unnecessary overkill.

Also keep in mind, I don't think Whispering Madness would be nearly as useful without something like Notion Thief, outside of a scenario where you only have a couple cards and your opponent/s have a full hand. If the scenario is reversed, you'll only be helping them out. However, with Notion Thief it basically becomes a reusable "opponent discards hand, you discard and redraw a full hand" or some such.

Kinda hard for me to answer specifically "replace A B C with X Y Z" since a deck with few duplicates is generally less consistent in the direction it's trying to go. Some fun cards here though for you to consider.

Oh by the way, I didn't realize this at first so I'll throw this in here in case you didn't already know, but you can bounce Etrata back to your hand after damage to get her whole "hit counter exile" wincon thing and avoid reshuffling her ;)

bothofourshoes on Dimir Assassination

2 months ago

Hey, I don't know if you're still working on this, but here's my take. It uses Forerunner of the Legion as a tutor and Siren's Ruse to keep Etrata on the field so you don't have to Unexplained Disappearance and then recast her.

pbowen331 on Assassin of Sanity?

2 months ago

@hydrothermia Also, I rarely use House Guildmage to attack. It's mainly used to keep creatures locked down. Thief of Sanity is the real MVP of the deck given that you can get player damage out of them. Use surveil mechanic mainly for deathtouch for those bigger creatures when I dont have a Disperse, Murder or Unexplained Disappearance.

And the "budget" part is because I just started getting back into MTG and don't have a lot of cards/don't want to spend more money than necessary.

Zygomatic on 120 Mill

2 months ago

I replaced the two Unexplained Disappearance with Ritual of Soot which will buy us much more time against aggro, weenie decks, and tokens. I also removed one Chart a Course in favor of one copy of Unmoored Ego which will take care of syncopate as well as any oppressive threats. That means we have to add the dimir lands package, wich i was reluctant to in the first place for budget matters...

I also changed the 4 Vodalian Arcanist for Diamond Mare because we have so few creatures that it's too unlikely that it doesnt eat a removal. Vodalian arcanist have to survive until end of game to serve it's ramp purpose, in the other hand diamond mare will often allow us to slow down a little bit to get the 7th land, while providing the same body.

I'm still testing a few possibilities for sideboard.

FSims81 on Budget Dimir Surveil

3 months ago

You might want to consider swapping Citywatch Sphinx for Watcher in the Mist. If your goal is to stay budget and use surveil to your advantage, doing so when the creature enters rather than when it dies is a better play. Another solid combo to consider is something like adding in a few Barrier of Bones and some Unexplained Disappearance You can have the Phantasm or Spybug out, cast the Barrier, bounce it back to your hand, and then recast it for three different surveils in the same turn. Lots of counters for minimal cost.

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Unexplained Disappearance occurrence in decks from the last year


All decks: 0,04%

Dimir: 0,43%

Commander / EDH:

All decks: 0,0%

Dimir: 0,02%