Vampire Envoy


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Standard Legal
Frontier Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Oath of the Gatewatch Common

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Vampire Envoy

Creature — Vampire Cleric Ally


Whenever Vampire Envoy becomes tapped, you gain 1 life.

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Vampire Envoy Discussion

Flagellum on Doran's Spring: 'Tis the Season of Big Butts

2 weeks ago

Thank you MagicalHacker!

I perused the list you linked and have found some goodies that were appealing. To keep the curve tight so I'm dropping a critter or two a turn I've opted for the 3 CMC guys listed unless the effect was too good.

Mentor might make his way in. Shirei is interesting but my creatures lack ETB effects.

Possible Includes

Myr Welder: a 1/4 for 3CMC. Offers artifact gy hate and could be quite useful if it stwals the right ability.

Order of Whiteclay: Sun Titan's lil bro. Not as good with vigilance.

Orzhov Advokist: this plays into my anti-power control element. If they keep pumping their best threats then they will stay tapped. Also acts as a deterrent.

Palace Guard: just a decent effect.

Raving Dead: this guy should probably be in the deck. Great with or without evasion. Doran makes him an effective 6/6.

Sanctum Guardian: nice little protection against big splashy spells or critters.

Scholar of Athreos: late game mana sink?

Selvala, Explorer Returned: ramp and card draw on a 2/4. Pretty decent

Standing Troops: bc vigilance with Doran is hilarious

Vampire Envoy: evasive beater with negligent lifegain.

Village Bell-Ringer: gives my guys pseudo vigilance

Yotian Soldier: vigilance beater

Task Force: infinite toughness with Lightning Greaves and another random critter.

Tangle Angler: Priests of Norn v2.0.

Vanilla/Possible Cuts

Yoked Ox

Tasseled Dromedary

Grizzled Leotau

Disowned Ancestor

Kitsune Loreweaver

Loxodon Wayfarer

Ikra Shidiqi, the Usurper

Tower Defense/Bar the Door: cute overrun effects. Could win the game in the right setup. Iffy on cutting.

While Kami of Old Stone and Indomitable Ancients are vanilla, the value they carry outweighs that fact.

lagotripha on Vampires Mono B

3 weeks ago

Hi, I've put together a bunch of vampire lists. Mono black deckbuilder's toolbox is my big list of modern mono-black cards. First up, Blade of the Bloodchief. It makes lifelink into a game-stalling certainty. With decent creatures that you don't want in the 'yard Indulgent Aristocrat beats Viscera Seer for providing more lifelink and some pump. Vampire Envoy isn't great as a card- 1 or 2 drop removal is more practical, and Pawn of Ulamog a more flavourful option. Similarly, with all those little creatures with keywords Lashwrithe can do good stuff. Ratchet Bomb is a slow answer to many modern threats black can't answer and ends tokens,and so practical sideboard. I'll reccomend Imp's Mischief as combo and boggle disruption. Disfigure is a lot more practical than gut shot for defence, and Bump in the Night when attacking. Temporal Extortion is my preferred endgame- it usually puts out more damage than dropping Vampire Nocturnus even if the choice is your opponents rather than your topdeck. Fetches change that, but whatever. I find Blood Artist usually outperforms Kalastria Highborn, due to not having to keep mana open in a low instant-speed deck.

Long story shory, more lifelink, some card draw, hand disruption, win fnms. Duress is cheap and oh so practical. If in doubt splash green for Asceticism and Collected Company, just to frustrate those that outrange you.

hoardofnotions on saskia allies

3 weeks ago

Makindi Aeronaut dosen't seem strong enough

Ondu War Cleric not strong enough

Sylvan Advocate not good enough for commander

Drana's Emissary not strong enough

Heartbeat of Spring wayyyy to risky

Vampire Envoy not strong enough

Veteran Warleader too all in, no etb not good enough

Drana's Chosen too slow

Goblin Freerunner not strong enough

Odric, Lunarch Marshal out of place i think

Munda's Vanguard cohort dosen't seem strong or fast enough for commander

Shatterskull Recruit dosen't do enough

Tajuru Pathwarden dosen't do enough

Angel of Renewal not strong enough

Tajuru Beastmaster too expensive for effect

Possible adds

all your cards in the maybeboard are good, except for Kazandu Blademaster and Riptide Replicator

I think you you add some board wipes, card draw, and recursion.

just do a search for allies.

BioProfDude on Tricksofdeckophobia

1 month ago

A lack of fliers will probably be problematic for you. You might consider adding a couple of vehicles-- Aethersphere Harvester and Sky Skiff both have a crew cost of 1 and are excellent to use with Night Market Lookout. For creatures, Vampire Envoy would be a good option, and there are other lower mana cost fliers that might be useful.

Good luck! Looks like a fun deck to play!

Kalikulator on Cryptolith Reversal Ramp

2 months ago

You plan on tapping your creatures for mana because of Cryptolith Rite, correct? So why not get more benefit from tapping them?

Try using cards that damage your opponent like Spireside Infiltrator (and can be redirected to planeswalkers), gain you life like Vampire Envoy, or do both like Night Market Lookout.

After that, I'd say play the value waiting game with cards like Archangel Avacyn  Flip to protect the team, and Torrential Gearhulk and Goblin Dark-Dwellers to keep casting more Dramatic reversal while also putting beefy creatures on the board.

And while Oviya Pashiri, Sage Lifecrafter is useful for making creatures, and even big creatures, she taps herself to do it, meaning you can't use an abundance of mana unless you have a Dramatic reversal. Look at using Master Trinketeer as both a token generator and a lord.

Those are some of my suggestions.

Silverninja41 on Nuns With Guns

2 months ago

@icedog Vampire Envoy is a good replacement for Sengir Vampire :and Emancipation Angel is a replacement for Serra Angel

Clockwurk on Untap untill you die.

2 months ago

Awesome deck idea! I'd remove the Vampire Envoys and replace them with more Disciple of Deceit. If you still want the life gaining mechanic however, use Oreskos Sun Guide instead. Servant of Tymaret is same as nmk, so i'd run some.

Forestxavier20 on Life-Gain Power

3 months ago

I'm doing the same with a white black ally deck. Vampire Envoy is my clutch because I use Ajani's Pridemate and a few other cards that have effects with life gain cards.

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