Format Legality
Vintage Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Legacy Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Eternal Masters Uncommon
Odyssey Uncommon

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Artifact Creature — Construct

Tap, Put the top card of your library into your graveyard: Add (1) to your mana pool.

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Millikin Discussion

Jaymspeights on Sphinx Ambassador vs Future Sight

1 week ago

Hmm... this is a very interesting interaction haha.

Reading the rule I cited more closely, I think it is actually intended to relate to casting cards off the top of your library, as it says becomes cast rather than resolves.

There is a ruling that the order of the library must remain the same after shuffling, so it seems the owner would be able to see the top card before having to name a card.

7/15/2006: While searching your library, you must keep your library in the same order until you shuffle it. This order could matter if you tap Millikin for mana, for example, to pay for a Panglacial Wurm you cast from your library.

MoonTurtle7 on LAZARUS!

3 weeks ago

Also cause you have Deranged Assistant >>>>> Millikin does the same thing. So you can add that if you want.

Pinkie_Satanas on Zada Strangelove

1 month ago

There is also Hedron Crawler as somebody mentioned. I feel i'm not original at all talking about sustitutions of the freaking Millikin xd you could consider keeping it and sustitute some of your 3cmc ramp dudes to lower your curve a bit, or to have more ramp in turn 2 instad of turn 3 c:

Pinkie_Satanas on Zada Strangelove

1 month ago

There is a myr that enters the battlefield for 2 mana and adds red mana to your mana pool and you aren't running it, wouldn't it be better than Millikin? xd i feel after watching your video that you love to hate that card :P but yeah, Iron Myr (just remembered the name) is probably a strictly better option :P

triproberts12 on Necrotic Arachnidism

4 months ago

I've been looking at building an Ishkana deck, too. I was looking at mine from more of an online place, budget-wise, but I checked out the differences between our decks, and I think there are quite a few budget cards that would help: Tree of Tales and Vault of Whispers both net two types when milled. Vessel of Nascency was a standard in Standard Delirium, since it immediately puts and enchantment in your graveyard. Syphon Mind and Harmonize are both great value cards. Millikin is a great fit in Ishkanah decks, since it can ramp, chump to put two types in the graveyard, and mill, all on its own. Commander's Sphere is the same. It can ramp you from 4 to 5 mana and cycle to fuel delirium as early as turn 4. Foul Renewal should be pretty powerful in this deck, and I had Sight of the Scalelords and Ikra Shidiqi, the Usurper for the same toughness reasons. Finally, the piece of tech I'm proudest of is Champion of Stray Souls. If you're already milling creatures into your graveyard, then sacking 3 1/2 spider tokens for 3 real creatures is fantastic, especially since you can let Ishkanah go to the graveyard be be re-risen with fresh tokens. If you move away from budget options, I also think Buried Alive is a good choice. Choosing Arachnoid, nyxweaver, and a fattie, you get Delirium and a reanimation target. I also included a land tutor package. Here's my full list: Spiders.

Egelados on Who's Your Zadaddy (Zada Combo)

5 months ago

Hello fellow Zada player!

I like your list a lot! I've been playing with my Zada deck for a year now and I found a couple of pieces in your deck that I like a lot.

Here is a list of cards for you to consider:

I don't have an updated list online but I will link it here when I update it!

Happy new year! :)

RazortoothMtg on Mirrorworks vs. Prototype Portal

7 months ago

so im not sure i want this, but if i did, are Iron Myr and Heap Doll things I should consider? Manakin or Millikin. Wait. I actually really like Millikin. And all this time I was wasting my time with Sphere of the Suns as my 2-drop ramp spell. I already run Myr Sire so I don't need them, but I think I've convinced myself. Wait. What about Phyrexian Revoker? Plague Myr? Runed Servitor? Toymaker? Now i have a whole new question...

Burg+1 on Arcum Dagsson's Lightning Combos [Competitive]

7 months ago

Ditch Millikin and put in a Shield Sphere! Gotta love zero drops and he has a back end on him! Arcum Dagsson eats him up too! I like to draw for Golem Artisan with Basalt Monolith + Rings of Brighthearth + Staff of Domination and make every thing infinitely large AND have hast trample and flying. With Myr Turbine and making infinite tokens you can kill the whole table with nothing. Heck I have killed people off with Shield Sphere because of Golem Artisan. Check out my Arcum Dagsson bulid in the making: Arcum Dagsson: A Love Story

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