Future Sight

Future Sight


Play with the top card of your library revealed.

You may play the top card of your library.

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Future Sight Discussion

Trashcan on Competitive Taigam Deck (Persistent Petitioners)

2 months ago

Cool deck! Would Sapphire Medallion and Future Sight be any good in the deck?

Azeworai on Idoneity's Deliverance

3 months ago

Dragonsteak - Ah, thank you very much!

The main point of the deck is to merely get value off of the top of the library. Future Sight and Vivien, Monsters' Advocate offer powerful engines whilst Mirri's Guile and Scroll Rack, or effects of that ilk, manipulate said top for consistency.

The deck has two combos, but are for the late-game when combat options no longer exist. God-Eternal Kefnet, Scroll Rack, and Temporal Mastery grants infinite turns, whiles Omniscience and Momir Vig, Simic Visionary, given other chicanery, can win around 60% of the time.

Thassa's Oracle wins sometimes with Omniscience, but exists primarily as a value creature.

TonyStark9001 on Shuffle land

3 months ago

i would argue that Oracle of Mul Daya and Future Sight are not actually good cards. but like caerwyn said, the same effect can be done better with scrying.

Grind on Shuffle land

3 months ago

Ok, what if it reads,
, pay 1 life: if you control a commander, shuffle your library.
Then it cant impact the 2 player formats where you are most concerned with delay of game.

And @TonyStark9001, there are lots of great cards that are only best if a certain card is on top of your library and shuffling is a great way to increase the efficacy of these cards. Oracle of Mul Daya and Future Sight are two examples where you may want land or nonland cards specifically on top.

multimedia on Kykar proto

4 months ago

Hey, nice start and this is obviously a budget deck therefore my suggestions will be $2 or less each, most are less than $1.





Cards to consider cutting:

  • 2x Island
  • 2x Plains
  • 2x Mountain
  • Enigma Drake
  • Rage Thrower
  • Boros Locket
  • Izzet Locket
  • Winged Words
  • Hallowed Spiritkeeper
  • Monastery Siege
  • Not Forgotten
  • Blaze
  • Radical Idea
  • Shock
  • Dramatic Reversal
  • Hissing Iguanar

I offer more advice if you would like. Good luck with your deck.

dingusdingo on Will Drannith Magistrate Be Banned …

5 months ago

If your deck can't remove a 1/3 without any protection keywords from the board, you have bigger problems than not being able to play your commander.

This is a helpful printing for the cEDH community and the casual community if they might not admit it. Hoses out a whole range of cards, from Flashback cards to Underworld Breach/Yawgmoth's Will to Snapcaster Mage to Future Sight to Golos, Tireless Pilgrim. Many decks extend into the graveyard as a second hand, and a small but continually growing amount of decks are able to use the top of library to find further gas. While this card may be problematic for certain decks, it will hopefully cause much greedier ultra fast combo decks based around resolving the commander to slow down and include more interaction.

leesteak on Turbo Lantern

5 months ago

I think the "ramp" package this deck has could be much further developed. The deck is running many creatures that add additional land drops, but only running 33 lands. The odds of having an extra land to play in the first 4 turns is only 15% or so. There are many 3 mana spells that ramp you and would allow you to play pako at least a turn early, and with the access to green, it would make much more sense to run things like Cultivate, Kodama's Reach, Farseek, Rampant Growth in those spots. I would also run at least 35 lands.

Additionally, urza might make a bit of a weird addition with all the counterspells and instant speed spells you are running. If you want to use artifacts for ramp, something like Inspiring Statuary could help.

Because you are already able to control the top's of players' decks, running cards like Stolen Strategy, Etali, Primal Storm and Grenzo, Havoc Raiser will have additional value for you.

If you were looking to garuntee hits for pako off your own deck, there are a few enchantments that might help, such as Precognition Field, Soothsaying, and Future Sight.

Hope this helps. Good luck with your deck :+)

enpc on T&T Bloom Scepter [cEDH Primer]

5 months ago

That all makes sense. I would personally say that Future Sight is better than Bolas's Citadel since it needs less setup to win (and you can't actually use Angel's Grace with citadel to go infinite).

I know you've got a low creature count, but given the CMC of both Thrasios and Tymna, have you thought about using Gaea's Cradle in the list? with Excavator and one of your commanders, it pays for Summer Bloom by itself, which means that you can generate infinite mana off a loop with just one draw land and you don't need a "play from your library" effect.

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