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Future Sight Discussion

landofMordor on Casting Spells

11 hours ago

Hey friend! Love the improvements. Some hate in the form of Learn from the Past etc is necessary, and I think you've found a good amount. Like others have said, getting down to 100 is the toughest part -- now you get to play and test.

I'll affirm from playing Rashmi myself that she is totally bonkers. Even without any topdeck manipulation like Future Sight, she crushes even my most competitive decks pretty handily. So I don't think you should worry about how "competitive" it will be to ignore extra turn stuff or to roll with energy as your main theme. Just play what's fun, and Rashmi will break it.


TheDevicer on [List - Multiplayer] EDH Generals by Tier

2 days ago

Taigam has no real use in GAAIV lists imo.

On a related note, I'd also like to once more point out the clunkiness of Future Sight, Helm of Obedience, and Power Artifact combos in Arbiter.

I seriously think there hasn't been enough exploration of GAAIV outside of BigLupu for a long while and I'm not satisfied with his list (although I must admit his latest version is miles above his past ones)

merrowMania on [List - Multiplayer] EDH Generals by Tier

2 days ago

RIP Helm and Dramatic Scepter are the first ones that come to mind. Future Sight Top shenanigans. Power Artifact/Rings and Monoliths. Insert other non-instant non-sorcery and therefore counterable blue combo here...OH OH High Tide AND Palinchron!!!

punkrawkmonkey on Counter Attack!

1 week ago

@vao1221 sure. For the combo we absolutely need Sensei's Divining Top. For the sake of this example we will use the top with Cloud Key and Future Sight. Let's say you have both Future Sight and Sensei's Divining Top on the battlefield already. Then you cast Cloud Key calling artifacts which makes all artifacts cost 1 less. Now if you tap the top, you draw a card and put the top on top of your library. Since artifacts cost 1 less and you can play cards off of the top of our library, you can cast the top for free and tap it to draw a card as many times as you want. Each time you play it off the top, this counts as casting a spell. This is an advantage because Brain Freeze has storm, which means you copy the spell for each spell cast before it this turn. Ultimately, you would cast the top like 50 times and then mill our opponent for twice that. Future Sight can be swapped with Magus of the Future and Etherium Sculptor also works in place of the key. Let me know if you have any questions and upvote it if you like it please ;)

MagicalHacker on Stop Hitting Yourself! (Silumgar Primer)

1 week ago

I keep coming back to Notion Thief because I want to use it here so much, but I think I'm finally going to add it thanks to your suggestion! And if you have a deck with lots of ramp, just try Future Sight for a couple of ganes, and I dont think you will be disappointed!

MagicalHacker on Stop Hitting Yourself! (Silumgar Primer)

1 week ago

chaosumbreon87, thanks for the feedback! Phyrexian Metamorph, along with other fantastic ways to clone cards, such as Clever Impersonator, Copy Artifact, and Copy Enchantment, just don't fit with the deck because I would rather use cards that steal, since they're more effective and there are plenty of them to use. Shared Fate would let me cast opponents' cards, but it would prevent me from being able to draw my cards that let me steal cards, and I find that trade to be hurtful rather than helpful. Decree of Pain has always been either too much mana or not enough effect in my experience.

Everflowing Chalice along with Sisay's Ring and Ur-Golem's Eye are just ways to ramp by or more, and if we ever get better ramp options for that in these colors, you can bet I will be dropping them for those. I think I'll probably drop Coalition Relic first before any other ramp spell, but the three previously mentioned ones are next in line. Future Sight and Magus of the Future are a lot better than I thought they would be when I played with them for the first time, as I was able to draw a card whenever I played ANY card, as long as it was the one card on the top of my library. In a way, it let me generate a huge board presence without losing card advantage in my hand, and it only gets crazier due to the fetchlands and Sensei's Divining Top. If you don't find them that good, I would highly recommend playing with them, because they have the possibility to absolutely blow you away with value!

deadmanwaltzing on [Obey] - Ultra Competitive Control

3 weeks ago

Ohthenoises - It's slow, costing fourteen mana over a minimum of two cards (more if you're tutoring/drawing to get it back out) Existing combos in this deck tend to cap out at around about 8 mana in the deck, and their individual pieces tend to also have some other uses. Future Sight is a draw engine Grim Monolith is mana acceleration Voltaic Key can either work as another mana rock (by untapping Sol Ring or Mana Vault or a value piece with Scroll Rack etc.

I'm sure there's some sweet casual version of this deck that could pull some really fun wins with it - but that's not this deck, this deck is as cut throat as possible and Approach of the Second Sun is no way near good enough.

Sgtpopnfreash on Nope.

1 month ago

As I said before I like Future Sight Sensei's Divining Top. You play Etherium Sculptor or Foundry Inspector or Cloud Key and make all your artifacts cost one less. Play Future Sight and then play Sensei's Divining Top for free. tap the top draw a card put top on your library. Play top for free. You do this until you have your whole deck in your hand. Then I play Paradox Engine Aetherflux Reservoir to win.

These combos are "better" because they are generally lower CMC. Paradox Engine and Future Sight are the biggest spells at 5 mana and every piece of this combo works well without the other parts. They also win without giving anyone else another turn.

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