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Future Sight Discussion

landofMordor on Favorite blue deck manipulation?

2 hours ago

Any Clash cards like Scattering Stroke work well with topdeck. Future Sight, too. (And Telepathy evens the odds, although it's unrelated to your question.)

GS10 on Akiri/Kydele, The Chosen Kruphix Line-Slinger

4 days ago

Neither Demonfire or Devil's Play kill the whole table. Banefire is a similar effect. The point of running Fireball is that it lets you pay additional mana to divide the damage between additional targets (like Comet Storm). Ignite Memories seems like a pretty good way to win the game, targeting yourself after drawing most of your deck, but sometimes it might not work and people will want to see that pan out, so it might be more obnoxious for other players too.

I don't run Top, so I never considered Future Sight, but it seems like a solid inclusion.

dragonryder124 on Akiri/Kydele, The Chosen Kruphix Line-Slinger

4 days ago

I think I should also put in Future Sight because it combos with Sensei's Divining Top and Etherium Sculptor

The7thBobba on Blue-green mana ramp

2 weeks ago

Looks cool, dude. Nothing beats the feel of ramping out big baddies. If you don't mind the pain, Fastbond is amazing. Also, Future Sight :)

Rzepkanut on Memnarch BLUE POWER

2 weeks ago

Got some ideas... Well of Ideas, Future Sight, Sapphire Medallion, High Tide, Master of Waves... Whir of Invention is great just to get sol ring early or something big like caged sun late game. Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx should ramp you. Proteus Staff can be used defensively against super scary monsters or to transform your own tokens into creature cards. Illusionist's Bracers will get double uses out of Memnarch. Happy gathering!!

VesuvanDoppelbanger on Chris' 1st EDH Deck (Keranos, God of Storms)

2 weeks ago

+1, nice job on your first deck.

Both Future Sight and Melek, Izzet Paragon could help push your Commander value.

ArmaniiDTC on The Holly Crusade Of Saint Traft!!!

3 weeks ago

If you'd like to win on spot, play Etherium Sculptor. With Future Sight and Sensei's Divining Top on the battlefield, you can draw your whole deck out and win.

Fromthehollow on Ad Nauseam Doomsday Zur

3 weeks ago

Skuloth what is your opinion on Mystic Remora? I'm kinda surprised it isn't on your list. Also I see Phyrexian Unlife isn't in your list. Is that because it doesn't do anything without Ad Naus and because it is vulnerable to instant speed removal? Also curious what you think about Future Sight. It's 5 mana which I really dislike but it does let you draw your deck with Helm of Awakening and Divining Top which are already in the deck.

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