Vile Manifestation


Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Hour of Devastation (HOU) Uncommon

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Vile Manifestation

Creature — Horror

Vile Manifestation gets +1/+0 for each card with cycling in your graveyard.


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Vile Manifestation Discussion

Ogoki on Gate to the Winning Life

1 month ago

Been playing a similar list and I added Key to the City its a free way to get creatures into the graveyard and makes Vile Manifestation unblockable.

UpperDeckerTaco on Much Hate, Bros Mad Everywhere

1 month ago

dthoreson813 I don't know if you saw, but Vile Manifestation is already in the deck. As for Enigma Drake, I would like it if it had cycling. The deck also has a hard time supporting Red Mana. Other than just the 4 Canyon Slough, it would be hard if I just had gotten stuck with some in hand. Also, I do not feel like rearranging the mana base to go 3 color is entirely worth it. Thank you though.

FizzingCola on Cryptcycling

1 month ago

Well first off, I would add a little bit more land for security, also maybe Mortuary Mire would do you a little good, to keep the cycling going.

I get the aim of this deck is more on direct damage, but I think it would be cool too play with creatures too, just in case you don't necessarily get your needed enchantments.

Flameblade Adept would be cheap aggro and works well with your mechanic. Vile Manifestation also seems like a good, cheap play.

Overall, I think your theme is cool, but you also need to think of what your opponent might throw at you. Having creatures that are easy to get on the field are important.

Brutaluhtor on Blue Black Cycling

1 month ago

Sound advice. I ve been tinkering with my modern deck for an upcoming PTQ so I haven't done any more testing with this yet. I could definitely go for building around drake heaven to build up sac outlets for the demon, that's a great idea.

Most of the aggro I'm seeing in my local area is g/r insane pump shenanigans with Electrostatic Pummeler, Voltaic Brawler, Bristling Hydra etc, which makes chump blockers usually pointlessc as I'm taking tons of trample damage regardless. And then there's the hexproof....

Because of all this, I tend to favor straight counters over creatures, unless I have the potential to take 8+ life away in one swing (which Vile Manifestation and Apocalypse Demon can do pretty easily)) thanks to how much im cycling in most games.

After my PTQ on Saturday I intend to return to this project and make some alterations based on your suggestions. I appreciate your time!

Ogoki on U/B Cycling Gift

2 months ago

Been playing something similar and have found Key to the City to be clutch. Helps get cards for the gift, makes Vile Manifestation unblockable, and helps the archfiend. Also added Angel of Invention without and white sources and use her just for reanimation. The life gain can be huge.

cenazwalker on UB GPG with Lili and Scarab God

2 months ago

Thanks for your input. Yeah, one thing I have been mulling over is the lack of early game. Vile Manifestation will be nothing more than a wall for quite a few turns and Champion of Wits will just be a chump blocker. It feels right to move Gifted Aetherborn to mainboard. Besides the valuable keywords, an opponent is going to want to take it out so it may help to soak up things like Abrade. Lili and Scarab God aren't going to do me much good if I can't survive long enough to get them on the board.

N4kk1 on UB Cycling, God-Pharaoh's Gift

2 months ago

Sorry for that this take so long, i forget that i had autosubscribe off.

But about lands, IF you are comfortable with that you never want to hard cast God-Pharaoh's Gift then 20-21 is alright, but Archfiend of Ifnir is still 5 drop and i don't feel like that you can reliably cast it with just 20 lands so i would play at least 21 perhaps 22.

Yeah i believe there are room for 2 Ifnir Deadlands just replace 2 Swamp with it, then add one Swamp and Island to increase land amount.

Then you have to cut 2 cards to make room for lands.

Vile Manifestation is weakest card in my opinion because it is good only in mid/late game and as Mono red aggro is best deck of the format you probably don't even get so far too often, i don't just like that card anyways it requires too much to be good.

Maybe cut other 2 also and add more removal like more Grasp of Darkness because it is specially good in this standard as it kills Hazoret the Fervent which doesn't otherwise die too often.

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