Draw two cards. Then you may discard a nonland card. When you do, Hypothesizzle deals 4 damage to target creature.

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Set Rarity
Mystery Booster (MYS1) Common
Guilds of Ravnica (GRN) Common

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Format Legality
Vintage Legal
Pauper Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Highlander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Leviathan Legal
Historic Legal
Custom Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Legacy Legal
Limited Legal
Arena Legal
Pioneer Legal
2019-10-04 Legal
Modern Legal
1v1 Commander Legal

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Hypothesizzle Discussion

Spell_Slam on Suffering and Smiling: Grixis PDH

8 months ago

PDH needs a good grixis control deck.

I like a lot of the elements in your deck; mass discard, ETB creatures, board wipes and some of the most effective card draw and removal in Pauper.

Now, being in Blue and Black, I wonder about some of your card draw choices. You seem to play a lot of the rummaging spells like Cathartic Reunion when you could just be playing better Divination effects. Artificer's Epiphany seenms like a solid choice since you have a good number of artifacts. Compulsive Research is excellent for raw card draw. If you're going to rummage, you might as well be looting... for free. Frantic Search is great. I am not sure you run enough islands for it, but Gush is a busted card to have if you can pull it off. You could also run Hypothesizzle which does a lot of what you want to be doing. This deck in particular might be a good home for Krovikan Sorcerer. Also, no Mulldrifter? It seems perfect for this deck! I've been Probed a few more times then I'd like and I think your opponents would feel the same way. Tragic Lesson has a pretty soft drawback that you can actually take advantage of. Rhystic Study should be in your maindeck!

There's tons of good card draw out there, so it would be pretty easy to replace Cathartic Reunion, Wild Guess, Scarscale Ritual Tormenting Voice, Thrill of Possibility and Funeral Rites with basically strict upgrades.

So your main win condition is to kill the opponent with Commander damage on an empty board? You're scraping the bottom of the barrel for equipment to get there. Cranial Plating would be an excellent option for you. Copper Carapace is just as good as Vulshok Morninstar since you probably won't do much blocking and it can also be fetched with Trinket Mage. Giant's Skewer seems like it could be good with your first-striking commander. Neurok Stealthsuit is pretty much an auto-include in my deck as soon as I play Blue. Lastly Vorrac Battlehorns is great on a first-strike Creature and prevents you from being gang-blocked or chump-blocked, which is often equal to (or better than) a Bonesplitter effect.

stensiagamekeeper on Best ways to use Feather …

1 year ago

Best type of thing I've seen so far is using Tenth District Legionnaire , Dreadhorde Butcher or Dreadhorde Arcanist plus all the best pump spells and just trying to win asap. I've had a go at jeskai angel tribal with Dive Down s. Haven't had much success but my deck isn't exactly optimal. There might be something to be said for running cards that have a lower opportunity cost such as Ral's Outburst , Hypothesizzle or even jaya's greeting(http://mythicspoiler.com/war/cards/jayasgreeting.html) in a more midrange grindy shell.

knightguy on Izzet/jeskai/grixis turbo mill

1 year ago

I’m totally going to try this with a little different spell mixture.

I think Beacon Bolt is going to be the MVP removal card in this deck. Between the 4 shocks and opts, it should be able get the deck off the ground. Then later you can mill yourself a few times and fill your graveyard to kill any big targets or find more beacon bolts to jump start.

Ral, Izzet Viceroy should probably find a place in this deck. He does pretty much everything you want this deck to do, but all in one card! Plus it’s an extra win condition.

A card that is probably too greedy but would be awesome is Hypothesizzle . Especially with Goblin Electromancer on the field, could be bonkers.

TheDracogenius on NIv-Mizzet, Parun Spellsling Wheeler

1 year ago

Hypothesizzle and Radical Idea seem very clunky and inefficient at what they do - those are cards that are playable draw spells in limited, which is really not the level you are aiming for in commander, where Preordain and Tidings and so forth are legal. As for the removal aspect - aside from a small amout of combos, Lightning Bolt is an unplayable card in Commander. Never run it. Never. 3 Damage against 120 life is laughable and a removal spell that only kills creatures with toughness 3 or less is way to restricted to be of any good use consistantly in commander, as you want to kill a wide arrange of things and big creatures. Why not just shoot the small creatures with your Commander by drawing cards rather than playing Lightning Bolt? Even if the excuse ist that to run Bolt is a meta call, there are better removal sells for the same mana cost in these colours. Otherwise this deck seems quite well constructed and I do not mean to be rude, it just kind of bothers me when I see some of the cards I listed in Commander decklists. I promise you are way better off without them and there are many alternatives that have brought me and my own Niv-Mizzet Deck way more success. Unless you are running Hypothesizzle beause of that ridiculous and funny name... in that case, there are no better options as there are probably no weirder names to be found.

FSims81 on Izzet Mill

1 year ago

I think you can cut Invert / Invent and League Guildmage completely. In their place consider Electrostatic Field, Chart a Course, Blink of an Eye and Chemister's Insight. Hypothesizzle may be too expensive to cast as well. Ionize is amazing Izzet control right now. 4 Goblin Electromancer, Drowned Secrets and Psychic Corrosion are more than you need, 3 each will still let you draw them consistently while giving you room to add land or more of the instant/soceries that are going to do the damage you're looking for. You probably want at least 21 land, but possibly 24.

Boza on Erratic cyclops

1 year ago

16/2 is the correct P/T value. Now, I think the confusion stems from the text on InVert - switching power and toughness does not mean the creature's toughness is now determiened by the number that used to define power. It simply means to take the two numbers and exchange their place.

So, the Cyclops will first become a 1/11 after Dive Down fully resolves, then a 2/11 when its trigger from casting InVert resolves, then invert will resolve, switching those two around to make it 11/2. Finally, you cast Hypothesizzle, triggering cyclops and giving 5 more power to make it a 16/2.

Sidenote: Since and cyclops has trample, any damage done by Hypothesizzle to potential blockers is increasing the damage of Cyclops, since there is less toughness left to block it.

Gidgetimer on Erratic cyclops

1 year ago

I assume you meant some other card besides Hypothesizzle, but whatever card you meant isn't going to change the basis of the answer, simply the numbers.

An object's characteristics start with what is printed on the card and then continuous effects are applied in a series of layers in order. Layer 7 deals with power/toughness changes and has a series of sublayers that are applied in order. Erratic Cyclops' ability and other spells/abilities that modify P/T without setting it to a specific value are applied in layer 7c. Effects that switch P/T like Invert / Invent are applied later in 7e. The full comprehensive rules reference for layers is rule 613.

burliestzero on Erratic cyclops

1 year ago

If I have Erratic Cyclops and cast Dive Down making it an 1/11. Then cast Invert / Invent with no responses making it 11/2 and then swing and before damage cast Hypothesizzle would it become a 16/2 or 11/7? I have been told both and confused with explanations.

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