Faith Unbroken


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Custom Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Frontier Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Eldritch Moon (EMN) Uncommon

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Faith Unbroken

Enchantment — Aura

Enchant creature you control

When Faith Unbroken enters the battlefield, exile target creature an opponent controls until Faith Unbroken leaves the battlefield.

Enchanted creature gets +2/+2.

Faith Unbroken Discussion

Falkenstein on Shambling Toward Victory

3 months ago

Cool take on the Uril build. Take a peek at my uril deck for some ideas. It's quite a bit more expensive than yours but you should be able to find some good cheap cards that you don't have. Here is just a few suggestions: Entangler , Faith Unbroken , Runes of the Deus , Sigil of the Empty Throne , and Sphere of Safety . They are a bit higher CMC than most of your deck but they are game changers

Gidgetimer on Uril, the Miststalker Help

1 year ago

There is exactly Faith Unbroken. But it is a little mana heavy for just +2/+2 (+4/+4 on Uril) and removal. I guess it is enough that it is 2 shot with any other aura on Uril, but 4 mana is still steep IMO.

Hexaflexagon on Wall Tribal

1 year ago

You may want some more creature removal such as Oblivion Ring, Banishing Light, Pacifism, Arrest, and Faith Unbroken

JuQ on

1 year ago

Looks pretty solid.

Duelist's Heritage, you can never have too much double strike in this deck.
Restoration Specialist hugely underrated card and you have enough of artifacts and enchantments to make it deserve the spot.
Faith Unbroken Buff your guy and removal. The best part of the Oblivion Ring type removals is that when you use them on a commander, more often than not they will move it to the command zone instead, otherwise you already know they have a removal to spare or a board wipe.

JuQ on My Name is Uril

1 year ago

You would really get value from the rest of the enchantress pack, as many of them as you can afford Argothian Enchantress, Verduran Enchantress, Enchantress's Presence, Femeref Enchantress and also Sram, Senior Edificer and Kor Spiritdancer because it's not just an enchantment deck, but an aura deck.

Focus on low mana auras that provide Uril some kind of evasion or protection, not just size, Uril will grow on its own Shield of the Oversoul, Runes of the Deus, Unquestioned Authority, Cartouche of Strength, Snake Umbra and other totem armors.
Also great options Faith Unbroken and Sage's Reverie not really evasion or protection, but card draw is always so good and exiling on an aura is great utility.

JuQ on Dragonlord Dromoka EDH/Commander

1 year ago

I'd add more ramp, and heavier ramp, It will take you forever until you take Dromoka out. Stuff that ramp you mana in the third turn will allow you to play her as soon as turn four: Overgrowth, Worn Powerstone and Basalt Monolith are the budget options. Thran Dynamo is slower, but a very powerful card.
You should playtest how Exploration is performing, you need a constant flow of many lands for it to pay off.

Alpha Authority is currently the only aura that grants hexproof in your colour identity. You may want to consider also Swiftfoot Boots.
Pentarch Ward protections are OP, drawing cards is good. You know already.

Faith Unbroken It feels you are low on removal, this card is perfect for these voltron decks.

JuQ on Uril the Miststaker $25 Commander

1 year ago

Good idea!
Some of your choices of auras are weird, all auras on the deck should be utility auras first, oriented to evasion, survival (totem armor, indestructible, return from graveyard, creates tokens to sacrifice to the likes of Sheoldred...) and a bit of double strike. The size auras are pointless, Uril gets big as a mountain by himself.

Being an enchanterss deck I would make all ramp land auras (maybe keeping mana dorks), like the weirding wood you already have.

Some removal of creatures and enchantment/artifacts would be nice. Faith Unbroken

Maybe some more lands?

Grafted Exoskeleton is actually a weakness on Uril, it's an easier way to kill him. Poison damage is not a big deal when you only need to do 21.

JuQ on Rafiq's Finest Hour

1 year ago
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