Angelic Accord


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Iconic Masters (IMA) Uncommon
Magic 2014 (M14) Uncommon

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Angelic Accord


At the beginning of each end step, if you gained 4 or more life this turn, put a 4/4 white Angel creature token with flying onto the battlefield.

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Angelic Accord Discussion

tkk on Calling all angels

11 hours ago

There is an approach to deck building called The Rule of 9. You begin by selecting nine cards. Each of these cards becomes a full play set (4 cards) yielding 36 cards in your deck. After that, place 24 basic lands and you have a deck that will consistently use your ideas to win or lose. If you like the results then you refine the deck with ideas such a mana curve, utility, and synergy.

Let's play 24 lands to ensure we have good opening hands and draw plenty of mana. Sure, we may flood out from time to time. Yeah, we may brick some draws. But nothing feels worse than seeing everything you could do if you just had some lands. Here is a succinct statistical look at why you play 24 lands.

Angelic Destiny: A great way to win the game. can take an 0/1 and turn it into a decent attacker and blocker. Does better work on things with lifelink or vigilance or double strike. Or all three.

Aerial Responder: On his own, Aerial Responder is a strong contender. He attacks and blocks well, he gains life, he's evasive...a renaissance man. When we look at curving into Angelic Destiny on four we begin to feel a slight tingle in our pants.

Ajani's Pridemate: A bear that gets bigger each time you gain life. With the right support, he can be an excellent attacker or blocker. Also, he is not the worst target for Angelic Destiny.

Pacifism: Most decent decks pack some form of removal. Pacifism is a far cry from primo, but since you're mono-white weenies you'll take what you can get and be happy with it.

By my count, we are at four of nine. This leaves us with five cards to choose. From here we can choose different ways to continue to build upon what we've done so far. Sometimes we will be playing a full four of and other times we might play less. It depends on the curve and how many slots we have available.

I've grouped these into cards that play well together. This first set is about making an army with your Angelic Accord.

Angels and Solitude

Angelic Accord gives us an engine to work with. All this card asks is that we gain life in increments of at least four. As a reward we get 4/4 angel tokens. Fulfilling these requirements can build a formidable army.

Lone Rider  Flip: If you are doing Angelic Accord things, then you'll hopefully be gaining 3 or more life a turn and the flip on him will be easier. A 4/4 first strike, trample, lifelink on (possibly) turn three is a good set up into a turn four Angelic Accord. Also makes an 8/8 lifelink, first strike, trample, flier with Angelic Destiny.

Lone Missionary: Two mana, gain four life and get a 2/1 body. Flip your Lone Rider  Flip, make an angel off of Angelic Accord, put a counter on Ajani's Pridemate. This card can enable a lot of the things you are trying to do, both in the early and late game. Play it for a reason and with a plan, running it out simply because #YOLO is a waste and will lose you game.

Solemn Offering: Interaction with decks that strongly utilize artifacts or enchantments while gaining four (wow, much amaze) life. For some silly times, you can blow up your own Pacifism to give your opponent back a creature worse than a 4/4 angel token (Angelic Accord is necessary for this to work). Not every deck plays relevant artifacts and/or enchantments so it is likely you only play one as a failsafe.

"Look to my coming on the first light of the fifth day, at dawn look to the east."

Make a big, wide army of tokens and overwhelm your opponent.

Raise the Alarm: Classic token generator. Play this end of opponent's turn to be able to attack next turn. Flash block 2/2 for value. There are just so many uses for this card.

Honor of the Pure: Anthem effect that gets better in multiples and hits all of your creatures (duh). You gain more power the wider your army is.

Spectral Procession: Make three 1/1 fliers. Pair this with Honor of the Pure and you now have six power in the sky.


Loxodon Warhammer: Probably just a one of. But what if any creature in your deck could make an angel token with Angelic Accord and this? Or flip a Lone Rider  Flip or put a counter on Ajani's Pridemate?

Crested Sunmare : Paired up with two or three Pristine Talisman and you can build an army of indestructible horses. For maximum efficiency, tap the talismans on your opponent's turn and attack with the 5/5s on your turn.

Heliod's Pilgrim: Two and a white to find your Angelic Destiny. Or Pacifism. Or Shielded by Faith. Or Pentarch Ward. Or Soul Tithe. Or Prison Term. This type of tutoring effect allows you to become a toolbox of answers and threats. Play two to help with consistently finding your finisher or answer.

Path of Bravery: Gaining life for attack with creatures and buffing said creatures when you've gained enough life. Seems sweet. If you have neither life nor an army, however, this card doesn't actual nothing. Play with no more than two.

"Let me, there is too much. Let me sum up."

Pick a core group of seven (28 total) cards. With your remaining slots pick some combinations of the other listed cards and then playtest. With any luck and through many games, you will find what works and doesn't and will make adjustments as you see fit. The cards I've listed are by no means the end all be all of what is out there, but I feel they are a nice jumping off point and a good discussion on deck building principles and techniques. This site also lets you playtest your deck so you can see how your draws look and play out a couple hands to see what you are capable of doing with the cards you've chosen.

Disciple_of_Doran on Trostani's Token Tango

1 week ago

I strongly suggest including Angelic Accord. Gets you a 4/4 flier and 4 life on your end step every turn just for playing your deck how it normally wants to play. Also counts on every turn, not just yours, so waiting to your opponent's turn to populate gets you extra tokens and life. The tokens are also big enough to trigger Accord again on their own if you don't have a better target.

Also, Elemental Bond is another great option making all of your good tokens also give you card draw.

ThallionDarkshine on The Olympic Discus Throw *WIP*

1 week ago

I really like Brion, since he's fairly unique among Boros commanders, and gives you access to a bunch of cards that help fill their weaknesses. Here's my build for him (Brion EDH).

A bunch of people mentioned some of the powerful good stuff that goes well with him, but I'll reiterate a few of them. Skullclamp and Well of Lost Dreams are a must because they compensate for Boros's lack of draw and synergize very well with Brion. Sunforger is another great source of card advantage, and can tutor up many synergistic cards like Fling effects or Threaten effects.

Speaking of Flings and Threatens, some of the best are Grab the Reins (can steal or fling or both), Captivating Crew (a repeatable version of the effect), and Zealous Conscripts (can steal anything, I've never actually experienced this, but I'm told stealing and ulting a planeswalker feels pretty good).

Next, some of the best fatties to sac to Brion. I'm not a huge fan of the random cheap high-power creatures with a downside that others have suggested, since I'm more into decks that take the game long. However, they are viable options. I really like Serra Avatar (flinging it should remove someone from the game), Phyrexian Processor (can repeatable generate massive tokens), and Taurean Mauler (a low-cmc beater that has synergy with one of the more out of the box suggestions I have).

Some stuff that doesn't really fit into any categories, but here are some of the other suggestions I am behind 100%. Neheb, the Eternal is great for his ability to generate tons of mana, Flameshadow Conjuring lets you get more value out of etb creatures and gives you copies to fling, and Feldon of the Third Path and Mimic Vat are great ways to generate more temporary bodies.

Now, on to some stuff that I really like with Brion. Conqueror's Galleon doesn't really synergize that well with him, but more with the Boros color combination in general. They like attacking, and need card draw. Hoarding Dragon is a great tutor, since you can easily kill it off and most of your important cards are artifacts. Heirloom Blade is a great equipment if you build around it slightly, even if just by including Taurean Mauler, which is not too bad on its own. If you do that, it turns into a fairly significant power boost that draws you at least 2 cards. In my book, that's pretty decent. Adarkar Valkyrie is one of my favorite white cards, and I'm really surprised no one else mentioned it. It lets you permanently steal creatures that are going to die, or save a creature you're flinging. Gift of Immortality can let you fling the creature its attached to for free once per turn. Finally, one last card I like for making tokens is Angelic Accord. It lets you essentially replace any creature you fling with an angel, or even just by attacking.

Anyways, hope this helped, and good luck with Brion, he's definitely one of the coolest Boros commanders!

Kvothesixstring on B/W Life

1 month ago

I like it, except that Exquisite Blood isn't in the deck (at least when I looked).

Might I suggest Felidar Sovereign as an alternate win card?

Also, Angelic Accord might serve you well.

Thorbogl on Daxos of Meletis (EDH) - Smol Mans

1 month ago

How about throwing some ladys into the sausage party?

Angelic Accord might be worth a shot depending on how much life you gain per turn.

CaptainBlue7 on Stand Your Ground

1 month ago

I like the concept. Mono-white angels is a favorite of mine.

Id suggest trying to focus in more on a particular archetype. One of the things that make a deck powerful is focusing in on one or two specific mechanics and building the entire deck around it, exploiting that mechanic as much as possible so each card pulls value from another. They combo off each other, so to speak.

Currently, you have about 4 different themes working, for the most part, independently from each other: Knights, life gain, angels, and control spells. Try to focus in on your favorite themes more while removing the others.

For example, say you wanted to focus on knights, you could remove a lot of non-knight cards like Ghostly Prison & Scroll of Avacyn and replace them with more cards like Knight Exemplar. Because knights tend to be cheap costing with a lot of them hitting the board early, you can take advantage of that speed and how many creatures you have out with cards like Honor of the Pure or Always Watching which are more effective with each additional creature you have.

If you wanted a life gain focused deck you could focus on cards like Angelic Accord, Lone Missionary, Blessed Alliance, Faith's Fetters, Serra Ascendant, and Felidar Sovereign. This way you gain life as often as possible but that life gain is also going towards triggering other powerful effects that will help you finish your opponent.

So basically Id try to focus down the mechanics more if I were you. You might actually want to split this into multiple different decks so you can still enjoy each of those themes individually focused, just not all together at once.

Make sure you try the Playtest feature as well. Its very helpful at wrapping your head around how your deck is going to feel, which cards work and which ones dont.

CrazedPorcupine on Darien, King of Kjeldor

1 month ago

I run a token deck myself, and I use Boon Reflection in conjunction with Cradle of Vitality because it allows you to ramp up creatures to insane levels, especially with the amount of passive life gain. But you can also use it with Angelic Accord to ensure you hit 4 life gained per turn to get a 4/4 angel token.

That and with how insane it is with Elspeth Tirel means that you actually have enough lifegain in the deck to make Boon Reflection work. Especially if you're using something that gives all creatures lifelink, OR you can use it to double the amount of cards you draw with Well of Lost Dreams

MPHCK on Mono-White - Life & Angel Token

2 months ago

RC-3141 thanks for the feedback and your interest.

Here I have a few combos:Light from Within is useful here since I have all creatures with two white symbols.

The idea is to summon Angel tokens with Angelic Accord, Luminarch Ascension by gaining health (consequently not losing health) per turn as much as possible.

The miracle cost of Entreat the Angels is very interesting and is good in the lat game I would think.

If it happens that the game does not end after all of the tokens, the rest of the instants and spells added to this deck is to control the field as much as possible to guarantee the win with Felidar Sovereign.

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