Honored Crop-Captain


Format Legality
Standard Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Vintage Legal
Legacy Legal
Modern Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Amonkhet Uncommon

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Honored Crop-Captain

Creature — Human Warrior

Whenever Honored Crop-Captain attacks, other attacking creatures get +1/+0 until end of turn.

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Honored Crop-Captain Discussion

killahzwag on Need help with WR Exert

5 days ago

Argy! Your deck looks really consistent! I really like the way it goes for the face with aggro plays.

I definetely could use Bygone Bishop and Emberhorn Minotaur.

I have 3 Tah-Crop Elite but i'm using only 1 because i felt it was too expensive (mana-wise). What would you consider taking out for it?

I was wondering why did you take out Honored Crop-Captain, Devoted Crop-Mate and Combat Celebrant. They do seem a bit situational but they seem strong to my newb eyes.

I really like your sorcery and enchantment picks. I don't have Cast Out or Declaration in Stone but im gonna try and get a few copies to experiment.

What do you think about what i posted earlier and the changes i might do?

Indexxical on Mother Russia

6 days ago

Yeah the crop captain was really just added for a couple extra reasons:

1) The deck was originally mono-white, but I realized how sick Hanweir Garrison could be, so I threw in red. Since I needed to add at least 8 lands of the newly added type- I figured an extra red source would justify my addition of those lands and hence- Honored Crop-Captain was brought in.

2) The deck likes those small little boosts of power and if we had say 8 tokens on turn 4/5- Honored Crop-Captain essentially adds 8 extra power to the board.

It's also just a single copy, but it's a really cool card if you give it a chance. However, I may add another Hanweir Militia Captain  Flip in the future... Thanks so much for the upvote and comment!

LCJ38 on Mother Russia

6 days ago

I like the deck! Suggestions from me would be more Hanweir Militia Captain  Flip and I don't think you really need 1 Honored Crop-Captain.


svtdbird on Boros Face-Stomp (AKH)

1 week ago

Honored Crop-Captain pairs really well with Hanweir Garrison putting +1 attack to the tokens that come out

snotice on Iroas, God of Victory [12.06.2017]

1 week ago

I like the curve you have going with the deck. That can be tough at times to keep down. I have to say, the deck works pretty good when playtesting. If you wish to possibly work with even more hatebears, I'd suggest cards like:

Throne of the God-Pharaoh: Helps you knock even more life off of the opponent at the cost of only 2 mana.

Mother of Runes: helps protect your commander and is just helpful in creature-based decks.

Thalia, Guardian of Thraben: slow your opponents down more than you, since you are running 35 creatures.

Aven Mindcensor: slows down ramp and combo decks, limiting there search power.

Linvala, Keeper of Silence: still relatively cheap compared to its once $50 price tag.

Aura of Silence: Removal and slows down decks that want to get there enchantments and artifacts out quick.

Swords to Plowshares: Can never have enough removal in a deck. life gain for your opponent isn't that big of a deal with your strength being combat.

Return to Dust: the best artifact/enchantment removal spell in magic, behind Krosan Grip. Yes, it is 4 mana, but you get 2 hits, if done during your main phase. #Valuecity


Thran Dynamo: Worth the investment in a mono or dual color deck. It just helps you get ahead and allows you to play spells quicker.

Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx: Speaks for itself.

Sword of the Animist: Boros has basically no ramp. This equipment works well in a deck like this one.

Suggestions to remove:

Agrus Kos, Wojek Veteran: seems slow and redundant to me. i think your commander granting melee and neutering damage to your board is more than enough. The pump is nice, but I feel is too narrow.

Call for Unity: Too narrow. Cathars' Crusade is better and enough good stuff to work with.

Breath of Fury: Works well with Angel of Jubilation, but that is too situational. If you want another creature with extra combat abilities, use Scourge of the Throne.

Gideon, Martial Paragon: This is one of the better planeswalker deck planeswalkers'. I think for his cost, his abilities are weak on an empty board.

Legion's Initiative: I feel like this offers protection, but also allows your opponent to plan around it once the creatures re-enter during your next combat.

Honored Crop-Captain: you don't want to completely rely on combat even with your colors being Boros.

Sarkhan, the Dragonspeaker: an average planewalker with a decent removal. I feel you can do better at 5 mana.

Stone Quarry: One less tapped land.

JBert on Glorious Revolution

2 weeks ago

Love to see more people playing Humans! I agree with Stephencliffe that a playset of Thalia's Lieutenant and Honored Crop-Captain is an absolute must. I reccomend taking out the Mimics as they do very little when played on curve, are easily removed via combat damage, and don't alter your creatures that are already on the field other than Thalia's Lieutenant making it an awful topdeck. I can't say enough about a 4 of Always Watching either. The absolute best play the deck has is T2 Glory-Bound Initiate into T3 Always Watching . Very few decks can stand up to that kind of pressure. I'm currently looking at running some number of Collective Effort as well.

You can take a look at my list, a slight alteration of Craig Wescoe's RW Human list here: Boros Humans

Stephencliffe on Glorious Revolution

2 weeks ago

I would say that you don't need Built to Smash or Aethersphere Harvester. You obviously have a human synergy going on, that's cool. You should have the full 4 Thalia's Lieutenant and 4 Honored Crop-Captain. Also, Always Watching isn't really that redundant, multiple copies is still nice, and this deck falls to pieces without it, so play 4.

Devoted Crop-Mate is great, I think 2 is a good amount, but really do add in the crop-captains and the last lieutenant to give it a few more good targets. Hitting something every combat step, even the extra ones with Combat Celebrant, should be the goal.

You have very little in the way of card advantage. Thraben Inspector is a fine 1-drop, I would run it over Bloodlust Inciter.

Although they're great cards, you might think about shaving Archangel Avacyn  Flip or Glorybringer (probably the avacyn) to run something like Chandra, Torch of Defiance. I only suggest this because you will need some amount of card draw should you go into the late game. You could even cut Thalia, Heretic Cathar. Again, very good card, but I would stick her into the sideboard.

As far as the sideboard goes, By Force is better than Release the Gremlins. You don't get creatures, but that's fine, you already have plenty. Selfless Spirit over Eerie Interlude, I assume you're running it primarily to evade removal. Sack the spirit, wipe the board, zombies die, swing for lethal, seems good. Gideon of the Trials is questionable. I might make an argument for Linvala, the Preserver, just against zombies or possibly the mirror.

Hope this helps, really awesome deck, good luck with it!

Goatface on

2 weeks ago

Ok. Well, in terms of removal, Declaration in Stone isn't too expensive, and Magma Spray or Shock are pretty good, though I'd suggest Magma Spray over shock. Honored Crop-Captain is great for aggro. Against Aetherworks Marvel, you could try Gideon's Intervention or Cast Out. Cast Out is probably better. Bloodrage Brawler is a wonderful aggro card, as well as Reckless Bushwhacker. The Sweltering Suns, especially in sideboard, is quite good against zombies, and aggro generally recovers faster. Dusk is good for an aggro deck, especially against zambies once they've got their lords down. Onward is pretty nice too. Gideon, Martial Paragon is a nice budget Gideon, and Combat Celebrant is also a good budget aggro card. Hopefully some of this helps.

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