Reverse Engineer


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Standard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Frontier Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Aether Revolt (AER) Uncommon
FNM Promos (FNM) None

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Reverse Engineer


Improvise (Your artifacts can help cast this spell. Each artifact you tap after you're done activating mana abilities pays for .)

Draw 3 cards.

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Reverse Engineer Discussion

NARFNra on MtgO

3 weeks ago

I like it! You might want to consider a Fabricate or more card draw. Padeem is okay, but maybe Reverse Engineer is worth a shot?

RazortoothMtg on Non-Token promos return to FNM

1 month ago

I honestly am not excited for this.

I've gotten far more use out of my fancy treasure and Pirate tokens than my Incendiary Flow and Reverse Engineer, or my 20 Blighted Fens that my LGS gave us because they were oversupplied.

Although if the promos are Fatal Push quality, then I guess it's O.K.

clayperce on UR Modules ... Really?!?

1 month ago

First, congrats on all the wins!

I really like the idea of a Jeskai deck ... I've toyed with Temur just for the Enchantment removal) but Jeskai sounds better for sure.

I understand your choice of Whir of Invention and Reverse Engineer; I liked them a lot. I think my choice to go with Glimmer of Genius is more about my playstyle than the power level of the cards. It seemed like I always had a Whir in hand when I really needed a Walking Ballista, or a Reverse Eng in hand when I was desperate for gas but had no artifacts ... :-D

Good luck with the deck, and draw well!

Thanks so much! And yeah, it seems like it's got game against almost everything (so far) ... I mean, I certainly lose plenty, but even the matches where we lose, it feels like we're in it to the end.

Thank you again; draw well!

clayperce on Makeshift Izzet

1 month ago

Love it!

I haven't playtested, but I'm wondering how good Metallic Rebuke or Reverse Engineer might be here ...

Draw well!

clayperce on UR Modules ... yes, really!

2 months ago

Remember Animation Module, Decoction Module, and Fabrication Module from Kaldesh Draft?

Well, I've been messing around with an extremely janky but surprisingly powerful Module deck online ... and after the bans today, I'm excited about trying it out in irl.

Like I say in the deck description, I think the mainboard is pretty solid (though I go back-and-forth on 2x Reverse Engineer vs. 2x Opt).
But I'm not at all not sure about the sideboard ... it's not bad, but I've no idea what the optimum mix of counters/removal might be now, nor on whether I want Metallic Mimic/Foundry Inspector/Chief of the Foundry/something else ...

Thanks in advance for your thoughts and suggestions!

UR Modules (RIX)

Standard* clayperce


Flalafell on ur improvise

2 months ago

Nice Deck! Ad more Hubs so more people can see it! (Izzet, Aggreo, Tokens, Affinity, Combo, Competitive et.c.)

Also have you considered Aether Swooper?

To me it looks like its providing a lot more synergy with both Favorable winds and the Goggles than the Firewaver, so it might even end up delivering more damage.

And even though this is likely meant to be a fast paced Aggro deck; how about a Storm the Vault-Build?

I think your Deck can Flip that card easily, so if you ad some more Carddraw like Reverse Engineer and maybe some copys of Pull from Tomorrow.

Athraithe on I don't know how it works, it just does okay?

2 months ago

Counterspells to look at: Remand (good against most match ups, side out against burn and stuff), Disallow/Void Shatter (yes theyre 3 mana, but counterspell proper isnt in modern), and Spell Snare (sideboard). Etched Champion works well and have you thought about Reverse Engineer?

Hyperalgialysis on Metalwork Colossus

3 months ago

Perhaps try some of the 1 mana artifacts we have available. Universal Solvent Implement of Combustion and the like give you some options to get online faster. Reverse Engineer could pull a handful of cards for you. Prophetic Prism would take some strain off the mana base and it replaces itself. You can also run Maverick Thopterist since you can cheat it out early. I like Woodweaver's Puzzleknot for the life gain, perhaps pair it with Metalspinner's Puzzleknot to get some more card draw. My concern for your deck is how long it might take to get out the Metalwork Colossus. If you run fewer creatures and devote those spots to things that will help you delay the game some it might be more conistent. I also really like Pacification Array and Metallic Rebuke as mainboard cards, Tezzeret's Touch as a good way to get some creatures out without actually adding creatures, same with Servo Schematic. Given how flexible your manabase seems, Unlicensed Disintegration also seems like an auto include.

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