Reverse Engineer


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Standard Legal

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Set Rarity
Aether Revolt Uncommon

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Reverse Engineer


Improvise (Your artifacts can help cast this spell. Each artifact you tap after you're done activating mana abilities pays for .)

Draw 3 cards.

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Reverse Engineer Discussion

bensnowclark on Mechanized Clues

1 minute ago

Well this is what I'll be trying next. Reverse Engineer was cut down to two and Tamiyo's Journal was removed altogether, it was only there as a way to find Mechanized Production anyway, we'll see how this runs and tweak from there. It's always the hardest part about deck building I find is knowing what to cut and what to leave in, same with sideboarding - someone actually suggested first game winning through Production then sideboard out removing the Productions totally messing with their own sideboard actions which they likely won't change should you lose the second game thinking you still have them and just got unlucky allowing you to tune to suit their sideboard from the second game and win the third. Never thought about Magic so tactically before lol.

Obial on Improvised Angels!

2 days ago

If you're going for an improvise deck, I would recommend pulling the energy cards and focus on getting a few more artifacts into your deck instead. I thought Ornithopter would be a good fit for an improvise deck as well, but it turned out to be a bit of a bust. I would recommend adding more Bone Saw's or Cathar's Shield instead.

Bring Consulate Crackdown and Fumigate down to one each in your mainboard and put the others into your sideboard. Add one more Metallic Rebuke and then a couple Reverse Engineer's. Maybe run one or two of Baral's Expertise since it would allow you to play one of your Gisela's for free.

I would drop Aether Swooper, Devilthorn Fox, Ornithopter, Thing in the Ice  Flip, and Thriving Turtle from your creatures list and add Wind-Kin Raiders, Bastion Inventor, Gearseeker Serpent, and Treasure Keeper instead. If you have more Toolcraft Exemplar, put those bad-boys in: I would shoot for running a full set of them if you can.

To keep with the artifacts theme, maybe add a couple more Implements since they also help with card draw in addition to other things. If you wanted to add a splash of black, you could always consider Prophetic Prism or Spire of Industry and use Implement of Malice instead of the other ones. That would also allow you to run Fatal Push in your deck or sideboard as well.

I would also consider Thopter Arrest, Disallow, Dispel, and Negate as additional sideboard cards.

Hope that helps :]

SaSSolino8 on Ballistics (1.43 CMC)

3 days ago

LoneDart if you had to pick between 2 copies of Reverse Engineer or Tezzeret's Gambit, which one would you prefer?

catrule3564 on StarterTest

3 days ago

Temple of Malice is the only non-standard legal card here. You also have no red cards to make use of it, so it should be replaced with a different land.

At the moment you have 64 cards, which should be cut down to 60 for the best consistency. I would remove the cards that don't have much synergy with the rest of your deck. Alms of the Vein, Conduit of Ruin, Dimensional Infiltrator, Silent Skimmer, and Stromkirk Condemned could all be removed.

I agree that you could use some cards like Bastion Inventor, Reverse Engineer, and Metallic Rebuke.

If you need to make more cuts, I would just start cutting down on some of the expensive spells, like Ironclad Revolutionary. Replacing some expensive spells with something like Merchant's Dockhand would also let you remove a couple lands.

Good luck with your deck!

Firebones675 on Grixis (RUB) Artifact Token deck

4 days ago

I think you should include more payoff cards that reward you for having a lot of artifacts. These aren't all in your current colors (i've found is black blue or red to be the best colors for artifacts in this set) but i'm just spitballing a few

Tezzeret the Schemer, Tezzeret, Master of Metal, Contraband Kingpin, Marionette Master

also improvise cards like: Bastion Inventor, Battle at the Bridge, Herald of Anguish, Maverick Thopterist, Reverse Engineer, Sly Requisitioner, Whir of Invention

C4rnif3X on Tezzeret Control

4 days ago

@Snivy__ I don't really have high end spells which will take advantage of it.. It might be a faster way to cast Fumigate against aggro decks, not sure if it's worth it though. I can already cast Reverse Engineer fast with all the cheap artifacts. I'll give it a shot see what happens.

Bano42 on U/B Improvise

5 days ago

Nice deck!

Do you feel that the 3 copies of Tezzeret's Touch makes the deck feel clunky to you? I feel like this is a card that I would never want to play bc I would want my mana for a Rebuke or Reverse Engineer or even the Pacification Array.

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