Reverse Engineer


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal

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Set Rarity
Aether Revolt Uncommon

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Reverse Engineer


Improvise (Your artifacts can help cast this spell. Each artifact you tap after you're done activating mana abilities pays for .)

Draw 3 cards.

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Reverse Engineer Discussion

iglesia777 on U/R Energy Tokens

6 hours ago

How about the new Reverse Engineer over the glimmer?

TenaciousKey on Improvise One's Anguish

1 day ago

If you aren't aware of it, there's Tezzeret's Simulacrum which really plays well off of Tezzeret. I agree with Hope being sideboard. Making the deck more artifact-centric with Trophy Mage and making the demon easier to find with Diabolic Tutor would make the point of the deck better. Maybe cut Reverse Engineer and Cathar's Shield for cheaper cards to cheat in the Demon earlier.

CoreGon on Legit Aetherflux Reservoir Combo Wombo

1 day ago

Take a look at this list:

This is exactly where we want to be with AER. We get another card draw engine from Sram, Senior Edificer, a cheap counter spell out of Metallic Rebuke and our artifacts, and cheap card draw from Reverse Engineer. The deck has waaaay more consistency and viability now.

CoreGon on AER - Grixis Control

1 day ago

I realize we're talking about an entirely different deck here but I'm wondering what you'd think about a grixis artifact flavored control deck with the new AER cards like new Tezzeret, Pacification Array, Metallic Rebuke, Reverse Engineer, and then going up a copy or two of Disintegration? I netdecked a UB Improvise list that hits pretty hard and am thinking we could put a nice twist on it with the addition of burn/sweepers. It's possible that in a deck like this we may not be utilizing GDD or Torrential Gearhulk (however I could see the Gearhulk staying in order to re-cast Engineer or kill spells, but the artifacts might dilute his utility). Herald of Anguish is soooooo good.

Anyway, I'd love to hear if you'd entertain a list like this! What do you think, would we still want Torrential Gearhulk in a list like this? After all, he is an artifact.

Flalafell on UR Aggroffinity

1 day ago

Hej guys, i've decided to goo even greedier by cutting 2xHoldout Settlement for 2xReverse Engineer, do you think this is to greedy?

Renegade Map will still help us to get the second land, so we have 14 Lands plus 4 maps now...

Please tell me, whats your opinion on the greed factor, when it comes to the land-count.

I will definetly go back to 16 if most people experience a drawback in consistency.

Haksu on Speedway Champions [AER]

1 day ago

Ok, but if you are doing artifact creature deck then you should considered Scrap Trawler and Metallic Mimic naming construct, remove some vehicles and fanatics. With enough 3 drop artifacts Trophy Mage becomes and option as 1-2 of. And strongly suggesting that you put some copies of Reverse Engineer into side/main.

Asmodeo on Sac Artifacts

1 day ago

That is interesting, thank you for the suggestion and appreciation ( Murphy77 ). I got the idea when I saw Ravenous Intruder, and it reminded me of Atog in Affinity. in my first draft of the deck the concept was just slam in a Gremlin turn 2, with tons of artifacts to sac and then turn 3 sac all with Pia's Revolution on the field. In fact, Skeleton Key purpose was to make the Gremlin unblockable with skulk.Afterward, I introduced the black color, thinking about the abuse people will do of Fatal Push (which being a destroy effect kills my gremlin no-matter-what). So, Syndicate Trafficker became a better choice even if slower, and once I got the black splash I decided to go all the way with Tezzeret's Touch and Fatal Push.

At first I thought about Embraal Gear-Smasher too, but it seems a bit slow because it can do just 2 damages per turn (costing 3 to cast) and still dies to Fatal Push (still I will try and see).

I am considering removing 1 Giant for a Island, due to the change to three colors (even if giants are perfect to avoid most of the removal in this standard format).

Finally, after the testing I have done, two of the most absurd combos you can do with this deck involve:- equipping the Cathar's Shield, giving vigilance and a toughness buff to your big dudes - or switching Reverse Engineer with Cathartic Reunion, which with Pia's Revolution on the field becomes: draw 3 for two, or draw 3+ 6 dmgs for 2 mana and 2 artifacts discard.

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