Gift of Paradise


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Arena [BETA] Legal
Brawl Legal
Frontier Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Core Set 2019 (M19) Uncommon
Amonkhet (AKH) Common

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Gift of Paradise

Enchantment — Aura

Enchant Land

When Gift of Paradise enters the battlefield, you gain 3 life.

Enchanted land has ": Gain two mana of any one colour."

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Gift of Paradise Discussion

multimedia on Dragon Ramp (MTG 19)

1 day ago

Hey, Goreclaw is interesting with Dragons, but you want more than 5 total creatures who can take advantage of his ramp. This low amount of creatures doesn't make playing Goreclaw worth it. Consider more Demanding Dragon and Verix Bladewing, 4x Demanding and 3x Verix?

Draconic Disciple is fine, but there's a better budget green three drop ramp spell in post rotation Standard, Gift of Paradise. Gift is not a creature it's an enchantment this makes it less vulnerable to removal. Main deck creature removal is abundant in all decks, but enchantment removal is not. Gaining 3 life with Paradise is helpful in aggro matchups you don't feel bad having to tap out turn three to play Paradise because you're gaining some life. A Dragon strategy is going to be about stalling the game long enough, to stay alive long enough to play your high CMC Dragons. The life from Gift can help.

Consider 4x Timber Gorge to improve the manabase? is the most important colors you want for Sarkhan and Dragons. Consistently it's going to be hard to make double red with 10 basic Forests. Green shouldn't be the primary color of the manabase, it's the secondary color. Red is the primary color therefore you want more red in the manabase then green, more Mountains than Forests.

Consider this budget post rotation manabase:

  • 4x Crag
  • 4x Gorge
  • 10x Mountain
  • 6x Forest

Consider Spit Flame? Post rotation this spell is worth playing because a huge amount of playable removal spells are rotating. Whelp and Egg can make Spit a very good creature removal spell for this deck. Speaking of removal spells you want more main deck because without them aggro will wreck you.

Lightning Strike is good also consider Shock? 4x Strike, 4x Shock and 3x Spit is a good removal spell base to consider. 4x Strike and 4x Shock, early game removal spells to fight aggro and stay alive. They also can act as burn to your opponent's face which can be helpful to finish your opponent when you're doing a lot of damage with Dragons.

Cards that can be cut for better options (in no order):

  • Nature's Spiral
  • Rogue's Gloves
  • Growing Rites of Itlimoc
  • Draconic Disciple

Also consider cutting some number of Whelp and Egg? I don't think you need 4x of each of these main deck. More Egg can go in the sideboard for aggro/midrange matchups.

Good luck with your deck.

DrMooKdaSues on Sarkhan, Jund Dragon Master

3 days ago

multimedia Wow. Lol. Thank you for the concerns dude, I totally realize the mana base is wonky as hell and needs fixed. I like your idea of Gift of Paradise to fix this issue. Any ideas of where it would go in place of? I will test out that mana base you offered too, looks much more solid. Haha.

multimedia on Sarkhan, Jund Dragon Master

4 days ago

Hey, I really like the idea of Jund Dragons, the name just sounds cool.

There's too much strain on the manabase with black. The current manabase can't support for Contempt or Gonti. There's only 8 sources of black mana this is barely enough to splash a single card. I think you need to decide which is more important or . Dragons and Sarkhan are .

One way to help the mana situation is consider Gift of Paradise? It lets you tap the enchanted land to make two mana of any one color. This is helpful with the double black and double red cards. Paradise is additional ramp as well as life gain which is relevant in aggro matchups.

Green is the color you want the least. Currently you only really need it for Druid of the Cowl who is a two drop. I think the manabase would be much better relying on green from only dual lands not Forests. Right now you have an even amount of red and green sources of mana and as a result black suffers.

Consider this 26 land manabase (19 red sources, 14 green, 13 black):

  • 4x Slough
  • 4x Thicket
  • 2x Groves
  • 4x Crag
  • 3x Cemetery
  • 3x Summit
  • 4x Mountain
  • 1x Swamp
  • 1x Forest

Only 13 sources of black is also low to play Contempt, but this manabase and the addition of Paradise can help to consistently play these double colored cost cards.

In the deck description you mention that only the dual lands are not for post rotation. However, there's several other cards here that are not for post rotation, not only the Cycle dual lands. Glorybringer, Abrade, Push, Gonti main deck and seven total sideboard cards will all rotate. This is quite a bit of cards to leave out if you're talking about post rotation. All cards from Kaladesh and Amonkhet blocks rotate at Fall rotation.

Austin_Smith_of_Cards on Dragon Ramp (MTG 19)

4 days ago

Rogue's Gloves should definitely be cut; not very efficient for the mana you're putting into it.

A full playset of Dragon's Hoard may be a little much, I would take out two of them and replace with Gift of Paradise.

With all that extra "any color" mana fixing you're getting from the Hoard and the Disciple, I could see including Palladia-Mors, the Ruiner or Vaevictis Asmadi, the Dire.

multimedia on Competitive Desert Tribal (M19)

1 week ago

Hey, looks fun, but not sure if it's competitive. How does this deck beat red aggro? If you can't beat red aggro in Standard then it's pretty hard to be competitive.

Consider Gift of Paradise? It's been one of the best ramp spells in Standard for quite some time now. The 3 life gain is very much wanted to help in aggro matchups. Paradise into Hour is a play that has been done since the beginning of this year. Being able to play Hour turn four and get two Deserts thus creating two Zombies is a way to stabilize in aggro matchups.

Consider Druid of the Cowl? The 3 toughness is wanted with a mana dork right now it's good to block aggro turn two and ramp other turns. 3 toughness means it doesn't die to ETB Goblin Chainwhirler, Shock or Spray. More early game ramp lets you play Hour more consistently. Consider Pelakka Wurm. It's a stabilizer for ramp.

Consider Temur instead of Sultai? Red for Banefire. It's a great spell to use ramp with because it's a win condition that control has a lot of trouble stopping--Negate can't stop a six or more mana Banefire. Abrade gives you a nice removal spell to slow down aggro in the early game kills Chainwhirler or Heart of Kiran without any fuss. It also gives you a main deck answer to artifact graveyard hate or Scavenger. Sweltering Suns and Hour of Devastation are board wipes that can help you in aggro and midrange matchups. Devastation kills Gods and Planeswalkers.

Consider Chandra, Torch of Defiance? She's ramp, shes draw and she's removal. Everything you want for a Planeswalker here.

Consider this creature base:

  • 4x Druid of the Cowl
  • 3x Excavator
  • 3x Wayward Swordtooth
  • 2x Tatyova
  • 1x Multani
  • 1x Pelakka

Consider this other spells package:

  • 4x Paradise
  • 4x Hour
  • 1x Scapeshift
  • 4x Abrade
  • 2x Sweltering
  • 1x Devastation
  • 1x Banefire
  • 1x Mending

  • 1x Karn
  • 1x Chandra

For the sideboard I recommend Arborback Stomper, Glorybringer, Magma Spray for aggro matchups. Negate, Nissa, Vital Force, more Banefire for control matchups and Vivien for white control matchups. For midrange matchups more Devastation, more Tatyova, Glorybringer, Tyrant, Vivien and Sandwurm Convergence.

Good luck with your deck.

seshiro_of_the_orochi on Seasons' Approach: How season go by...

1 week ago

Prehcise: budget isn't that much of a thing, i just don't like to spend like 10 bucks or more for a playset. That's the reason i tend to come up with rather creative ideas. Your suggestions definitely are great cards. The three spot removals are pretty expensive, but all of them would be great additions.

The "problem" is that seasons past demands many different cmcs, so going all in on cmc1-removal could actually make the deck worse. The fogs proved to be a good way of getting through the early game without needing too many cheap spells.

I only just removed two DoJ to add in more Settle the Wreckage. Which would you consider better here? Also, after you suggested adding more ramp, I included three copies of Gift of Paradise as it solves two big problems of the deck: I need a lot of mana, and I need to survive long enough to get rolling. In combination with my ten fogs and the three Blessed Alliance, this might even give me a better chance against aggro and burn.

Regarding creatures: Which ones do you think could be a good fit? As the deck is now, it basically plays not a single creature as Greater Sandwurm basically just is a draw spell that i can choose for cmc7 with seasons past. The creatures I'd add would have to grant instant value, as they'll catch the first removal my opponents have. An advantage of playing no creatures is that big parts of many decks become dead due to having no targets for spot removal.

Thanks a lot for the comment. I'd love to hear your opinion on what I wrote.

eragon795 on

3 weeks ago


This is a cool idea, and I'm making a similar deck myself. I don't have a link, sorry, because it's not on TappedOut yet. Also, if I come across as harsh, I apologise for that.

Moving on the the deck (and hopefully helping) the first thing is you should be playing around 26 lands, maybe 27 if you have cycling deserts. Next, although it sounds counter-intuitive, you actually want fewer dual lands. The strength of Hour of Promise is that it can:

  1. get any land and

  2. make zombies if you have enough deserts.

Therefore, you want to play 7-10 deserts. Particularly Ipnu Rivulet, as that becomes one of the main win conditions (along with Banefire in this case).

Next, your deck lacks focus. It has some of the strongest cards in standard, but that doesn't help if they aren't doing anything for your deck. This deck doesn't want cards like Goblin Chainwhirler, Nezahal, Primal Tide, Soul-Scar Mage or Wizard's Lightning, because those are aggressive cards and you're building a ramp deck.

Instead, consider things to help you stabilise against aggro, forr example Sifter Wurm, Pelakka Wurm or Krosan Druid, as well as removal like Abrade, Struggle / Survive or even Consign / Oblivion.

Finally I would reccomend playing Gift of Paradise in some number, possibly over Grow from the Ashes. While Grow can be more explosive, you need padding for your life total again.

Then tweak the numbers a bit.

Hopefully you don't mind this long addition, and I wish you luck in the building process!

Deco_y on Sword-n-Shield Dinos

3 weeks ago

Runic Armasaur is in M19 and would go great in this deck. Card draw and a big booty like you're wanting.

I also would consider finding a spot for Take Vengeance. Root Snare could also be a nice combat trick to wipe out an opponent's attack. You can also change out a New Horizons for a Gift of Paradise. See which one you like drawing more after a while and then either switch or go back to normal after. That's all the stuff in M19 you should consider anyways.

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