Hex Parasite

Artifact Creature — Insect

: Remove up to X counters from target permanent. For each counter removed this way, Hex Parasite gets +1/+0 until end of turn. ( may be paid for with either or 2 life.)

Hex Parasite Discussion

burferking on Phylactery Broker

1 week ago

This is my kind of deck! I'd suggest to swap Garza's Assassin for Murderous Betrayal since an enchantment is a bit harder to destroy, and all your Swamps for Snow Swamps. This way, Extraplanar Lens doesn't give extra mana to other players that play Swamps (but no Snow Swamps). You could also add Hex Parasite just to pay life, or Vault Skirge for a little flying blocker (with lifelink!), Lashwrithe and/or Nightmare Lash to pay life and buff a creature. Other suggestions: Withering Boon Exsanguinate Pontiff of Blight Shauku, Endbringer Vampire Nighthawk Bond of Agony Killing Wave Phyrexian Reclamation Razaketh, the Foulblooded Strands of Night Boseiju, Who Shelters All Aetherflux Reservoir Torment of Hailfire Phyrexian Processor Well of Lost Dreams

Yesterday on Can Hex Parasite go in ...

1 month ago

Please link the cards when you post a question in future, it makes it somewhat easier to deal with.

Hex Parasite & Arixmethes, Slumbering Isle

No, I'm afraid not. In EDH, all the cards in your deck must conform to the 'colour identity' of your Commander. Hex Parasite as a card doesn't have a colour, and as a permanent doesn't have a colour. But this is different from the colour identity of the card.

The colour identity is derived from the colour of the card + the colour of any mana symbols in its mana cost and rules text, except for reminder text.

  • Hex parasite has in its rules text, so it has a black colour identity.
  • Dust Stalker has in its mana cost, so it has a black & red colour identity.
  • Pontiff of Blight has only in its reminder text, so its colour identity doesn't include white.
  • Sphinx of the Guildpact as a card is all colours, so it has a WUBRG colour identity.

ZendikariWol on Isareth EDH

1 month ago

Lot of solid counter removal in black...? I think?

Hex Parasite , Thief of Blood , Thrull Parasite , and Kaya's Ghostform , Supernatural Stamina , Abnormal Endurance , are all solid work-arounds for those corpse counters.

firestorms90 on Yawgmoth Token Storm

1 month ago

Slivortal, another "free" spell worth considering is Priest of Gix . Though not as good as the 0cmc creatures because it requires you have mana open to cast it, it does have the added benefit of converting into . It's just a shame it's a human; looping it with Mikaeus would be sick.

I actually hadn't been thinking about using Carnifex Demon strictly to cancel Mikaeus, the Unhallowed 's counters; I'd been thinking to make a one-sided wipe. As I was typing that comment out, I remembered Mikaeus didn't grant undying to himself, thus was vulnerable to Carnifex counters. I want to use Hex Parasite in the deck anyway, both for flavor and mechanical reasons (nuke opponents' creatures while keeping mine around and making a massive Parasite to boot), so it seemed a logical way to keep Mikaeus up and running.

Thank you for spelling out the infinite combo to me. I was very short on sleep when I read your deck's description, so I couldn't really grasp what I was reading at that point in time. When first brainstorming for this deck, my first instinct was to go all in on the -1/-1 counter theme, including perhaps wither and infect, and I failed to notice how sweet Yawgmoth truly is. What's fun is that I was already considering some of the other elements of the combo for the deck ( Myr Sire , Rotlung Reanimator ). I also really like the idea of Archfiend of Ifnir , as it plays nicely with Yawgmoth's second ability, and spreads infection to my opponents.

My build will likely end up much less streamlined than yours, due to the fact that I want a heavy focus on flavor. For instance, while I'm sure there's nothing saying faeries can't seek compleation, I'll probably skip Bitterblossom because, while mechanically it's a strong fit, it just doesn't scream Phyrexia to me (the fact I don't own a copy is further deterrence, lol). I'll also be more inclined to use infect, which is rather surprising, given how much I usually dislike playing against infect decks... but a Phyrexian theme deck without at least Glistening Oil or Phyresis strikes me as lacking. Whether or not I try for a poison counter win remains to be seen, though.

Currently I'm looking at a list of 250+ cards; I spent last weekend moving and hadn't had time at all this week to tinker with my build. Once I get a chance to cull unnecessary jank and get to something a little more reasonable I'll link it and see what you think.

firestorms90 on Yawgmoth Token Storm

2 months ago

I'm still trying to work out exactly what I'd like to do with my version of Yawgmoth edh, so this will be an awesome resource for me. The first thing that popped into my head was somehow doing degenerate things with Carnifex Demon , Mikaeus, the Unhallowed , and non-Human creatures, but I feel like I'm missing a key element ( Hex Parasite to remove the counters from Mickey, I suppose)... anyway, nice to see what you've done, and if I get a chance to goldfish I may be able to offer suggestions. +1 fo sho!

addictedtoplacebos on Meren of Marit Lage

4 months ago

channelfireball12345 Ya my idea for the Hex was to trade down that the counters at a 1/1+1 instead of the normal 3/1 cost. But AEther Snap is fantastic so it will take the place of Hex Parasite , and I replaced Basilisk Collar with Swiftfoot Boots .

Big thank you for the suggests!

channelfireball12345 on Meren of Marit Lage

4 months ago

Hex Parasite doesn’t work the way you are intending it to in this deck; you have to pay mana equal To the number of counters you are removing. While it does get you to marit lage a bit faster, that synergy is not strong enough for competitive edh. I’d cut it.

Funkydiscogod on Dripping-Gargadon

4 months ago

Sadly, Hex Parasite and Greater Gargadon doesn't work the way you advertise: While suspended, Gargadon is not a permanent, and not a valid target for the Parasite's ability. Rift Elemental will work that way

Consider replacing Destructive Revelry with Fury Charm . It'll still kill artifacts, but it can also give Gargadon some much needed trample, or de-suspend it faster.

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Hex Parasite occurrence in decks from the last year

Commander / EDH:

All decks: 0.0%