Blessings of Nature


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Avacyn Restored (AVR) Uncommon

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Blessings of Nature


Distribute four +1+1 counters among any number of target creatures.Miracle G

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Blessings of Nature Discussion

xaerusblade on Dragon Party

1 month ago

i would suggest the following:

these cards are really slow, Burning-Tree Emissary, Flameblast Dragon, Myojin of Infinite Rage, Savage Ventmaw, Infernal Plunge, Banefire, Kodama's Reach,

try adding Slumbering Dragon,Dragonmaster Outcast, Dragon Egg, Dragon Tempest, Thunderbreak Regent, Metallic Mimic, Blessings of Nature, Moltensteel Dragon,

you also need 23+ lands, try looking for dual lands it is really good.. get check/pain lands they are relatively cheap as well. =)Birds of Paradise best ramp in your deck. if you can't afford it try

David_H18 on Large Double Double

4 months ago

I ran a standard deck like this a while back with Predator Ooze and Blessings of Nature. Casting Blessings with Corpsejack Menace on the field can pretty much mean gg, and I found Predator Ooze to be a great fit as well. Cool deck! Got an upvote from me.

tikitree on OP Dragon! (Turn 5: 120+ Damage, For Under 65$)

5 months ago


Actually thanks for catching that! I don't really pay attention to the card prices shifting and so I am always having to rename this deck. XD back when I first made it was only like a 35$ deck and now it has almost doubled in value. (Fixed the title for you though!)

As for the Rancor, I honestly love the card and have it in a lot of my other decks. However the reason it is not in this one is vary simple, when I first made this deck my local card shop was sold out of Rancor's and so I did not add them in. And now this deck had gotten rather popular I don't want to change it cause over 100 people have it in there folders.

But just between you and me, I have 2 IRL versions of this deck and one has 2 less Blessings of Nature's and 2 more Rancor. I really should post the not budget version of this deck it at some point. :P

DashJovis1 on OP Dragon! (Turn 5: 120+ Damage, For Under 65$)

5 months ago

I just didn't find the deck is consistent. Getting the appropriate mana and the dragon at the same time doesn't happen often enough, and Blessings of Nature is a dead card if you don't have a creature to target on the turn you draw it. And yeah, Fetch lands would help it. Evolving Wilds are usually a good budget alternative to them. I run 4 in a lot of decks, at least the ones that can handle taking a turn for tapped mana.

This deck seems really brutal when it works. Boh Predator Ooze and Slumbering Dragon can scale off real fast. But I kept having this problem with test draws where I'd either get the red mana or I'd get the dragon, not both. Maybe consider dropping Tuskguard Captain for Bloodhall Ooze? Rakdos Cacklers and Bloodhall Oozes could scale off pretty quickly in a deck like this with a minor tweak to the mana base. At three mana I think the Tuskgaurd is a little slow, particularly since the dragon already has flying and the ooze already has trample. Kird Ape would be another creature to consider, since he's high value in R/G, and certain printings are inexpensive. Doesn't really fit with your +1/+1s though, less value in the late game.

lachrymal on BG Ramp and +1/+1 Counters

6 months ago

Against Mono-Black Affinity (Budget)

Won Dice Roll

Draw Eternal Witness, Forest, Birds of Paradise, Birds of Paradise, Jarad, Golgari Lich Lord, Deadbridge Goliath, Slitherhead

Turn 1:Play Forest, Cast Birds of Paradise, pass

Play Swamp, Cast Memnite, Cast Vault Skirge (20 vs 18), pass

Turn 2:

Draw Primordial Hydra, Cast Birds of Paradise, Cast Slitherhead, pass

Play Swamp, Cast Duress, Could not discard, Attack with Vault Skirge and Memnite, Block Memnite (19 vs 19), pass

Turn 3:

Draw Overgrown Tomb, Play Overgrown Tomb, (16 vs 19), Cast Primordial Hydra, X=2, Scavenge Slitherhead to Primordial Hydra, pass

Play Swamp, Attack with Vault Skirge (18 vs 20), Cast Signal Pest, Cast Go for the Throat targeting Primordial Hydra, pass

Turn 4:

Draw Blessings of Nature, Cast Eternal Witness, Retrieve Primordial Hydra, Cast Blessings of Nature on Eternal Witness, pass

Attack with Vault Skirge and Signal Pest (16 vs 22), Cast Dross Golem, Play Darksteel Citadel, pass

Turn 5:

Draw Slitherhead, Cast Primordial Hydra X=2, Attack with Eternal Witness, Opponent does not block (16 vs 16), pass

Attack with Vault Skirge, Signal Pest and Dross Golem (10 vs 18), Cast Frogmite, Cast Bone Splinters, Sacrifices Frogmite, Targets Primordial Hydra, pass

Turn 6:Draw Corpsejack Menace, Cast Deadbridge Goliath, Attack with Eternal Witness (10 vs 12), pass

Attack with Vault Skirge, Signal Pest and Dross Golem (4 vs 12), Cast Salvage Slasher, pass

Turn 7:

Draw Putrefy, Cast Putrefy on Salvage Slasher (4 vs 1), I concede.

Thoughts: It performed a lot better that time. I didnt draw enough lands and my opponent had answers to my threats and hit hard.

lachrymal on BG Ramp and +1/+1 Counters

6 months ago

Against RUG Control

won dice roll

Draw 7:Forest, Forest, Slitherhead, Temple of Malady, Slitherhead,Rampant Growth, Swamp

Turn 1:

Play Forest, Cast Slitherhead, pass

Play Steam Vents, enters tapped, pass

Turn 2:

Draw Deadbridge Goliath, Play Swamp, Cast Rampant Growth, Fetch Swamp, Attack with Slitherhead (20 vs 19), pass

Play Sulfur Falls, Cast Sage Owl, pass

Turn 3:

Draw Putrefy, Play Forest, Attack with Slitherhead, Opponent does not block (20 vs 18), Cast Deadbridge Goliath, pass

Play Hinterland Harbor, Attack with Sage Owl, Cast Simic Charm +3/+3 targeting Sage Owl (17 vs 18), pass

Turn 4:

Draw Birds of Paradise, Play Temple of Malady, Scry Rampant Growth, place on bottom of library, Cast Birds of Paradise, Cast Slitherhead, Attack with Deadbridge Goliath and Slitherhead (17 vs 12), pass

Play Stomping Ground, Cast Ral Zarek, Attack with Sage Owl (16 vs 12), Ral Zarek +1 targeting Birds of Paradise and Sage Owl, pass

Turn 5:

Draw Forest, Play Forest, Cast Putrefy targeting Sage Owl, Attack with Deadbridge Goliath and 2x Slitherhead, assign Deadbridge Goliath to Ral Zarek and 2xSlitherhead to player (17 vs 10), pass

Play Sulfur Falls, Cast Unsummon targeting Deadbridge Goliath, Cast Vorel of the Hull Clade, pass

Turn 6:

Draw Primeval Titan, Cast Primeval Titan, Fetch Overgrown Tomb & Grim Backwoods, Attack with 2xSlitherhead (17 vs 8), pass

Play Rootbound Crag, pass

Turn 7:

Draw Birds of Paradise, Cast Birds of Paradise, Cast Deadbridge Goliath, !INTERRUPT: Opponent Cast Simic Charm, Return Primeval Titan to hand!, Attack with 2xSlitherhead, Blocks 1 (17 vs 7), pass

Cast Zhur-Taa Druid, pass

Turn 8:

Draw: Forest, Play Forest, Cast Primeval Titan, Fetch Overgrown Tomb & Swamp, Activate Grim Backwoods, Draw Blessings of Nature, Scavenge Slitherhead onto Deadbridge Goliath, Attack with Deadbridge Goliath & Slitherhead, !INTERRUPT: Opponent Cast Simic Charm, Return Deadbridge Goliath to hand!, Blocks Slitherhead, pass

Cast Telepathy, pass

Turn 9:

Draw Swamp, Play Swamp, Cast Blessings of Nature on Primeval Titan, Scavenge Slitherhead onto Primeval Titan, Attack with Primeval Titan, Fetch 2x Forest, Blocks with Vorel of the Hull Clade and Zhur-Taa Druid (17 vs 1), Cast Deadbridge Goliath, Activate Grim Backwoods, Draw Swamp, pass

Opponent concedes.

Thoughts: Yeah, not performing as I hoped it would.

cmsrDPM on this isn't calculus

6 months ago

Love this deck maybe Ambush Viper for removal and Blessings of Nature for quick counters.

PickleNutz on

7 months ago

You could definitely use some Trample effects, maybe Larger Than Life rather than Phytoburst. I would sneak in a full playset though, maybe even do away with Blessings of Nature? Trample with infect wins games. Rancor alone probably won't do the trick, so it's good to have around eight cards that can supply Trample.

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