Regisaur Alpha


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Ixalan (XLN) Rare

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Regisaur Alpha

Creature — Dinosaur

Other Dinosaurs you control have haste.

When Regisaur Alpha enters the battlefield, create a 3/3 green Dinosaur creature token with trample.

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Regisaur Alpha Discussion

xoorath on nayasaurusrex {updated 18/9}

12 hours ago

Hey, I'd suggest giving my brew a playtest - it's getting pretty tight. Huatli: The only dino gyno I know...

Running Attune with Aether, Aether Hub and Commune with Dinosaurs Makes my mana super stable.

The planeswalker package of 1x Huatli, Warrior Poet, 1x Ajani Unyielding and 1x Samut, the Tested is very tight. Each have their own big upside. Huatli can enrage my guys, reduce blockers, heal... just a great tool card. Ajani is at the top of the mana curve, so his plus helps me only find action, he adds removal, and the ultimate with trample is game winning. Samut giving double strike to any trampler can be game winning - but even if it's not, it's a devistating same turn play. I generally don't ultimate her even if I can, the double strike is just better, and using the ultimate after a wrath is very strong. Note with samut that Regisaur Alpha is an ETB trigger not a cast trigger. I really wouldn't discount samut even if people look at you funny for playing a $4 planeswalker. She's quite good in the deck.

I now regret ever playing without 4 Savage Stomp, it's actually incredible. Super happy with the choice.

Still sorting out the sideboard, but I think Authority of the Consuls, Settle the Wreckage and Abrade will be 3 of. As much as I like Solemnity it's probably just not that relevant to hose a few strategies especially now that it would hose Savage Stomp's counters.

What you found in your playtesting you posted is very consistent to my findings. I would also add that in my experience I'm not too scared of wrath effects and things like settle the wreckage. So long as I'm ahead in card advantage and can dig in some way for dinos - I can stabalize and pose threats constantly.

I'm also still feeling very good about having extra 5 drops with Charging Monstrosaur.

Thanks for continuing to update your list and post findings. Happy stomping! ;-)

kmach1ne on Enrage Dinosaurs

15 hours ago

I like it. Couple things though. Rile is a little too cute. I've tested with it a bit and it wasn't really worth it over something like Lightning Strike or Abrade. I would also 100% be playing Ripjaw raptor and even regisaur alpha . I would also play Blossoming Defense over Sheltering Light. Defense as helps in the mirror I've found to help get bigger than the opposing dinos. Also helps to fight bigger things in conjunction with Savage Stomp. Lastly, the lands. Rootbound Crag and Sunpetal Grove help fix your mana a ton. I would also drop Unclaimed Territory altogether as it makes your draws pretty awkward at times when trying to cast you non-dino spells, which you have a lot. Maybe an Evolving Wilds or two as well. Consider the two cycle lands from Amonkhet Sheltered Thicket and Scattered Groves.

ScSabella on Dinossaur

3 days ago

Carnage Tyrant and Regisaur Alpha are great cards, but their high mana cost makes them difficult to play in a 20 mana deck. I'd take one out apiece and add a couple mountains to make the deck run a little more smoothly. cool aggro deck overall!

Sciencebean on Dino Standard

3 days ago

I'd say one or two less Carnage Tyrant, I think you could skip Rampaging Ferocidon, two less Regisaur Alpha.

Then you can play another Ranging Raptors, maybe a Hour of Promise if you want more ramp, if you do you can maybe play another Gishath, Sun's Avatar

You could maybe play a Monstrous Onslaught in the sideboard against slower creature-based decks

TehGrief on Ixalan Park (#2 Gishath Commander)

4 days ago


Love the deck idea, love dinosaurs in general...

I notice that dinosaurs seem to have a large focus around ETB effects, so perhaps using cards such as;

These would all make for great synergy, especially with Verdant Sun's Avatar or Burning Sun's Avatar, and who doesn't want more tokens with stuff like Regisaur Alpha?

Just an idea! Though, I think it would be a powerful way to fully take advantage of all the ETB effects repeatedly.

Zienem on BINGO Dino DNA! (Gruul! Post Rotation XLN)

5 days ago

mr_lag I would say that Infuriated Gladiodon would be great if I had more enrage creatures, plus I would have to get rid of Regisaur Alpha which is way better on a curve than he is, I think its a great limited card but other than that I don't see much use IMO.

Sackout I think that card is great, however in this particular deck I am trying to keep to gruul aggro, limiting the colors down to 2 now that we have lost a good amount of lands post rotation its easier to keep a steady aggro deck with just two colors. If I had the mana base that say Temur Energy had I would give it a run for its money but right now it seems Gruul is the best option. However there are 110ish more cards to be released so really I have no idea. It just seems going white for Kinjali's Caller and for Gishath, Sun's Avatar isn't worth it, at one mana less Carnage Tyrant is a lot harder to deal with than sun's avatar. Plus ramping for Gishath, Sun's Avatar just doesn't seem like a game winner by himself. If you are ramping you are going to have a lot less creatures meaning he will have nothing to hit off of his ability. So all in all I would rather play Carnage Tyrant due to him being INCREDIBLY harder to deal with for any deck.

Kizmetto on nayasaurusrex {updated 18/9}

6 days ago

Atroxreaper , agreed, RDW is very scary but aggro will usually beat midrange (based on that triangle right? Aggro > Midrange > Control) But if luck is on our side, we got big butts and a sideboard to try and help (its that damn cant block clause that worries me!)

Titanco , I like Raptors because its a creature count towards the dinosaurs needed to make it a tribal deck, can attack if needed and deters attackers (by letting me ramp numerous times) , though grabbing any two lands is tempting, i dont think dinosaur decks want a big 5cmc sorcery. Thanks for suggesting it though! I will test it still.

xoorath Thats a great point if we do end up running Hour of Promise! I wonder what other lands we could grab as a pseudo sideboard sort of..

As for Snapping Sailback ... Thats actually a really neat trick, i worry if its good for limited or can run as a singleton in here, a 4/4 flash for 4 that gets bigger is damn nice. Im thinking maybe 3 Regisaur Alpha and 1 Snapping Sailback but i still think its just a really good limited bomb, but hey! this is what testing is for! thank you for suggesting :)

multimedia on New block, wait or start ...

6 days ago

I think you're fine to order the deck now. A competitive Temur Energy list right now is $200-$300 with half of this cost for a playset of Chandra, Torch of Defiance. This is cheap for a competitive Standard deck, let alone the current best deck, haha.

Glorybringer is at a very low $5 right now and so far nothing spoiled in Ixalan other than possibly Regisaur Alpha is going to take it's place. I foresee Glorybringer going up not down. Chandra is a little harder to predict as it's pretty expensive right now, but we've already seen the Ixalan Planeswalkers and they don't remotely compare with the power level of Chandra. Vraska, Relic Seeker is close, but she's six mana. Chandra could become the best Walker in Standard maybe even become oppressive.

You're pretty safe with energy because as long as it's in Standard it will be one of the best decks. Maybe not the very best, but it will always be near the top because of how powerful energy is.

Temur Energy loses very few main deck cards at rotation. Elder Deep-Fiend, but some lists don't even use him. Game Trail can be replaced with Rootbound Crag which is a far superior land. Currently there's not a replacement yet for Lumbering Falls.

The sideboard is hit the most by rotation especially Tireless Tracker, card advantage in a can. Currently no replacement for her yet, doubt there will be. Chandra, Flamecaller rotates, Hour of Devastation could possibly replace her. Radiant Flames can possibly be replaced by Sweltering Suns, but the double red casting cost may make it uncastable in time to use it to stop aggro.

So far new spoiled Ixalan cards that I think can fit into Temur Energy are for sure Lightning Strike and Spell Pierce as sideboard options. Strike may even replace Abrade or Magma Spray main deck since it can hit a player, but I think it's safe to just get a playset of each Abrade, Strike and Spray. If artifacts continue to be a problem use Abrade otherwise use Strike. Spray is played because it can exile the creature it kills, but this might not be needed post rotation.

Other Possible new cards so far in Ixalan that might fit are Opt, Siren Stormtamer, Chart A Course and Sorcerous Spyglass.

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