Overwhelming Stampede

Overwhelming Stampede


Until end of turn, creatures you control gain trample and get +X/+X, where X is the greatest power among creatures you control.

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Overwhelming Stampede Discussion

gobucks on The Beast In Me

1 day ago

I'd consider Wood Elves and/or Wirewood Savage. More so the Savage than the Wood Elves.

Wirewood Savage - This guy refills your hand and the payoff is super rich if you have 2 or 3. Play a beast, get another beast (Or a land/spell). Point is, more cards drawn = more options to win. Drawing is winning.

Wood Elves - Call me crazy (and rightfully so), but I like this guy more than Nature's Lore. For an extra 1 (Yes you lose tempo) you get a 1/1 blocker/attacker. Later it can see the effects from Aspect of Hydra, a kicked Vines of Vastwood, or Overwhelming Stampede.

Maybe drop your enchantments other than Vernal Bloom

mtgApprentice21 on Terramorphic Fortress

1 day ago

Umm... Green Sun's Zenith is banned in modern, first of all.

Second, I would take out the Asceticisms, the Zeniths, and one of the Eldrazi Conscriptions and put in two Garruk, Primal Hunters, two Elvish Visionarys, and four Elvish Archdruids.

The Archdruids will help you out immensely. The Visionaries will give you 1-turn chump-blockers and give you some draw edge as well.

@MakoLifeStream, you're on the right track in saying Garruk is your friend, but where Garruk Wildspeaker is weakened by dropping a creature, Garruk, Primal Hunter is strengthened by dropping a creature. He also can be used for a draw edge too, and his -6 ability would be absolutely devastating in this deck if it could be fired off.

@sOnorous, Explore is actually a good idea for a draw edge and mana acceleration. I might suggest replacing two Overwhelming Stampedes with them.

I would take out two of the Terra Stompers and put two Liege of the Tangles back in. It's a better card than you realize @Bo5dey. When you operate it alongside Garruk, Primal Hunter and all the trample shenanigans this deck has, it's actually a pretty fierce card - especially if you drop an Eldrazi Conscription on it.

I would take the Autumn's Veil out of the sideboard and save that spot for four Asceticisms. The Veils are only temporary, where the Asceticism is not. Plus, the enchantment has the regenerate ability, so the only annoyances you have to face are Wrath of God and other global removal spells that override regeneration. Terminus will also probably ruin your day.

For the most part, though, I hope my suggestions hold some value for your deck. The Primal Hunter is probably going to be the thing that really helps your deck the most.

Klayhamn on The neverending quest to beat Meren with Nekusar

1 week ago

I'm not sure i really understand the idea of wheeling before it gives me any direct benefit?

Can you describe to me how you see the "ideal" play out of such a strategy?

let's say i have a few lands (3~4) , a wheel and a mana ramp artifact and maybe an enchantment or a counterspellwhat do i do? just wheel at the first chance for the heck of it?

wheel when i get the fork?

obviously in mutliplayer, when everything's slower, and i have more time to draw into combo's - i will be just "Wheeling a lot",but i don't see how i can do it in 1v1 to a good effect unless i'm also doing some shenanigans at the same time --- like stealing his draws, making him lose his hand, etc.

until now, in all 13 games we've played against one another, i typically either had enough mana to play an "enabler" or a wheel, and not both,and when i did have mana for both, i did some damage, next turn - he removes the enabler - and progresses to build his boardif i had any counterspells or removals in my hand - i've lost them by now to the wheel and drawn a bunch of lands or dead cards

that's typically how most games went

there were also rarely any games where he didn't draw into Thought Vessel quickly enough to protect himself against discard

Jarad is really not his only win conditions. out of the 10 victories he had against me, i think he won only two of them (3 max) strictly with that card.the other victories were with Overwhelming Stampede (twice or so), he won at least a couple with Lotleth Troll , and the rest with simple "grinding" face damage each turn

So, i'm not safe at all :)

When i said the mechanic seems "unfun" i didn't refer to the win-con being "unfair" - i was simply saying it seems like an un-fun way to play, as literally as possible. Of course fun is subjective, but what i meant is that just "surviving one more turn" seems a bit boring to me, while counterspells seem a more "fun" or "natural" or "interactive" way to play (or maybe it's just more intuitive to me) - because it has the same effect (it prolongs the game by preventing threats) - but it has the potential of gaining more the one turn advantage because it removes the threat completely - rather than being a one-time panic button.

Anyway, the bottom line is that beyond fun or not fun i want to bring balance to the match-up (if that's at all possible).

of course i'd include a bunch of forks, Sudden Spoiling etc. if i could,but with all these defensive measures and damage multiplicators - what am i left with?

38 land + 8 mana ramp = 46 cards just for mana, leaving 54 cards for playhow many of those should be forks?how many of those should be one-time defensive spells like Sudden Spoiling?

it's basically a big math exercise and i'm not sure i know how to do it :)

using this tablei can do some rudimentary approximations but i'm not sure how to combine things since some cards can participate in two different calculations(i.e - some wheels interact with both discard punishers and draw punishers, others only with draw punishers).

it just feels to me like - the more i try to make the deck's strategy viable (or "streamlined" as you call it) - the less interactive it becomes and the less of a chance i have to stop any threats against me - and vice versa

so far my attempts to go "full combo" (i tried to run the multiplayer version vs. him at the start ) has failed miserablythe list i originally used is [this] (http://tappedout.net/mtg-decks/mind-seize-mod-nekusar/)

so obviously the deck needed to change tremendously (of course it's also possible i'm misplaying, but i really don't think i am)

i can't play like all my enchantments and/or creatures will stay on board for me to wheel them unless i deal with his GY and or board, and to do that consistently i need to devote quite a bit of the deck (over 5%? over 10%?) to that alone

but if i don't play them in advance, i won't have enough mana to play them AND wheel at the same turn, and when i do - they just get removed the next turn and all i did is 7 or with some luck - 14 dmg.

what typically happens immediately afterwards is that the threat (creature/artifact/enchantment/whatever) gets removed,and even if i wheeled into another wheel - it simply won't do anything anymore... and then i'm stuck with no useful card draw, no board, etc. - just dying slowly as i keep drawing lands.

it just somehow seems crucial to me to DESTROY his hand (with Sire Of Insanity or Rakdos's Return or whatever) --or even better - to do so while stealing all his draws - with Notion Thief

without that, it just seems - from a strictly probabilistic aspect, unlikely to defeat him in time

So ya, ok - the "tools" at my disposal are all clear:

  1. forks
  2. infects
  3. mass removal
  4. counterspell
  5. wheels
  6. draw/discard punishers
  7. tutors
  8. mana artifacts
  9. various defense mechanisms (Propaganda, Sudden Spoiling, etc.)

now the question is what's the correct balance in quantities between all of thesethat's what i'm just absolutely failing to understand

whatskraken on Wurm Deck

1 week ago

Along with Tribal Unity, Overwhelming Stampede is a good finisher.

I would add some removal. Since you have a lot of large creatures, perhaps a fight spell like Prey Upon or Unnatural Endurance or so could fit your deck.

As for the maybeboard cards, I think Crush of Wurms is amusing and you should definitely go for it!!

RupertPhd on Budget Gitrog Monster EDH

1 week ago

Looks cool. I havent tried gitfrog yet but I think of Drownyard Temple | Encroaching Wastes | Fork in the Road | Terrain Generator | Journeyer's Kite. Could you win with infect? Grafted Exoskeleton | Tainted Strike | Phyresis | Overwhelming Stampede

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