Overwhelming Stampede

Overwhelming Stampede

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Until end of turn, creatures you control gain tample and get +X/+X, where X is the greatest power among creatures you control. (If a creature you control would assign enough damage to its blockers to destroy them, you may have it assign the rest of its damage to defending player or planeswalker.

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Overwhelming Stampede Discussion

fleishdawg on My Ghave Build

4 hours ago

Hey! Glad to help.

Basically, as this deck is near completion, I will suggest some cards to be removed and some cards to replace them with and provide reasons for all. Let's begin!

Angel of Despair - A very powerful card, but has been since outclassed by Ashen Rider in my unprofessional opinion. With the growing popularity of Gods, Exile is now even more relevant than before.

Ant Queen - A powerful card, but as Ghave's effect is similar, it feels redundant. You're already capable of creating a swarm, and this is a slow expensive way of doing it. I'd replace it with Hero of Bladehold, which makes your attacking team that much more lethal.

Rampaging Baloths - Although the tokens that you're creating are gigantic, it is a slow process. You have one of two options here; add cards like Cultivate and Kodama's Reach for additional landfall or replace the card entirely. If you do decide to replace it, I would add Scavenging Ooze for a little Graveyard hate.

Seedguide Ash - Card is very neat, but I would recommend replacing it with the aforementioned ramp spells. Alternatively, if you have specific non-basics you require, consider Tempt with Discovery.

Vulturous Zombie - This card is cute, and can certainly close out the game. The problem however is it is reliant on your opponent. As gigantic fatties go, Lord of Extinction is also in your colors. If that doesn't strike your fancy, I'd recommend Eternal Witness for some graveyard recursion.

Crescendo of War - This card feels like it will backfire on you often. As it scales on everyone's upkeeps, it gets out of control VERY quickly. I'd recommend in its place Dictate of Erebos as another Grave Pact effect. As this one has Flash, it's very powerful in response to removal spells.

Necrogenesis - Can be replaced with the aforementioned Scavenging Ooze, but alternatively Necromancy could find a good place here. It's my personal favorite Animate Dead variant.

Corpse Dance - Seems rather silly. If you're looking for recursion, I might recommend Sun Titan combined with Animate Dead or Necromancy. It creates a powerful card advantage engine.

Suffer the Past - This feels unnecessary, as I've never played with the card. Adding in cards like Tempt with Discovery or Reap and Sow to find the Bojuka Bog you already run might be a better idea. As you run bounce lands like Selesnya Sanctuary, you can even re-use your Bojuka Bog.

Elspeth, Knight-Errant - I would replace this with Elspeth, Sun's Champion. This iteration of her is more synergistic with cards like Mentor of the Meek and allow you to wipe and clean up the board after with her powerful +1

Blade of the Bloodchief - Seems decent, but as you stated you're intending to avoid infinite combos, its true potential won't be reached. I would say run Garruk Wildspeaker here. His +1 synergizes well with bouncelands, his -1 creates token and his -4 allows your token army to swing for lethal.

Whispersilk Cloak - If you're just running this for the protection, run Lightning Greaves instead. Trust me.

Final Judgment - The effect is good, but there exists an even better card than this - Merciless Eviction! It does everything and more!

Triumph of the Hordes - If you're going to kill someone with this card, you're going to also be able to kill them with Overwhelming Stampede without worrying that one of your creatures gets removed.

Your landbase is fairly good. I would possibly add Phyrexian Tower and Volrath's Stronghold for some additional value, Kor Haven is a powerful Maze style effect, Thespian's Stage is powerful when it copies bouncelands, Vesuva is good utility, Reflecting Pool is essentially another Command Tower and Sandsteppe Citadel is in your colors.

Some other cards I think you'd enjoy running: Butcher of Malakir, Mimic Vat, Aura Shards, Corpsejack Menace, Juniper Order Ranger, Increasing Ambition, Sigil Captain and finally, although I am not a fan of Fog style effects, Spike Weaver seems like it would be good for you.

Hope that was comprehensive enough! Feel free to message me if you have any questions or comments.

infinitegyre on MTG pick-up lines.

1 week ago

I won't Flaccify under pressure, girl.

Get ready for an Overwhelming Stampede.

I'll bring you to your Breaking Point and then Twincast it.

MrGeeky314159 on Prossh EDH Tokens/Sac HELP WANTED

1 week ago

Acidic Slime isn't bad, but it doesn't have very good synergy with the other cards in the deck. Like I said, Overrun is inferior to Overwhelming Stampede in any deck where power is not an issue.

baddabiiing on Prossh EDH Tokens/Sac HELP WANTED

1 week ago

MrGeeky314159, Overwhelming Stampede is decent, ill grab it in my next pickup. I puled Viscera Seer because it would end up just being something that I didn't want no matter when i drew it. I replaced the Sprouting Thrinax with Mitiotic Slime, but I understand having both. What card should I pull for it?

MrGeeky314159 on Prossh EDH Tokens/Sac HELP WANTED

1 week ago

You really want Overwhelming Stampede instead of Overrun since this deck has no problems with having creatures that have a power of 4 or greater. Plus, there is a minuscule price difference between the cards. Plus, you might want a cheap sac outlet such as Viscera Seer as well as decent sac fodder such as Sprouting Thrinax. This will also let you go through extra tokens for deck manipulation purposes as well.

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