Overwhelming Stampede

Overwhelming Stampede


Until end of turn, creatures you control gain trample and get +X/+X, where X is the greatest power among creatures you control.

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Overwhelming Stampede Discussion

Busse on Merendipity (Guidance encouraged)

5 hours ago

Treehugger003 I'm on the verge of cutting of Mycoloth too... it's a powerhouse but he has to survive one full round of turns to do it's thing at least once. I don't think I'm gonna go with the Avenger of Zendikar for 2 main reasons, the first being that it is too typical and just cares about the Plant type... and the second: I already use Mitotic Slime, Abhorrent Overlord and my lovely Symbiotic Wurm for token/mana generation. And man, let me tell you; the wurm is awesome hahahah

I am now concerned with Bloodspore Thrinax,Phyrexian Plaguelord, Eldrazi Monument and the effective use of Overwhelming Stampede/Pathbreaker Ibex. Any insight on the performance of those cards would be much appreciated :D
Suggestions on replacements for the aforementioned are welcome too

Cheers to all!

PookandPie on Need help with EDH deck.

1 day ago

I agree with Gidge. So, I see what your issue is with not being able to get creatures out early, and I'm going to state it plainly and without mincing words:

You have the number of lands of a competitive Karador deck, and you have a competitive Karador's acceleration (somewhat). However: You have both of those things without a competitive Karador's mana curve and that is your problem.

Your mana curve is simply way too high to support how few lands and accelerants you run.

This deck here: Karador Primer on MTGSalvation runs 11 ramp and 32 lands for a total of 43 mana sources in a deck with a mana curve 1.35 lower than yours. You run 33+9 for a total of 41 with an average cmc of 3.60, while the other is 2.25. This isn't even speaking to the fact that you have 2 lands that don't even produce mana, and a third is useless without 4 other lands on the battlefield- you're essentially running 31 lands. That's not enough for my Arcum or Zur decks, and most certainly not enough here (they're 35+11, roughly, and they try to win on the 3rd-5th turns).

You may find that going up to 36+ lands and adding 3-4 more accelerators will greatly help you in getting creatures out earlier. My Ghave deck runs 35 lands but 10 accelerators (with about 5 more cards that can function as ramp, such as Green Sun's Zenith into Dryad Arbor, or Earthcraft, which I'm not counting in the 10 because they're more conditional), has a lower mana curve than yours, and I rarely have an issue with not being able to get creatures out early- in fact, it's only real defense in multiplayer is that it can combo out before other decks in my meta stabilize to control the game.

You also have a bunch of lands that come in tapped- the Terrmorphic Expanse twins and the three temples. These can also impact your ability to play creatures early because they're a stark loss in tempo. I get that the Evolving Wilds duo is for Deathrite Shaman, but the 3 Temples are meh. You can replace them by finishing your set of Shadowmoor filters (Twilight Mire, Fetid Heath), and maybe a Phyrexian Tower or something.

Dropping chaff like Tireless Tracker, Tamiyo's Journal (you're in a good color for drawing cards. You may as well run Diabolic Tutor over the Journal, but especially Demonic Tutor), Rise of the Dark Realms (unless the games go on absurdly long, I don't really see this being that beneficial), Craterhoof Behemoth (your top curve is extremely high, and I don't see you having 5-8+ creatures out at one time, honestly. You may as well run Overwhelming Stampede if you want that kind of effect, and you're not running Tooth and Nail, so I don't see Avenger shenanigans happening often), Avacyn, Angel of Hope, who is nice but also extremely expensive and it's not like you can't recover from destruction already, Leyline of Sanctity or Living End (seems weird for the former to be maindecked, and as for the latter, Living Death is the one you want in Commander if it's an extra boardwipe/recursion you need), etc.. And then add in about 5 lands- because again, 2 of your lands in the deck don't make mana and your cards cost way too much to cast on 31 lands, so your land total should read 38 when you're done, because it's really 36. As for the acceleration, I'm sure you can find some ideas and things to remove- you run 3 accelerators that allow you to play additional lands while running way too few lands in the deck- maybe one of those should become a Nature's Lore. To further cheapen your costs, World Breaker could probably become Reclamation Sage for most intents and purposes.

That said, this comment has gone on way too long. Hope this helps. Good luck, have fun, and hopefully, if you make changes, they work out for you.

Bassmaster on Pets!

2 days ago

Pretty good looking deck! If you are looking for some mana-dropping creatures, I would suggest Somberwald Sage, Sylvan Caryatid, Shaman of Forgotten Ways, Whisperer of the Wilds just to name a few.

I personally might replace Overrun with Overwhelming Stampede, and maybe add in Fleetfeather Sandals and Ulvenwald Hydra!

I'll give you a +1!

Kaos_Kitty on Token Boost

6 days ago

Oh! For the trample part, Overrun, Overwhelming Stampede, and Primal Rage are all good cards.

Kaos_Kitty on G Treefolk

6 days ago

I built one here awhile back, you may want to check it out. ItsForbidden Forest(Treefolk Tribal) Thoughts? Also, I do recommend Dungrove Elder and Overwhelming Stampede.

Kaos_Kitty on Wolf Tribal

1 week ago

Wolfbriar Elemental is a great wolf support card that allows you to flood the field with wolves, Master of the Hunt allows for your wolves to act upon a pack mentality, Feed the Pack allows for your wolves to transform into even more wolves, Coat of Arms is almost a must for any tribal deck, plus with feed the pack, it makes all of your wolves significantly stronger. Throw in some mana ramp(Vernal Bloom works very well) and you are good to go! Overwhelming Stampede for the win!

Juanturnkill on Lawnmower Elves

1 week ago

Is it worth it to have Alpha Authority, Overwhelming Stampede and cards like those that's only target worth targeting is Primordial Hydra, which you are only running three of. You might consider a ramp style more like TeamLegolas, where you run multiple lords to buff elves and use Heritage Druid or Elvish Archdruid to ramp.

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Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander 2015 Rare
Modern Masters 2015 Edition Rare
Commander 2014 Rare
2011 Core Set Rare

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