Overwhelming Stampede

Overwhelming Stampede

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Until end of turn, creatures you control gain trample and get +X/+X, where X is the greatest power among creatures you control.

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Overwhelming Stampede Discussion

PayOneLife on Three-Colored Slivers in Commander?!?

18 hours ago

First up, Shared Animosity. You have WAY too many lands that come into play tapped. I usually limit myself to no more than 5, and you have 18 (I include evolving wilds etc., because the land you fetch comes into play tapped). Lands are generally expensive but you could grab Forbidden Orchard, Thran Quarry and City of Brass pretty cheaply. Also, you could drop 3 lands for Kodama's Reach, Cultivate and Yavimaya Elder and get some mana fix action going on. Explosive Vegetation isn't too shabby either. This way you could add a few more basics and the Sunpetal grove etc. suggested by the mighty Nayrash would probably come into play untapped. Chameleon Colossus is pretty badass (think Mayael's Aria - you can use the colossus' ability more than once in response to the upkeep trigger), as is the previously mentioned Mirror Entity. If you're wondering, mirror entity's ability is additional to any static abilities that might be pumping them up. So they really get big and gnarly. I also like Ward Sliver as a great defensive and offensive option, which works well with Chain reaction if you choose red. Magma Sliver is an awesome sliver too.

Titanic Ultimatum is a bit unwieldy for mine, I like Overwhelming Stampede better with all the +2/+0 action the deck has. Adaptive Automaton doesn't do enough, especially when compared to Mirror Entity. You have a bit of a swarm thing going on here so Bonehoard isn't great. Also, I don't see Ratchet Bomb doing much - the threats your opponents will play will have a cmc that's too high for it to make a difference. It might help you against tokens, but it's just too narrow for a maindeck card. Someone suggested dropping Chromatic Lantern, and I totally disagree. It's great and should stay. Keeper of Progenitus is pretty poor (creatures are easy to kill and its ability helps everybody) and should be replaced by something like Mirari's Wake.

Original idea overall, I like it!

Epicsnivy1116 on Xenagos, The Destroyer of all

2 days ago

Hey! :) xenagos is an extremely fun commander and it's awesome to see other players run it. Few things

Shaman of the Great Hunt is illegal in this deck. It has blue mana symbols in it.

Overwhelming Stampede is a lot better than Overrun In this deck

Cut most of the tap lands

Sisters of the Flame is pretty weak for its cost and what it does. Need mana dorks that tap for red Sylvan Caryatid and Birds of Paradise are amazing in my deck.

I also notice that you have a lot of high cmc creatures. While you do have a great ramp package, the prime cmc you want In this deck would be 3-6 anything over I would re consider.

I have to go but I will be back later with some more suggestions. Good luck and have fun

wisegreenbean on Allies, Assemble!

2 days ago

Changelings can be pretty great in any tribal. Chameleon Colossus, Shapesharer, Taurean Mauler are all very respectable options.

Frontier Bivouac should go in. I'd suggest more dual lands overall, and Kodama's Reach and Krosan Grip are great in most multicolored commander decks.

Why Magus of the Vineyard? There are other options: Birds of Paradise, Sylvan Caryatid, and Joraga Treespeaker are all quite nice, and don't help your opponents. Unless you want a group hug sort of thing?

As a final note: Insurrection and Overwhelming Stampede can win games out of nowhere for creature focused decks like yours.

SirFowler on 2015-05-23 update of The Best ...

4 days ago

Alrighty then :)

My last 2 suggestions would be Sylvan Caryatid over Quirion Elves/Boreal Druid and Overwhelming Stampede over Overrun.

That's pretty much all from me. And if it isn't, then I'm sorry. I just like to help as much as I can. :D

thedude678 on werewolfs

5 days ago

I love Wolfir Silverheart in this. Ever tried Overwhelming Stampede or Overrun?

griffstick on The Road Less Traveled By

1 week ago

Siege Behemoth can be a good finisher too. And yes i meant Overwhelming Stampede.

garrettlstewart on The Road Less Traveled By

1 week ago

I think he means Overwhelming Stampede, not forces...

garrettlstewart on Brock Lesnar

2 weeks ago

How does this deck not have a Lurking Predators? Just poop out creatures for free.

Also fitting is Frontier Siege which gives you in each main phase.

Concordant Crossroads give all your beasts haste.

Signal the Clans lets you tutor for a beast, or at least 1 of 3. It's a lot cheaper than most the other options like Genesis Wave.

Overwhelming Stampede would also do great here, kinda like a 'Hoof but without the built in creature.

Shamanic Revelation can give you some much needed card draw, and give you some life as well.

And I think a deck named Brock Lesnar needs the card Gratuitous Violence on name alone. Also doubling damage is pretty good.

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