Overwhelming Stampede

Overwhelming Stampede

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Until end of turn, creatures you control gain tample and get +X/+X, where X is the greatest power among creatures you control. (If a creature you control would assign enough damage to its blockers to destroy them, you may have it assign the rest of its damage to defending player or planeswalker.

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Overwhelming Stampede Discussion

DBCooper on Elf Aggro

2 days ago

Obelisk of Urd or Coat of Arms would help. or Overwhelming Stampede. might want more mana.


3 days ago

What do you think of Abzan Ascendancy? It buffs your dawgs up, and free Spirits. or Kin-Tree Invocation for a big thing. or Dryad Arbor, because it's Dryad Arbor. or Indomitable Ancients for ALL the lulz. or Tower Defense for an effective Overwhelming Stampede.

lemmingllama on Help in EDH

6 days ago

Throw in a couple flying hate cards, like Tornado Elemental. Also restrict his spells by playing cards like Eidolon of Rhetoric or Spirit of the Labyrinth, this way he can't create a drake army so quickly.

Also you could try to increase the efficiency of some cards, like turning Overrun into Overwhelming Stampede. It can help make your deck be a little bit more efficient.

LordAnimarOfSD on EDH: Edric weenies Deck

1 week ago

I mean edric is great. You can for sure make an edric deck on a budget. I'd say run an army of small utility creatures and unblockables. Like literally maybe creatures with 3 cmc or lower. Then run stuff like Overrun Overwhelming Stampede Ezuri, Renegade Leader and Craterhoof Behemoth just to name a few. When I finish my deckbuild for him I'll shoot it your way to show you. The most expensive stuff I'm running in it is around 5-8 bucks and it's not much

DominantEgg on Count Up Your Allies

2 weeks ago

Thanks for commenting jaromwest! Swordwise Centaur was proxied as Avatar of the Resolute, but that is in their database now so I changed it. I think you are right about the trample, but I think Overwhelming Stampede is too expensive, so I am going to try Tuskguard Captain instead.

jaromwest on Count Up Your Allies

2 weeks ago

I like this deck a lot but Swordwise Centaur doesn't make sense to me. Maybe another human like Unruly Mob or something that could give trample like Overwhelming Stampede.

arrow648 on Green Friday. (Cuz you get trampled... Get it?)

2 weeks ago

Or what do you think of Overwhelming Stampede. It's a pretty safe bet that I'll have a creature with power 3 or greater in play.

Aethaleon on Might of Karador

2 weeks ago

I swapped out a bunch of cards and now it's running better and I have different plays I can make now instead of infinite mana/win combo. I have a lot better card draw now and better ways for getting creatures out. I'm about to consider swapping out Overwhelming Stampede for something on the maybeboard or an Enlightened Tutor. Quest for Renewal has been an amazing card to get out quickly before I have access to my Seedborn Muse because it gets a lot of uses out of Yisan, the Wanderer Bard. If it gets destroyed, then I always have the Muse to fall back on.

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