Overwhelming Stampede

Overwhelming Stampede


Until end of turn, creatures you control gain trample and get +X/+X, where X is the greatest power among creatures you control.

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Overwhelming Stampede Discussion

PartyJ on Captain Sisay has the answers... (EDH / Commander)

2 days ago

Many games later I believe that the following cards are not the best choices for this build:

And now the cards for the next round of playtesting:

  • Swiftfoot Boots : This has been a coinflip between this card or an extra ramp card like Sakura-Tribe Elder. The haste as enpc has mentioned is something that could make more difference than the extra ramp.

  • Terminus : A better mass removal option being suggested. Now the playtest for the first results :-)

  • Ulamog, the Infinite Gyre : I removed a wincon and this wincon card has been suggested. Why not, the removal is something that will take place, even when countered xD

  • Seedborn Muse : Nice interaction with my commander and my new land. It's potent enough on it's own to deserve some playtesting.

  • Winding Canyons : I would like this to see in play when Orrery is leaving my build

The_Good_O on Tokens, would love some advice!

2 days ago

Craterhoof Behemoth if you have the cash. If not, Pathbreaker Ibex or Overwhelming Stampede works too. Again, if you can afford it Voice of Resurgence is amazing. Ajani, Mentor of Heroes is strong. An early game Luminarch Ascension can do work.

thearcherparadox on Endless Loops

3 days ago

Also, lifegain isn't really required to win and Horizon Chimera is kind of Mana intensive for a gamble. It doesn't pass the Lightning Bolt test.

This deck can draw a lot, so just draw a win condition instead. Since you already have big creatures, I would suggest something like:Overwhelming Stampede, Revenge of the Hunted, Sunbringer's Touch

Decks_On.Acid on Hail Hydra and the (Asmira) Avenger

6 days ago

Gift of Immortality is a really easy combo to work with. Birthing Pod, while not doing anything super degenerate in this deck, would really advance your field while simultaneously helping your general.

Seeing how this is a creature focused deck, having Craterhoof Behemoth, Overrun/Overwhelming Stampede, and/or Triumph of the Hordes will give you some easy game wins.

Finally, Darksteel Plate, Magebane Armor, and Regrowth for recursion/protection. The equipment on asmira and regrowth if you pod/engines die...

I would drop Dromoka, the Eternal (not enough dragons), Predator Ooze (not frightening enough without trample), and Oran-Rief Hydra (lacking), for any of the cards mentioned above. Nice deck :)

Holtzman on Xenagos' Party to Godhood

1 week ago

I agree with Lanzo493: Pathbreaker Ibex is auto include. I'd look at Overwhelming Stampede as well, one shot but it can come outa nowhere.

You definitely need some more Naturalize effects. Crawlspace, Silent Arbiter will hamper you greatly. Ensnaring Bridge will shut you down.

PartyJ on Captain Sisay has the answers... (EDH / Commander)

1 week ago

enpc : Thanks again :-)

The reason that I choose to keep Eight-and-a-Half-Tails is that he can also protect other permanents that could be vital in smashing my opponents. And he is also tutorable, while I have to 'hope' for Swiftfoot Boots to show himself.

I am also on the fence about which kind of wipe proves to be the best choice for this deck. I think you are right about the Armageddon and Terminus comparison.

I had some groundbreaking wins with Overwhelming Stampede recently with matchups that tended to be close. So I was very happy with this result.

What I do feel is that Vedalken Orrery is indeed too slow. I wasn't really experiencing any advantage. This has to go.

What I also experienced, is that the ramp is running very smoothly. In 9 of the 10 games I had a super ramp. Do you really believe that I need even more ramp? As I also experienced a few games where I would like to have a legendary 'card' for a situation I barely handled. Like in the range of 4 till 6 mana (midgame)

y0uthpast0r on Token of Grrr Attitude

1 week ago

I changed some of the mana ramp creatures to toughness four for more lifegain and to trigger angelic accord if possible.I now need to add some cheap trample. I have Humbler of Mortals (and 9 enchantments in the deck.) I have Overwhelming Stampede and Overrunbut those are one off. My options to buy are the Thunderfoot Baloth, Primal Rage, or Stampeding Elk Herd. I like primal rage in order to get my avg. mana cost down and have something to play early. But it happens to be the most expensive. Thunderfoot Baloth seems triple useful: he not only gives trample, he is also a creature, and he buffs all for the simple cost of having trostani on the field. What do you think?

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