This is an EDH Boggles Style Deck, i.e. play cheap Hexproof creature, throw enchantments on it to make it huge, draw cards and stomp face. Sigarda, Host of Herons comes in and gets enchanted to supply commander damage beatdowns. There are enchantments for removal, card draw, and recursion. I have tuned this deck towards an Enchantress style deck because card draw is sooo Important in this build, as it allows you to make a hexproof creature really big really quick, or dig for the answers you need!! There is always new sets coming out with cool new hexproof creatures, enchantments, and card draw options and as I like to see this as an Aggro deck for 1 on 1 matches, it still need to survive the long game/multiplayer game, so ..... As always, I would appreciate any suggestions or feedback anyone may have to offer, Thanks,and may the mana be with you!


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This is my most recent rendition of Sigarda/Hexproof/Enchantment/Aggro Beatdown. It can produce a commander damage victory quite swiftly if left unchecked or if the opponent is unprepared for a Hex-Proof stupid big creature with everything! I could definitely use some feedback if anyone has any thoughts or Ideas? I mostly play casual 2 to 3 players these daze, but I like to Win! so... Any advice would be appreciated! Thanks to all, have fun and may the mana be with you!

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