Knight of Autumn

Knight of Autumn

Creature — Dryad Knight

When Knight of Autumn enters the battlefield, choose one —

  • Put two +1/+1 counters on Knight of Autumn.
  • Destroy target artifact or enchantment.
  • You gain 4 life.
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Set Rarity
Guilds of Ravnica (GRN) Rare

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Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Highlander Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Standard Legal
Pioneer Legal
Arena Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Brawl Legal
Historic Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

Knight of Autumn occurrence in decks from the last year


All decks: 0.2%


All decks: 0.11%

Commander / EDH:

All decks: 0.02%

Knight of Autumn Discussion

PhoenixHDGaming on Mayael EDH

1 month ago

I would try and improve the pod chain from 2-6. I don't see too many creatures that you would like to pod into and pod away. I would also suggest some more land ramp. To reach both of these goals I would personally add some of these cards: Wood Elves Yavimaya Dryad Eternal Witness Karmic Guide Reclamation Sage Knight of Autumn Restoration Angel Felidar Guardian Eerie Interlude (To protect from Board Wipes, while also getting ETB triggers again) Ghostway (Same as Eerie Interlude) Kodama's Reach Cavalier of Thorns Vexing Shusher Selvala, Heart of the Wilds Natural Order Nature's Lore Green Sun's Zenith

Kelvin-escesare on Song of Storms **Primer**

2 months ago

Tutoring for Caterpillar is pretty clever. I think Knight of Autumn might be better since it's the same mana, can be fetched with Wish, and has additional modes. It's pretty costly though, because you'd need 3 additional mana to go off and you cant just wait until next turn (since you've discarded your hand or have to pay for Pact). Is there an easier way to use it?

Im not sure Kinnan is worth it since the deck doesnt have a mana problem. More importantly you need as many free spells as possible, and Kinnan adds 4 non free spells just like Spirit Guide. Secondly, SSG doesnt require another piece to produce mana. If we replaced with Kinnan, we lose (not exactly but you get what I mean) if we dont start the game with Kinnan.

ShadowAblaze on Aggro Enchantments

2 months ago

Well. Here's what I got on white.

Sigarda's Aid is terrific if you have a lot of auras. Ethereal Armor also gets better the more enchantments you have. Technically, there are 3 more enchantress cards: Satyr Enchanter, Verduran Enchantress, and Mesa Enchantress.

Alseid of Life's Bounty adds to the enchantments on the field and can be used to save a creature or get damage through. Hyena Umbra is good if they aren't running exile or -1/-1 effects. Pentarch Ward can be good as well. Shield of the Oversoul will make a Bogle indestructible. Privileged Position protects everything else.

Deafening Silence can slow down your opponents (Eidolon of Rhetoric and Rule of Law are a higher cmc versions) and Shapers' Sanctuary can at least let you draw. Ghostly Prison can be used against aggro decks.

If you were to run Snow-Covered lands for your basics, you could probably play On Thin Ice and maybe Dead of Winter for removal. Otherwise, Banishing Light and Oblivion Ring are strong.

You can sideboard Knight of Autumn, Rest in Peace, or Solemnity now. It is safer to sideboard Leyline of Sanctity as well.

Cards I didn't mention before: Rancor = Amazing, Unbridled Growth is mana fixing but not ramp like Utopia Sprawl. Hydra's Growth is strong but you have to slow them down a lot for it to work. Sixth Sense is card draw if you consistently hit.

In the end you can play whatever colors, I just think red offers the least and isn't necessary due to the hybrid mana of Obosh, the Preypiercer.

skrai on Fortified Scales

2 months ago

Swilliam I've actually considered Knight of Autumn before because of its flexibility, low mana cost, and aggressive stats, and I'll definitely keep it on my radar. I just worry that it would clash on the curve with Jadelight Ranger and I don't know if that's necessarily worth it. As for Gleam of Authority, I feel like it's more of a win more card. I used to run it in an older version of this deck, and it just ran slow and was often a dead card. As for High Sentinels of Arashin, I just think the cost and the activated ability feel more midrangey whereas this deck is lower on the curve. I cut Shalai, Voice of Plenty for a similar reason. Regardless, thanks for the comment and recommendations!

Swilliam on Fortified Scales

2 months ago

Knight of Autumn is solid in these colors. I am essentially running a mono-white version of this. Gleam of Authority and High Sentinels of Arashin are all-stars in that deck so they would probably work here as well.

TriusMalarky on I am tired of losing ...

2 months ago

This might be a bit late, but I hope it helps.

The list you posted earlier in the thread has 6 solid anti burn cards. I think the problem is less "not the right cards" and more "don't know how to use the cards".

There are 3 boxes to check if you want to beat burn:

1) 5+ life

2) Larger board state. Make sure they can't attack without losing creatures.

3) The burn player has an empty hand.

Then, once those three points are complete, you need to kill them ASAP.

You are Zoo. Point 2 and killing them shouldn't be very hard; they're built into your deck. Burn is actively emptying their hand, so it's just a matter of time. All you need are some pointers on 1.

Knight of Autumn and Kitchen Finks are sufficient. What you must do is resolve some early creatures.

Guide and Nacatl, as well as Pelt Collector are great for turn one.

Turn two, you should either use Bonecrusher Giant's Stomp to kill one of their creatures or flood the board even more. Don't attack yet.

Turn three, you want to resolve Knight or Finks. At this point, they should have played ~5 cards and be at ~2-3 cards in hand. If you followed the above instructions, you should be at 10+ life, as they've likely only player 2-3 actual burn spells and you didn't take more than 1-2 damage from creatures(if they went first). Also you should have gained 3-4 life. Alternatively, you can play Bonecrusher here if you Stomped something t2. Still don't attack quite yet, unless your board is 2+ creatures larger than theirs, which is possible with Emissary.

Turn 4: their hand should be essentially gone. If you've played it right, they can't get through your wall. This is where you start attacking. Leave 1-2 creatures on defense in case they attack, preferably the smaller ones like Knight, or leave Finks back because they will never attack into a Finks. It means game over if they kill Finks.

At turn 4, they've likely gotten themselves to 17 or less because of shocks, painlands etc. That extra free Bolt or more will help you when you go on the attack. Because you play Zoo, you should be able to kill them by turn 6. If all goes according to plan, you should end with 5+ life pretty easily.

If you do switch lists, adapt that basic synopsis for the new deck.

Also, here's a couple extra rules:

You want to go 1st 2/3 games, so it helps a lot to win g1. They have a huge advantage when going first. However, don't give up if you lose g1: The most they can do with their SB is have the full playset of Skullcrack. Path is no better against you than Bolt, and they run 18 removal that hurts you anyways.

They might be running Kor Firewalker or another anti-mirror card in their SB. Only about half your creatures are Red, so you can fight through it.

Vexing Devil is horrendous against burn. They will always take the damage. It's like saying "here, I'll just pay 1 mana to discard a card" most of the time. The damage won't matter til turns 4-6, and even then it's not worth it. Burn loves Devil being played against them.

Hope that helps.

Gakros on Nethroi Hulkweaver

3 months ago

SwiftDeath thanks for checking out my karador deck. This is my main deck for about 2 years now.And yeah Apprentice Necromancer and Wake the Dead where mind-blowing the first time i discovered them and tried them. they are realllyyyyy good with Entomb.
Sun Titan is on my swap radar but not for the immediate list.I use him as way to bring precious artifacts/enchantments back or as a bad way to ramp.
Blood Artist / Zulaport Cutthroat awlways felt non needed for me. Once i have a loop in place i can:
A.Acidic Slime to remove all lands
B.Knight of Autumn gain infinite life
C.Saffi Eriksdotter + Protean Hulk put all my creatures from my library into play.
D.Sun Titan /Renegade Rallier bring back a milled Altar of Dementia and mill everyone out.
and it doesn't matter what my opponents do.I have a loop if they play a land i will destroy it again,so my playgtoup knows. Once i declare i have an infinite loop we call it "GG" and go for the next game. So lifegain effects seems like wasted slots for me. I will look to your deck also. Keep in mind i play in near-competitive meta (no Mana Vault or other extremely expensive stuff) so besides having a really bad hand my deck does fairly well :)

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