Knight of Autumn


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Brawl Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Guilds of Ravnica (GRN) Rare

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Knight of Autumn

Creature — Dryad Knight

When Knight of Autumn enters the battlefield, choose one —

  • Put two +1/+1 counters on Knight of Autumn.
  • Destroy target artifact or enchantment.
  • You gain 4 life.
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Knight of Autumn Discussion

Metachemist on Order of the Jade Lotus [CHEAP & BRUTAL]

46 minutes ago

Knight of Autumn would be fantastic in this deck.

Melanthios on Elves of Ravnica

1 day ago

multimedia - so I took the previous iteration of this deck, without the Marches, and I know how powerful they are, and brought it to 1 FNM, 1 Saturday Showdown and a Sunday Clash (something we do where I'm at), and I went 4-0, 3-0, 4-0. The decks faced were U/R Infinity Storm, Selesnya Tokens, 2 variations of Golgari reanimator/undergrowth, Mono Red Runaway burn, Boros Angels, Boros Burn, Jeskai Control and I think 1 Esper control.

Most matchups, the easiest side out was the Loxodons, they can sometimes be clunky when you really want to powershift your way through the match up. My sideboard runs 2 Sorcerous Spyglass and 2 Shalai, Voice of Plenty and these proved to be back breaking for most control matchups. Lava Coil is a problem however, and Trostani Discordant proved life changing for Shalai's toughness. That being said, those are some impossibly nutty hands and often I lost my Shalai to a Coil.

Eventhough he's not an elf, I'm thinking that Benalish Marshal is a must have in the red matchups. isn't impossible to get on turn 3 with temple gardens and sunpetals, and to play a turn 2 Steely Boy then Turn 3 Benalish, or Pelt into Benalish is a pretty strong play.

Another often benched card was in fact Pelt Collector, as fast as this deck gets, there are times where you want Llanowar on 1, rather than Collector and he comes down if you have a consecutive play... however, he's a real easy target for Shock and Lightning Strike.

I found the +4 health from Knight of Autumn to be a real life saver in some of the midrange matchups. I also want to put Nullhide Ferox x1 back in my side and I think Carnage Tyrant x 1 for the u/r Counterburn deck. Assure//Assemble (dunno how to tag this) is a great card for Carnage especially with all the white boardwipes in standard right now.

Anyway, I like the previous iteration of the deck and I think the March version is good too, I don't have the marches, but I'll plan on winning some in the future to try this version out.

I still think we have a hard time vs. bant turbo fog and some variations of x/b and x/r can really put a dent in our running. Keep it up dude!

Also I might add, if your opponent cannot deal with an Elvish Clancaller, and you have 6 mana, your stuff gets out of hand real fast.

crusafix22 on Selesnya Midrange (Help Wanted!)

1 day ago

lords2001 thanks for giving me notice about the Prowling Serpopard and Heroic Intervention I have not played the last few sets so I was unaware of their rotation.

I find that Mentor of the Meek doesn't really fit my deack too well, Beast Whisperer only costs one additional mana and he has no bias against creature power/toughness and does not make me pay mana to benefit from creatures entering the field. I understand there is a huge difference between three and four drops but I do think that between my consistancy with land drops and ramp I should be ok to pay the additional mana. Especially as I really want my turn 2 with ramp or turn 3 to cast Steel Leaf Champion or Knight of Autumn.

As far as Carnage Tyrant vs.Nullhide Ferox I agree it with a lot of what you said. I will mention that a lot, and I mean a lot of people who particiapte in my FNM play control decks which is why I have him mainboarded at this point in time.

lords2001 on Selesnya Midrange (Help Wanted!)

1 day ago

Hey, I like your answers.

However Prowling Serpopard and Heroic Intervention have rotated and arent standard legal.

I would keep as many copies of Knight of Autumn as possible as it is a stone cold killer of a card.

Carnage Tyrant is a boss.

Card draw - There are options.

Mentor of the Meek is very, very solid. Especially if you bulk up your 1 drops slightly. I would recommend something like Legion's Landing  Flip as well to generate some tokens and give you some more resilience just in case you walk into a Settle the Wreckage or similar. Once flipped it is solid. Plus the body drop from Legions Landing means you can draw with Mentor of the meek.

I run 2 Legions landing, along with 4 Llanowar, 4 Pelt Collectors, 4 Kraul Harpooners and 2 Knight of Grace.

For card draw I also run 2x mainboar Ripjaw Raptors, as it simply requires removal or you can use it to redraw.

As for Seal Away - I run 4x mainboard as being instant speed makes it a lot better, though obviously it hits less than Conclave Tribunal.

I think your 4 drops are a little congested, but your mileage may vary.

Finally, I dont really run Conclave Tribunal - I run the seal away and Ixalan's Binding. I really dont want to be having to tap out my mana or creatures main phase to only hit one thing - so Ixalan's I find is superior in removing a threat.

Final sideboard tech - I run 2 Settle's main and 2 side, and 2 Shaper's Sanctuary against control matchups - that way every time they remove one of my creatures, I get card draw.

Ill agree to disagree about Ferrox - I find he is a big trap in games vs midrange or UB where they have access to other ways to remove him such as deathtouch or avoid via flying - I really only like him for control matchups along with my Carnage Tyrants but you may have different outcomes.

crusafix22 on Selesnya Midrange (Help Wanted!)

1 day ago

Second Update

Main Board


x1 Kraul Harpooner

x1 Knight of Autumn

x3 Assure / Assemble


x2 Beast Whisperer

x3Heroic Intervention



x3 Prey Upon

x3 Pause for Reflection

x3 Rallying Roar


x3 Prowling Serpopard

x1 Kraul Harpooner

x3 Settle the Wreckage

x2 Carnage Tyrant

Recognized that the deck's primary weaknesses were board wipe and blue counter control. Prowling Serpopard is a great counter to the blue control decks along with Carnage Tyrant. Settle the Wreckage helps deal with other green midrange decks, token decks, and aggro decks like Boros. Added Beast Whisperer to help against board wipes and games that go long so we don't find ourselves top decking every turn. Heroic Intervention replaces Assure / Assemble as Heroic Intervention is better than every way as we will not be using the assemble option very often as our Nullhide Ferox makes it difficult to afford.

ZorrosRage on Abzan Taxes

1 day ago

if your splashing green Knight of Autumn it a great new card.

Also how are you paying the black for Assassin's Trophy?

Stazeeee on Abzan Knights/Midrange Version 3.0

2 days ago

Well you have me kind of convinced that 2 Settle the Wreckage would be good main board.

R/W Angels will always be a tough match up b/c that deck is more or less designed to prey on low to the ground creature decks. Deafening Clarion wipes most of your creatures. On top of that they play Lightning Strike and Justice Strike mainboard. In the sideboard they run Settle the Wreckage to help games 2 and 3. They play near 20-ish creatures most of which are bombs so spot removal isn't usually enough. You need board wipes to get card advantage on them, or they will eventually draw into another potentially game winning creature once you're out of spot removal from going 1 for 1. Four of the non bombs are Adanto Vanguard which are also tough to deal with. Then there's Shalai, Voice of Plenty which you have to save spot removal for, else it makes your Settle the Wreckage unplayable. If you really analyze the R/W Angel deck you start to see how strong it is, and how few holes it really has in its plan. It will always do well in a creature meta, but will struggle if the meta shifts toward control. Your deck on the other hand will probably have better match ups against control then they will. So I predict that as certain control decks like Jeskai gain traction, RW angels will lose traction, and you will have to worry about it less.

With a deck like R/W angels I think your best bet is to run them into a good Settle the Wreckage so that you can gain some card advantage on them. Then lock them down once they are top decking. That's why I say 2 Settle the Wreckage might be good mainboard. It's also a good card against most meta decks right now including mono red and G/B.

So maybe you could try something like this for game 2 against RW Angels: -4 Kitesail Freebooter (its gonna die to either clarion or Lightning Strike then they get the card you took and use it no real advantage having it in), + 4 Duress (remember you're basically trying to wear down their hand and minimize interactions that aren't at least 1 for 1 or in your favor. So if you can hit a Deafening Clarion or at least spot removal its worth it). Probably -3 on planeswalkers (they will most likely be too slow and they have mostly fliers so pumping knights with ajani wont be great) for +2 Cleansing Nova +1 Vraska's Contempt. I'd even consider going -4 of one of your knights for +4 Ixalan's Binding. That maybe be a bit overboard, but think about it. If you can keep them from casting anymore of their big threats while taking whichever threat is on the board, that is 1 for 1 at the least maybe even up to 4 for 1 if they have more copies in hand or draw more during the course of the game. The only way they can answer Ixalan's Binding is with Conclave Tribunal and you have plenty of enchantment hate in your deck to win that arms race. So yeah I don't know if its a consistenly winnable match up even with this plan, but it gives you a decent chance. Ixalan's Binding is also a very difficult card for anything not running green or white to deal with (be ware of Assassin's Trophy, Knight of Autumn,Cleansing Nova, and Thrashing Brontodon).

Anyways sorry for the long post, but those are my thoughts on the matter. Hope some of it is useful :)

Stormforge_Mystic on Saheeli Evolution

3 days ago

I like it, pretty similar to my own version of the deck.

I have been thinking about Knight of Autumn, how has it been for you?

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