Hadana's Climb


Winged Temple of Orazca


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal

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Set Rarity
Rivals of Ixalan (RIX) Rare

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Hadana's Climb

Legendary Enchantment

At the beginning of combat on your turn, put a +1/+1 counter on target creature you control. Then if that creature has three or more +1/+1 counters on it, transform Hadana's Climb.

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Hadana's Climb Discussion

dom5513 on Snakes and Ladders

8 hours ago

mordeekin I don't think this deck generates enough energy to support Electrostatic Pummeler. Without Attune with Aether or Rogue Refiner I'd have to run cards like Servant of the Conduit and Bristling Hydra which don't add to the game plan of flipping a Hadana's Climb  Flip as fast as possible. Longtusk Cub definitely fits though, I'm going to make that change.

GalaxyCat on Diving into Merfolk

10 hours ago

What are you opinions of Hadana's Climb  Flip ? In my personal Merfolk deck Ive included it because I feel it has potential to end a game quickly and has synergy with the rest of my deck by giving +1/+1 counters.

Urrrdragon on RIX Standard Merfolk Tribal

1 day ago

I've been building a tribal deck around merfolk as well. This one looks pretty strong. Something interesting I just noticed, I haven't seen Hadana's Climb yet, and it dawned on me. Your deck could focus around just that card x4 to ensure an early draw (or if it gets nixed) and the card doesn't stipulate the counters have to be from the card itself. Therefore on the same turn it comes on the field a target could get its third +1/+1 counter, flip Hadana, turn 4, tap Hadana, a temporary 10/X with flying...and with Blossoming Defense played in the proper order, it could be even higher.

Odysseus_97 on Kumena will turn you into Simic Slaw

1 day ago


Thanks a lot for all the suggestions. Glad to hear you like it, and sounds really fun to combine some of your older decks into a new one, for me it is one of the funnier things to do to see some of your cards from older decks in a new theme :)

As you descripe, i do like to go wide with abilities myself, so i would rather not focus on one single theme. +1/+1 counters are nice and can buff my creatures and with Herald of Secret Streams they become unblockable. I do like the untap theme of the deck so i might use more of that if possible.

Steely Resolve/Kira, Great Glass-Spinner: Might be a little longer before i include these, since they are a bit pricy for me at the moment. But might test them out with proxies since my playgroup allow them :)

Aquitect's Will/Spreading Seas/Quicksilver Fountain: Might be something i decide to include, i didn't include them at first until i played the first version of the deck a couple of times since i have played a casual U/W merfolk deck that played with this theme. But it might be good to make the opponents playing non blue get some island to make more merfolk unblockable :)

Sage of Fables/Azami, Lady of Scrolls: Considered them, and decided not to include them, i have a lot of draw power already so i would rather include more merfolks than adding more utility creatures. I will also probably build a heavy control EDH deck at some point and think i would rather use Azami there if possible, but she is very powerful and she may be included at some point. With Sage of Fables i have a lot of draw power already. Paying mana and +1/+1 counters to draw cards seems to expensive, since the counters can be utilized for more damage and unblockable. And for the extra counters then Hardened Scales is just better at doing that for all my creatures getting more counters, since only 13/35 of my merfolks are wizards, and some of the wizards may be cut.

Bear Umbra/Nature's Will: Very good cards and can use them in many of my decks, will definently be looking into getting a copy of them since their price point is just a tad lower than Steely Resolve and Kira, Great Glass-Spinner.

Winter Orb/Meekstone/Back to Basics: I do have a copy of both Winter Orb and Meekstone and i will consider these after some playtesting against my meta and having figured out what cards may underperform :)

Xenograft/Arcane Adaptation: I did consider them, but i decided that without their combo parts they just would do enough of their own. I try to run as few non-merfolks as possible so in that regard they dont really do that much, and when i dont run Sage of Fables or Azami, Lady of Scrolls it would not work that well.

Equilibrium: Dont really see how powerful it is, you need to have a lot of creatures to make that work, and even though the card draw is very strong i think i would run out of gas pretty quickly. But i may just have to see it in action first.

Dramatic Reversal/Turnabout+Sigil Tracer: Well as long as you have the mana rocks for the effect to trigger but with only 4 cards making it possible to get the mana on a nonland untap it seems to need one more card to go infinite like Cryptolith Rite or 2 mana rocks where one has to be the Simic Signet.

I do want to add more counterspells myself, mostly because i want to get better at playing blue and because my meta do use a lot of board wipes :)

Thank you so much for your feedback, i have a lot of cards to consider now, and to make the deck stronger :) If you want some feedback on your decks let me know :)

BTW, with so many suggestions for add cards, do you have any thought on what to might cut? I have considered:

lornlynx on Ezuri - Tokens and Counters

1 day ago

@Cloob: I added Herald of Secret Streams which is a must have for Ezuri decks imo.

I thought about Growing Rites of Itlimoc  Flip but didn't add it in yet, it is not bad with Token strategy and could add some speed but I have no real clue what to remove as the cc is kinda where I otherwise have ramp or protection. A small issue is that it might not do anything for a few turns because most token creators are expensive, and it might put a too strong target on my head or just get removed too fast. Definitely worth a try though!

Also Rivals of Ixalan has a few spicy cards of which I am very excited about. I will definitely add Hadana's Climb, it is perfect for Ezuri. Path of Discovery could also be pretty good ramp with Tokens and flickers, but again in the 3cc slot. Other possible additions might be Jadelight Ranger for ramping and which is nice to flicker, Crafty Cutpurse which just sounds fun and I will try for certain, Release to the Wind which could serve as Flicker and pseudoprotection and with a far fetch mby Riverwise Augur for cardselection.

CpT_DiSNeYLaND on Standard Simic Merfolk

2 days ago

KaladeshFavorer Ghalta is there to close out games, as It'll likely only cost 3-4 mana.

Hadana's Climb is a contender, I really like it when i saw it during prerelease weekend, but currently the deck needs cuts, not additions

KaladeshFavorer on Standard Simic Merfolk

2 days ago

Ok Thanks. I didn't think of that, Smart. That's a good idea. Why a Ghalta? Also I would try and Mainboard the Hadana's Climbs

bomonro on Kumena's followers

3 days ago

Used this as my RIX Merfolk starting point deck, just built it on MTGO. Very fun. Only could afford one Kumena so I added 2 Hadana's Climb... which won me the game of my first match. Nice deck, +1

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