Power Conduit


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Mirrodin Uncommon

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Power Conduit


Tap, Remove a counter from a permanent you control: Choose one - Put a charge counter on target artifact; or put a +1/+1 counter on target creature.

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Power Conduit Discussion

Firebones675 on Scales aggro

1 week ago

Here are a few cards that might have a home in your deck: Kalonian Hydra, Power Conduit, Managorger Hydra

theHandOfDoom on Learning Math With Mutants

1 month ago

Thanks Lame_Duck. Damn, I thought I had checked all the mechanics, but I guess you're right. Evolve only triggers in such situations if the creature enters the battlefield with the counters on it. Like if they came from Master Biomancer. Oh well, Plaxcaster Frogling is still an awesome card in this deck.

Power Conduit might be a good option, I'll definitely consider it.

Lame_Duck on Learning Math With Mutants

1 month ago

You could try Power Conduit. It's kind of slow but it lets you do all sorts of counter moving shenanigans to maximise the number of evolve triggers you can get. Also, it effectively starts generating counters with a Hardened Scales out.

Regoober on Smörgåsbord

1 month ago

Energy Chamber and Power Conduit as fast ways to get charge on artifacts, especially if you use them up early and cant proliferate. Coalition Relic for more fixing: Works great w/ extra proliferate triggers like Thrummingbird (I like Astral Cornucopia, honestly. Four colors is hard esp with no splash). Spawning Pit is a good sac outlet for those pesky board sweepers and control magics. Consider a Gemstone Mine as well.

For Colored spells, Luminarch Ascension is good as long as you have your commander to stop people from trying to dink you early. More Level-up mechanics like Lighthouse Chronologist, Enclave Cryptologist, and Student of Warfare are cheap early and also take targeted removal away from your commander. Replace Spike Feeder with Spike Weaver for cheap, indefinite fogs. Hardened Scales for +1/+1 mechanics and Doubling Season for all your cool Planeswalkers. I was looking for something black to add, but could only settle on Pestilence Demon + Vigor as a fun way to pump and wipe opponents Pestilence Could work, too, but creatures are better for you. Maybe some graveyard recursion? Necromancy or Reanimate?

Love the flavor. Happy Feasting!

C0D3Dr4G0N on

2 months ago

Thank you for your advice! Power Conduit seems really good, especially with Fathom Mage and Simic Manipulator. I'll consider it. Not sure about Breath of Dreams though.

Ryhorn12 on

2 months ago

This is the kind of deck I'm working on putting together. Another thing you can take into consideration is Power Conduit and things with cumulative upkeep, because you can take the age counters they produce. Also, Breath of Dreams is a very targeted destruction of quite a few decks. You can blink your own permanents that you can't just remove the counters from.

DaddyRabbit78 on Minus and Plus Counters on ...

4 months ago

Do +1/+1 counters remove -1/-1 counters (and vice versa) or do they both stay on the creature and just cancel each other out?

Example: Say I have Rampaging Baloths in play. Rampaging blocks an attacking Razor Swine and gets two -1/-1 counters. This makes him 4/4 while he's still in play, even after the turn is over, right?

But, say I use Power Conduit, to remove one of the -1/-1 counters meaning he has only one -1/-1 counter left and now he's 5/5. I use Power Conduit's activated ability and put a +1/+1 counter on Rampaging Baloths. Questions:

Does the +1/+1 counter OFFSET the remaining -1/-1 counter and they both disappear leaving Rampaging at 6/6?

Does the +1/+1 REPLACE the remaining -1/-1 and he's now 7/7?

Or, do both counters remain side-by-side, but cancel each other out and he's still a 6/6 with two different types of counters on him? Then I can untap Power Conduit (with,say, the broken Teferi, Temporal Archmage), then tap it again to remove the other counter making Rampaging an 8/8?

I'm essentially wondering if I can use Power Conduit to make an infected creature stronger or just "heal" it.

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