Oketra's Last Mercy


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Standard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Hour of Devastation (HOU) Rare

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Oketra's Last Mercy


Your life total becomes equal to your starting life total. Lands you control don't untap during your next untap step.

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Oketra's Last Mercy Discussion

NuMetal on Lifeswap

1 month ago

Ich schreibe dir morgen (oder vielleicht heute Abend, welche Karten ich rausnehmen wrde und warum.

Jetzt scheie ich dich erstmal mit Karten zu, die mir noch dazu einfallen :D

Kram, der mit deiner Strategie zu tun hat (beinhaltet sowohl shit, als auch geile Sachen):Deepwood Ghoul, Ethereal Champion, Glorifier of Dusk, Greed, Hatred, Lurking Evil, Marrow Bats, Martyrs' Tomb, Mischievous Poltergeist, Necrologia, Plague of Vermin, Souldrinker, Tymna the Weaver, Underworld Connections, Yawgmoth's Bargain, Tree of Perdition, Ajani Goldmane, Ajani, Caller of the Pride, Arbiter of Knollridge, Beacon of Immortality, Celestial Mantle, Oketra's Last Mercy, Invincible Hymn, Serra Avatar, Storm Herd, Chalice of Life  Flip, Nightmare Lash, Phyrexian Processor, Well of Lost Dreams

Kram, der unabhngig von deiner Strategie gut ist:Soul of Innistrad, Grave Betrayal, Ogre Slumlord, Vengeful Pharaoh, Sudden Spoiling, Painful Quandary, Ophiomancer, Necropolis Regent, Dread, Murder, Royal Assassin, Silence the Believers, Ever After, Ghastly Conscription, Oblivion Ring, Banishing Light, Journey to Nowhere, Stasis Snare, Windborn Muse, Blind Obedience, Prison Term, Aura of Silence, Profound Journey, Comeuppance, Settle the Wreckage , Stalking Leonin, Swiftfoot Boots, Lightning Greaves

Bedenke auerdem, dass du nur 5 Karten haben darfst, die ber 2 Euro kosten und achte besonders beim Basteln auf deine Mana-Kurve (nicht zu viele teure Sachen).

xhuggels on Orzov Budget Treasures

1 month ago

Did some more play-testing. You have to find Start / Finish to deal with major threats, as it saves so much time. You chump, next turn you kill and you still have 1 chump blocker left. Added another copy of it. The other thing i saw was that the difference between a 1/1 and a 2/1 is colossal within the first 3 turns of play. by turn 3 Sacred Cat is relegated to a chump blocker with no means to actually trade. It also forces me to spend another manna on the next turn for the token, which is the same creature as the one Martyr of Dusk creates upon death. It seems faster, but if you dont drop Sacred Cat turn 1, it actually isn't, in fact it is sometimes slightly slower. I think as the deck is now it has an optimal early game.Another huge theme that keeps popping up against aggressive decks is the fact that if i dont draw Oketra's Last Mercy, i better hope my opponent has a sub-optimal draw because it saves this deck from a loss time and time again. I play-tested this against that merfolk deck and got properly stomped because i didnt draw into Oketra's Last Mercy and i missed 2 land drops. That is its other problem. I am running 11 4 manna spells, and granted, thats where the curve ends but still, there are so many of them if you miss a land-drop its worse than it is for any other deck i've ever run. Almost makes me wanna go to 24 lands, but i wouldn't know what to replace. I mean the odds that i miss a land drop while not finding any treasures to compensate is pretty small, but still. As to how i playtest against myself, my golden rule is to restart until the other deck has a good starting hand, while with the one i am testing i play with mulligans as i would in a real match. This gives a makeshift handy-cap to the deck i am testing against to make up for some bias.

xhuggels on Orzov Budget Treasures

1 month ago

Play-tested against GPG and that Rakdos pirate deck in that list. Both times Oketra's Last Mercy saved my butt, and both times Ixalan's Binding and Start / Finish played a huge role. in one of the games the Anointed Procession into Sacred Cat embalm worked nicely. In both games Ruthless Knave was focused down within 2 turns of landing, and in both games Torment of Hailfire turned the tide of the game. In the GPG game,i had enough stuff to focus down the GPG buffed Angel of Invention, and could chump the rest efficiently, which left me with...lots of treasures even without the Ruthless Knave. Both games ended on turn 13. The in the GPG game i put 26 manna behind Torment of Hailfire, leaving GPG with 3 life, no cards, no lands and 1 GPG buffed Champion of Wits, with only 1 Pitiless Plunderer on my side. I had the luck of exiling their first GPG buffed Angel of Invention with Ixalan's Binding after it hit me once. I think the key is knowing what ur up against. you gotta use Ixalan's Binding on the very largest threat in the deck. It definitely takes some gamesense and a good draw to play this. you cant just use your removal as freely as you can in other decks. As for removal, i think between Ixalan's Binding, Settle the Wreckage, Dusk / Dawn and Start / Finish, there is enough to deal with anything i cant block or chump. thats 9 spells total. Any more would start hurting what the deck wants to do. One might argue for 1 more Start / Finish as it does more than just kill though.

Argy on Orzov Budget Treasures

1 month ago

OK first playtest done.

Stompy Whompy Dinos has a lot of removal, and you only got two Settle the Wreckage in hand to deal with its big Creatures.

You needed much more removal. There might be extra in the Sideboard. I haven't played Game 2 yet.

After the first Settle the Wreckage came down the Opponent started to attack a bit more conservatively, rather than using everything. Which meant the second Settle the Wreckage wasn't as effective.

Their 12/12 with Trample came down and fought the only Ruthless Knave you got into hand all game, before it attacked for 13/13.

You did get a heap of Treasures out of it first, though, as you had Anointed Procession on the field at the same time.

Unfortunately no Torment of Hailfire came to hand.

The Opponent had a whole heap of other removal cards that picked away at your Creatures on the field.

You got the life back next go with Oketra's Last Mercy, but the 13/13 was too big and hit again.

Ruthless Knave NEEDS to be on the field. I would consider adding some Mastermind's Acquisition (or Diabolic Tutor) to the deck, to give you more chance of seeing it.

Fumigate gives you more flexibility as to when to board wipe your Opponent, and they can't play around it like they can with Settle the Wreckage. I would consider subbing it.

GeeksterPlays on Help With Protection Card Rules

1 month ago

Perhaps this will show more what I meant about running multiples and consistency of a deck:

Burn his creatures, destroy his enchantments, make yourself hexproof, gain life by burning creatures, reset your life total, wipe his board with wraths, and eventually win when you cast Approach of the Second Sun for the second time.

Not exactly a "classic" control shell, but vs. Goblins it'd do the job more often than not I reckon, and the numbers of each spell mean you have good odds of having whatever you need at any given time.

notorioez on U/W Auras

2 months ago

Thebiggalactus Thanks ! Not sure if I pissed people off, but a lot of them were scratching their head tho.. I did not use the Slither Blade because it is unblockable from itself, so putting auras on it and giving it flying for evasiveness doesn't really benefit. So I used creatures with stats like Lifelink, Indestructible, Loot effects, Hexproof. This deck beats the crap out of energy decks and the all-star to do that is Adanto Vanguard. If you can give it flying +1+1, it attacks in the air for 5 each turn. That's a 4 turn clock and shuts down ALL the removal in their deck. The Vanguard is a great combination with a flying 3/3 Sacred Cat or with Oketra's Last Mercy. All and all I just love this deck. It's my brew and that goes to show everyone that one can get far by not netdecking, but just by believing in the choices you make. So, mission accomplished.

VelvetVendetta on Control Zur

2 months ago

I recognize the problem with lifegain as it is something that troubled me before, but now my meta has evolved to be very combo-centric and my life totals ceased to be a problem.

If you find to be completely unreasonable to take daybreak coronate out, then include stasis to make the Zur vigilance lock, its a powerful tool to have and the main reason to use daybreak.

I've used Oketra's Last Mercy and Vault of the Archangel for a time, they're some solutions you could try to see how it works for you.

One last idea about the problem on lifetotals is to use Kor Haven to help mitigate the damage you suffer.

Afrobandgeek56 on Solar Improvisation

4 months ago

Thank you so much for taking the time to look at the deck and for the great suggestions!

I hadn't even thought of how well Oketra's Last Mercy might work as a sideboard card since I don't need that many lands with Inspiring Statuary.

I was thinking about throwing more counters in this to keep up with the artifact removal so definitely gonna throw in the Spell Pierce. Spell Swindle Seems like it would be soooo nice to actually pull off but not sure what I'd take out for it...

I definitely agree that Mechanized Production is slow and I agree that Overwhelming Splendor might be a better option for this deck since I could pull it off pretty fast. Tezzeret seems nice but not sure it's worth splashing another color for... might play around with that.

And how did I forget about Inventors' Fair? Thank you so much for the suggestions!!

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