Bower Passage


Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Avacyn Restored (AVR) Uncommon

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Bower Passage


Creatures you control can't be blocked by creatures with flying.

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Bower Passage Discussion

TheRedGoat on Ishai/Reyhan Partnered EDH

4 days ago

Everyone above seems to have some solid advice, but for myself I'm wondering why the split focus between +1/+1 counter synergies/hydras and "flying/bird tribal". Wouldn't it be better to exclude cards that are only good for one of those ideas, even if it is just to make room for the cards that support the strategy you're focusing on?

To give an example, if you only use a handful of actual flying creatures, and no ways to give your non-flyers flying, then a suggestion of Bower Passage is no good. Conversely, Gleam of Authority is not much help in a deck that plays a bunch of birds and hates on non-flyers, unless it was using +1/+1 counter specific ways of boosting those birds.

The_Spector_1 on Beware The Ur-Dragon!

1 week ago

Thank you TheTrampler, mr_lag, and Randomsome1 for the suggestions! Sorry I haven't been able to respond to peoples' comments lately, I've been really busy for the past 2 months. I've made some changes to the deck, and Bower Passage seems like a very fun and hypocritical card to incorporate into this deck =-P I just can't decide which card it should replace, though. Any ideas?

filkinsmark on Sarkhan Ur-broken

1 month ago

Hey! Cool idea! I made a similar deck Dragon Mastery and it's so much fun lol]-- love your inclusion of Bower Passage, I already added it to my list! Fist of Suns is great, but I play that in my Ramos, Dragon Engine list instead lol- but it is a great way to lessen the costs of some top end dragons! Quick question, do you really think Sarkhan the Mad is the best play if you're only going to have 2 PW's? I find I get ton's of advantage out of both Domri Rade and Xenagos, the Reveler. (Not to mention, I have far fewer creatures than you do, I focus more on trying to maintain card advantage since everything we play is so expensive! haha

Xanitsu on

1 month ago

I would invest in better dragon creatures if possible. You have some good ones but others can be replaced with just better dragons. I would take out Territorial Hellkite, Ryusei, the Falling Star, Dromoka, the Eternal, Scion of the Ur-Dragonand Broodmate Dragon to start. I would also keep Savage Ventmaw his mana ramp is crazy strong and worth it based on my results with the deck.

As far as board clears you only really need 1 or 2 spells then I use creatures to board whip for me repeatedly like Silumgar, the Drifting Death, Siege Dragon, Scourge of Kher Ridges, and Balefire Dragon. so you wouldnt really need Earthquake.

you can use enchantments to help your creatures attack more then giving them haste with like Bower Passage or protect you if you are playing too slow. All you are using your enchantments for are buffing, haste, draw, and to act as a kill spell. they can do so much more then that and some can be replaced with another card that does the same thing. I would take out Fervor, Fires of Yavimaya and Monastery Siege

I would add in more tutors other then Dragonstorm. there is Sarkhan's Triumph, Thalia's Lancers, Diabolic Tutor as cheap options.

Also you dont really need to pay mana to cheat dragons into play because most of the time they cost less or equal to the cards that cheat them in like Fist of Suns and Quicksilver Amulet, so adding Urza's Incubator would help reduce the cost of your dragons. Plus there are some enchantments and creatures that can sheat dragons into play for free. invest in those

I would run about 36 lands 33 just seems to little especially with how few ramp cards you are playing (if you cannot draw the mana how can you play your mana fixing cards, ramp spells are generally cheap to play and help a lot).

The Ur dragon is amazing you can put any permanent onto the battlefield that includes planeswalker. At the very least Sarkhan Unbroken is a must have. The other sarkhan's are good and same with nicol bolas, but you can run any planeswaker to do whatever you need it to do.

you have a solid base but it just needs a bit of work

Steelspike on Omnath land recycle

1 month ago

If flying is a big issue, try Bower Passage and/or Gravity Well

For making your stuff unblockable, try Familiar Ground and Gruul War Chant. You can get all four for less than a dollar total.

Randomsome1 on Beware The Ur-Dragon!

1 month ago

I'm working on an Ur Dragon deck too. You have a much better curve than mine, so I might steal some stuff from you if its in my budget =P

My only suggestions are: unless your mind is set on Venser's Journal, Thought Vessel might be better for this deck, and it would be really funny if you can fit in Bower Passage

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