Enter the Unknown


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Standard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Rivals of Ixalan (RIX) Uncommon

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Enter the Unknown


Target creature you control explores.

You may play an additional land this turn.

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Enter the Unknown Discussion

redbird97 on Selesnya Flicker

5 days ago

If you are going to run blue Cancel and Negate?Also green im a big fan of Enter the Unknown and Path of Discovery Exploring helps you work through your deck and adds +'s to your creatures. All of the suggestions I made are pretty cheap.

chox on Hallar , the Fireflethcer

1 week ago

Looks interesting... Maybe your collection is growing and you've yet to have acquired all the cards, but I'd definitely start with playing all the cards with kicker in the colors of Hallar. Consider a saproling sub-theme to stay cost-effective and create more synergy.

Here are some "Remove" suggestions Aesthir GliderGaea's ProtectorAdventurous ImpulseGhitu LavarunnerLlanowar EnvoyLlanowar ScoutMammoth SpiderPrimordial WurmYavimaya SapherdRun Amok

Here are some "Add" suggestions (DEFINITELY start with adding all the kicker and kicker-related cards!!) :Verix BladewingFight with Fire!!Goblin BarrageBloodstone Goblin

It seems like you are working with a budget, so I'll avoid suggesting things like Carnage Tyrant, because I think there are still cheap includes that increase the power/speed of this deck.

You might consider adding these SUPER budget cards. These will be better filler and combo with your +1/+1 counter theme:Arbor ArmamentCultivator's CaravanDurable HandicraftEnter the UnknownGrand Warlord RadhaLifecrafter's GiftMaulfist RevolutionaryNew HorizonsPath of DiscoveryRidgescale Tusker

redbird97 on Ghalta, Swift Hunger

1 week ago

Love the concept. I have a dino deck too. My only idea would be drop the enchantment and the instant. Let the dinosaurs explore with Enter the Unknown and Path of Discovery.Both are cheap and will be valuable as you give your creatures +1 +1's and work through your deck. The price is very cool.

Slate_Steel2 on Special Lil Guy's First Standard Deck

1 week ago

16 lands is far too few, you probably want to run along the lines of 20-24 in this deck. Also Old-Growth Dryads and Enter the Unknown are pretty terrible cards. I wouldnt recommend playing either. Youve got the right idea though. Keep tweaking it, play some games by yourself and see how the deck pans out.

DuBie15 on Green Fest

3 weeks ago

Deck looks super good, i think that Llanowar Scout, could be replaced with something better, and Wayward Swordtooth is strong, but 4 might be too many just because without the citys blessing it is not great. Also not too sure about Sylvan Awakeningas a 4 of, since it should just instantly win the game 4 seems like too many.

Cards for the mainboard that could be good are Merfolk Branchwalker, either drawing more land or being a big green creature for 2 mana is strong. Duskwatch Recruiter  Flip is good in any green creature deck because it draws cards at instant speed, and the flip side makes those creatures cheaper. Path of Discovery could be another good card advantage engine. Emperor's Vanguard could also fit the theme, finding lands and getting huge. Ranging Raptors can also get extra lands out of the deck. Adventurous Impulse and Enter the Unknown can both be great one drops as well. finding lands and creatures. I think the impulse is better overall as a turn one play but both are definitely reasonable.

SB cards. Thrashing Brontodon serves as removal and a threat which is great, and Broken Bond gets more lands out. Heroic Intervention could probably be a 2/2 split maind and sb.

Gattison on eyes2sky

3 weeks ago

in addition to Striped Riverwinder & Horror of the Broken Lands (if you have any), I also need 1x Scribe of the Mindful, 1x Enter the Unknown and 1x Tomb Robber, please

razelfark on U/G play lands

3 weeks ago

Interesting shell you have going here and I like a lot of what I see. Here are some ideas to tune the deck based on your current setup.

I think you may want to consider using Adventurous Impulse instead of Enter the Unknown. This way you don't have to rely on having a creature in play and can play it as a turn 1 card. It is also useful because of how few non-creature spells you run, meaning less chances to miss a card.

A card you may want to cut entirely is Curious Obsession. This card is only really good for decks that can avoid being blocked, like a flying heavy deck. Most your creatures are fairly easy to block and don't have trample to get over that issue. With the requirement that you must keep attacking or lose the enchantment means you are likely better off using something else.

As you don't have any one drops in deck, I highly recommend Llanowar Elves. By playing this turn 1, you could go into Wayward Swordtooth on turn two. It will also help casting other cards faster and can lead to you chain casting or playing bigger cards.

For your lands I would recommend using Evolving Wilds as the card will help get the mana color you need (yes I know tapped is slow), but also gives you two triggers from Tatyova, Benthic Druid if played in the later part of the game.

I understand in the description you said you wanted to try and make use of World Shaper, but I don't think he is helping this deck in any way. This creature function helps if you if were to put lands in your grave to get them back, but you don't really have anything that puts lands in your grave to take advantage of this. The deck design would want to start filling grave in the earlier part of the game with lands, not when you already have your big bombs out like Nezahal, Primal Tide. A better card in this slot would be something like Jadelight Ranger or cards that add lands to hand/play earlier based on your decks current layout.

If you still would like to run World Shaper then I would suggest either going 3 colors or cutting blue for red. The reason for the red is to make use of the cards that draw and discard so you can setup a combo with World Shaper bringing back lands that you discarded earlier and then casting the Sylvan Awakening for lethal. Another big reason for the red is so you can add something like Makeshift Munitions so you can force him into the grave for the trigger. For this red idea I would probably suggest a lot of different cards be used to the point it would be a different deck entirely.

Sorry for the long post if its troubling to read. Best of luck with the deck.

griffstick on Dinosaur Rampage

1 month ago

Note Steely Resolve is a nombo for lots of things you want to do. You might want to reconsider that card.

Huatli, Dinosaur Knight, Huatli, Radiant Champion, Pounce, Crash the Ramparts, Savage Stomp, Rile, Hunt the Weak, Enter the Unknown, Tilonalli's Crown, Kindred Boon, Majestic Heliopterus, Cacophodon, and lastly Spirit en-Dal all don't work if Steely Resolve is out and you choose dinosaur

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