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Ravnica Smash-Up EDH

Commander / EDH*


Azorius (37)

Boros (37)

Dimir (37)

Golgari (37)

Gruul (37)

Izzet (37)

Orzhov (37)

Rakdos (37)

Selesnya (37)

Simic (37)

Commanders (10)


An Smash-Up inspired experience for a playgroup of 5 players.

Each player gets two of the ten guilds of Ravnica to smash together and have a Commander deck, playing for the title and role of the newest Living Guildpact.

Each Guild Leader will have, for this variant, "Partners with..." the other Guild Leader its paired with.

I am trying to keep the 'feel' of Ravnica so some cards cannot be included (think Therosian Gods or other heavily planar themed cards); but things that show up in non-Ravnican sets can be if they FEEL like they'd fit in their respective Guild.

Each deck will also contain 6x of each Basic Land type that the Guild needs.


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This deck is Commander / EDH legal.

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