Deputy of Detention


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Custom Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Arena Legal
Standard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Brawl Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Ravnica Allegiance (RNA) Rare

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Deputy of Detention

Creature — Vedalken Wizard

When Deputy of Detention enters the battlefield, exile target nonland permanent controls and all other nonland permanents that player controls with the same name as that permanent until Deputy of Detention leaves the battlefield.

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Deputy of Detention Discussion

Wolfpig on Please don't attack. I want peace.

3 days ago

Love the Deck, here are some fun and cheap suggestions that may help you out!

Wall of Denial / Vapor Snag / Celestial Flare / Elite Arcanist / Righteousness / Spell Snare / Godhead of Awe / Silence / Detention Sphere / Journey to Nowhere / Preordain / Jace, the Living Guildpact / Deputy of Detention / Invocation of Saint Traft / Unsettled Mariner / Oblivion Ring /

These are all great budget options that can replace a lot of your cards that already do the same, but for a higher cost. these kind of decks its vital to stall till you can drop bombs for a win. Good looking deck, hope it helps!

RZKS on Emry’s Superfiends

1 week ago

Yes, indeed. But it's not as reliable (albeit having a lower cmc), as it only deals with the tokens. Deputy of Detention could be a better solution: it would remove all the tokens, and it would also deal with other threats no matter their CMC. The only problem is the fact that you'll need to keep him alive to prevent the removed permanents from returning to the game. The fact that it deals not only with creatures, but any permanent, is a plus, as it can also deal with planeswalkers, enchantments and artifacts, things that you have no means to deal with right now.

9-lives on Esper Magii of Hypnagogia

1 month ago

Sphinx of Foresight is a good damage dealer. I'm depending upon my Deputy of Detention to take down cards that are meddlesome. I have Senate Guildmage for the life and draw advantage, but should I keep them for that or use other fliers for more damage dealing? IF I have more than 1 of Senate Guildmage tapping for health and drawing power would be great, however. I'm also using Revitalize for the same reason! What should I do? Get rid of my Senate Guildmage and add in some flying power? Or is the adding life points and drawing power better?

SP3CTR3_chelts on Esper Magii of Hypnagogia

1 month ago

id agree heavily with shadow63 with the addition that if you were set on blue white make it a mainly small white knights deck and splash blue for Deputy of Detention and Dovin's Veto (not absorb). this would be a play on white blue wennies. but for this all of your creatures are going to be replaced except Benalish Marshal

(FYI. 4 counterspells and 2 teferis does not make a "controll deck" most decks should be running this much interaction)

ToolmasterOfBrainerd on Upcoming B&R Announcement

1 month ago

Metroid_Hybrid I play Esper Delver Blade in Legacy, so I know my way around a Stoneforge Mystic. I do not think that Stoneforge Mystic would be cancer in modern at all. Blade decks are not oppressive in legacy.

As for stoneblade in legacy, the deck is tier 2 or 3. It is not oppressive in the least. Wrenn and Six + Wasteland is what oppression looks like. And the majority of cards in a stoneblade deck are actually not modern legal. Here is a sample list.. Of 40 nonland cards in the main deck, 14 are legal in modern. If I'm counting correctly, literally less than half.

But the tier level of a legacy deck is a very bad metric for modern power level. I think it's okay in modern because modern is a completely different format. I am absolutely comparing format dynamics; card power levels mean nothing without format context. Looking around, I'm struggling to see what modern deck can't beat a Batterskull . Burn can Searing Blaze your Stoneforge, which is awful for the stoneforge player. Hardcasting Batterskull on turn 5 is not good against burn. And if you do jam through a Batterskull, legacy burn players already know how to sideboard in Smash to Smithereens . I think even modern players can figure out how to do that. Jund has Kolaghan's Command . And Tarmogoyf is bigger than Batterskull . And Thoughtseize is so good vs Stoneforge. And they don't care about you gaining life, so Batterskull is just a 4/4 to them. When you play against Tron, stoneforge is slow. Attacking turn 4 with a 4/4 and a 1/2 is not a winning strategy. Mono-R Phoenix is in about the same position as Burn. Whirza doesn't care. E-tron plays bigger creatures, and can use Thought-Knot Seer to take your Batterskull away after you tutor it if it's that big of a deal. UR Pheonix flies over it or bounces your germ token. Or Flame Slash es your germ token. Gaining 4 life is nice against Phoenix decks, but connecting will be difficult. And even Humans can easily beat a Batterskull. They can go bigger with Thalia's Lieutenant or remove your token with Reflector Mage or Deputy of Detention .

Of course I know that Stoneforge Mystic will be a good card in some of those matchups. And I know that half the time you'll grab Sword of Feast and Famine instead of Batterskull . My point is that modern has the tools to deal with Stoneforge. It will not be oppressive on its own; it needs the support of a good deck to back it up. UW Stoneblade in legacy is a good deck because of True-Name Nemesis , not Stoneforge.

To address the case of a potential unban, I agree that WOTC will probably not unban it unless there is an upcoming reprint set. Some people may accuse WOTC for taking advantage of a money-grab, but consider the alternative: Stoneforge Mystic spikes to being a $100 card and the barrier to enter modern is even higher than usual. And without a reprint it will stay at $100 for awhile. This is not a reality you want. Having a reprint right after an unban is what players should want for the sake of card accessibility.

austintayshus on The gas station caught on fire!

2 months ago

Sadly, I don't think there is a standard legal card with Ixalan's Binding second ability. I think your best replacement would be Deputy of Detention or Prison Realm , but then again I don't play standard much.

spyder1569 on Flicker For The Win

2 months ago

Thank you for the comment wallisface!

I have definitely thought about Deputy of Detention and I do still consider it a good option. This is why I have it in my maybe board. However, right now the way I'm playing the deck to stay on the controlling front is to use the Reflector Mage or Flickerwisp to bounce creature threats back to their hand and then either Meddling Mage or Thought-Knot Seer to try and remove the threat. I'm not sure if that's overall a better solution than the Deputy in the long run. I just don't like that they get their threat I'm trying to remove back if they have an interaction spell for the Deputy. The mage can try to remove the threat directly, but that isn't always helpful, so at least this route the mage is a second layer. If you have suggestions on where you could see this fitting in the deck over another card, and why, I'm all ears.

As far as Spell Queller it isn't a card I had considered before. It I can definitely see some potential for. The opponent interaction is the biggest challenge for this deck. But with this comes a change to the deck and that's the tough part. I'm definitely going to try to fit this card in somehow, but you have have any suggestions what to replace that would also be welcome.

wallisface on Flicker For The Win

2 months ago

Have you thought about including more creatures that benefit from re-entering the battlefield? Stuff like Deputy of Detention and Spell Queller ??

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Deputy of Detention occurrence in decks from the last year


All decks: 0.3%


All decks: 0.07%

Commander / EDH:

All decks: 0.0%