Blaze Commando

Creature — Minotaur Soldier

Whenever an instant or sorcery spell you control deals damage, put two 1/1 red and white Soldier creature tokens with haste onto the battlefield.

Barbarian_Sun_Pope on Modern Midrange Mardu Minotaur

2 years ago

You can cheat playing Deathbellow War Cry with Wildfire Eternal or Galvanoth + scry tactics. You can replay it later for little less with Sins of the Past. That being said, I'm not entirely sure that all the targets in the deck are worth it, particularly Firesong and Sunspeaker and Blaze Commando because I there doesn't seem to be enough burn from instants and sorceries to fully take advantage of them. Perhaps you can replace them with more copies of Boros Reckoner, Taurean Mauler, or Graveshifter? Hope this helps.

Kjartan on Modern Midrange Mardu Minotaur

2 years ago


I feel like you're certainly not playing to your tribe's strengths trying to play it as a combo list... I mean, there isn't really even a true combo you can set up with Deathbellow War Cry. All you can really do is make some valuable board-states.

Minotaurs' biggest strength is their aggressiveness.

Cards like Firesong and Sunspeaker and Blaze Commando are really clunky, and not super consistent with so few cards to trigger them.

I would definitely try going on an aggressive route if I were you. Neheb, the Worthy is a decent card, but it needs a low to the ground, beatdown oriented shell. That way you could even drop white entirely if you wanted to.

But hey, try the deck you want, see how it works for you. I'll promise you, you can make a better aggro deck with this, but best deck doesn't always equate most enjoyment.

As for your Fetch/curve questions:

Modern's Curve varies a lot from deck to deck, but a midrange list without ramp, (which I feel this qualifies as,) will usually have an average CMC of something in the ballpark of 2,2 to 2,7 - split over a lot of 1-2 drops, a decent amount of 3 drops, and very few 4+ drops. But that is really just a rule of thumb. Decks differ a lot, but the meta is having a lower curve than standard and placing some on your late-game potential on cards that also does things in the early/mid-game.

Fetch-lands are the best way to build a 3+ colored mana-base for almost any deck. But they are not really essential outside a few select decks that really try to abuse them. But they are usually the best way to go if you're playing a lot of colors.

In 2 colored decks, there is a debate to be had. Most people agree that they are often the best lands there too, though their advantage may be quite a bit smaller this time around. But with only 2 colors to look for, your deck archetype will definitely have a bigger influence over whether or not you should play them than when you're playing more colors and need the fixing a lot.

nathanl69 on Boros Fun Stuff

2 years ago

Blaze Commando is overcosted for that effect, could use another feather for consistency's sake and some more dual lands to be able to cast all those one drops in the same turn.

TheBloopKing on Pauper EDH suggestion

3 years ago

The decision to put the uncommon walkers, actually made the format a bit more fun to play. Some planeswalkers (I'll admit) up the playing level of the format. But most don't

Jiang Yanggu, Wildcrafter can add a new mono green commander. But mono green already has Bellowing Tanglewurm , and Imperious Perfect

Kasmina, Enigmatic Mentor adds a semi-viable mono blue commander. Viral Drake is the better one

Guys like Vizkopa Guildmage , Blaze Commando , Knotvine Mystic have been tested against and still win games.

I think our play group is gonna continue with the uncommon walkers as they didn't ruin the format, didnt make already made commanders un-viable, and gave us a bunch of new commanders to test.

Harkus959 on Tajic, Legion's Edge

3 years ago

Nevermind, a bit of research on Blaze Commando has shown it only triggers once per spell, not per thing being damaged, so that wonderful overlap doesn't exist.

hotschmalz on Firesong (13.10.18)

3 years ago

Also find room for Righteous Confluence Fiery Confluence Rune-Tail, Kitsune Ascendant Blaze Commando Radiate Jaya Ballard Braid of Fire Dictate of the Twin Gods Runechanter's Pike Dualcaster Mage Dual Casting Reiterate

Agent_Fire on

3 years ago

Where would Blaze Commando be on this list?

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