Coiling Oracle

Coiling Oracle

Creature — Snake Elf Druid

When this enters the battlefield, reveal the top card of your library. If it's a land card, put it onto the battlefield. Otherwise, put that card into your hand.

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Coiling Oracle Discussion

Lanzo493 on Tasigur cEDH Advice

1 month ago

The weaker cards I would say are Coiling Oracle, Spellskite, Vendilion Clique, Vendetta, and Spell Snare. That's just what I say, but only testing can tell. The spells themselves seem especially narrow, but the creatures could be useful with Deadeye Navigator. It seems you have a bit of a creature recursion subtheme, but rather than cards that bring them back to hand, cards that directly reanimate the creature would be more useful. They could help you avoid the high mana cost of Deadeye Navigator.

multimedia on Aesi rush

2 months ago

Hey, I'm sorry, but I don't see many changes that reflect why you're using Aesi as Commander. Path of Discovery is the right idea since little creatures can potentially reveal a land with explore. It looks like you've added a +1/+1 counter strategy to make all the little creatures better which is fine, but why this theme with Aesi? The main strategies here don't benefit Aesi or get enough benefits from other cards for Aesi to be Commander.

Currently your strategy is to develop a creature board presence early with little creatures, but with Aesi instead of creatures early you want lands or other mana sources. This is called ramp and ramp will help to cast six mana Aesi faster. Then after you control Aesi the more lands you get onto the battlefield during a turn the more draw you get. Once you control Aesi little creatures aren't doing enough instead you want to cast spells that get you more lands or higher power creatures/spells that cost more mana to utilize all the lands you have and mana you can make. Your main goal should to be to get Aesi onto the battlefield which little unblockable and deathtouch creatures aren't helping with.

Sol Ring is an example of a one drop that's going to do more with Aesi as Commander than Sedge Scorpion . Sol is ramp, is considered the best card in Commander and it's excellent when your Commander has a higher mana cost.

You can get lands from little creatures who have more interaction with Aesi: Sakura-Tribe Elder and Coiling Oracle . Who can be cast early for ramp or later in the game and still have interaction with Aesi because they can or potentially can put a land onto the battlefield. Sakura-Tribe Scout and Llanowar Scout are little creatures who let you put a land from your hand onto the battlefield. This effect can be repeatable and done at any point of the game at instant speed to trigger Aesi during an opponent's turn.

Tireless Provisioner is an example of ramp that's a creature who has interaction with lands to create treasures which can be saced to make mana. As a three drop it would do more with Aesi then Vedalken Infiltrator . The nice thing about treasures as ramp is they don't go away until you use them letting you store up a lot of mana for a big turn.

Rampaging Baloths is an example of a higher power creature to spend mana from ramp on that can do more with Aesi as Commander than Oko, the Trickster . When you control Rampaging then it can create an army just by playing lands which has good interaction with Aesi by getting lands onto the battlefield.

In multiplayer Commander where each opponent starts with 40 life then it's difficult to do much damage early game with attacking little creatures. This is why I suggested Edric, Spymaster of Trest because then attacking has another purpose then just doing damage and that other purpose is drawing cards. You see with Edric you don't care about how much damage you do early game with little creatures all you want is to have your creatures do damage to opponents to draw cards.

Unblockable and deathtouch really help since these creatures are not going to be blocked by an opponent because they're not enough of a threat for an opponent to worry about, but this is what you want since then you're drawing cards. The drawing of cards because of little creatures positions you to have a lead in the game which makes it worth it to play many little creatures especially one drops to attack.

LeonSpires on Kruphix Lands Matter *Primer*

2 months ago


Thank you for the compliment. I have had a lot of fun altering the cards. Right now things are busy for me. I hope I can get back to altering more of them soon.


Yes if you were to make this list more competitive switch Counterspell for Mana Drain and Voidslime (although being able to counter an activated ability did win me a game one time) for Force of Will and cut a land to add Mana Crypt . Also if your meta is artifact heavy Collector Ouphe and Null Rod should find a place in this deck.

Uro, Titan of Nature's Wrath is run because he is repeatable card draw, life gain, and landfall. Which fits everything the deck is trying to do. He replaced Coiling Oracle which I think is a strict upgrade. As newer cards get printed he is something I would consider cutting if the newer cards synergize with the deck more then he does.

dsdude3021 on Slithering Succotash!

3 months ago


Wow, someone actually commented on this deck. Thanks for the advice man. I few things I have to note.

There is a reason I am not including other 1 or 2 drops other than snakes. They would be countered by Chalice of the Void if I play it. I thought Prowling Serpopard may be redundant because I have Cavern of Souls that already give my snakes uncounterable. I used to have counterspells in this deck before I ended up sticking to the Chalice, perhaps I may go full on control?

While wierd in concept, this deck is mostly a Deadeye Navigator deck, but with snakes. I may remove Deadeye Navigator entirely if I come up with a new strategy, but right now Deadeye Navigator is the end game. I am not sure that the expensive snake lords mentioned is a better alternative, but I will consider it.The idea now is to use Deadeye Navigator with Mystic Snake, so I can counter any spell for 2. Not the greatest combo, but that's why its jank. The fact that Deadeye Navigator is the end-game is why most snakes are ETB creatures, as otherwise Deadeye Navigator's only purpose would Mystic Snake. Snakes are good for landfall and ETB so far, so I thought an ETB based midrange deck would be perfect. I am scared of cards like Strict Proctor

The only ''snake'' tribal is this deck is mostly just Cavern of Souls with Chalice of the Void. The three tibal snake cards are not really lords and are kind of expensive mana value wise. Perhaps I remove Deadeye Navigator and try a different endgame plan? Snakes don't have much going for them for lords, so I don't think aggro is much of an alternative.

Sakura-Tribe Elder, may not be the best creature, but he is one of the best modern ramp spells, working well with Lotus Cobra. Also, possibly Coiling Oracle, but I wouldn't count on it. If anything,Tireless Tracker does sound snazzy. Investigate deck???????

Lol, no love for Guardian Gladewalker. Honestly, its not great. Its just a two drop snake with an ETB effect that I could eventually spam with Deadeye Navigator. It may also allow buff up my fliers to do more damage, while serving as a block body. Maybe I'll replace it with Tireless Tracker...

Frosto on Koma, Koma, Komaleon

4 months ago

Breeding Pool would be better that thornwood falls or simic guildgate. Coiling Oracle could help with ramp.

Tzefick on Resurgent Growth

4 months ago

Mtg_Mega_Nerds If you want to post pictures in a thread - like your mtg.designs - you can ask a moderator for the profile permission.

I know Caerwyn have been a moderator. Maybe you can ask them.

As for the card itself, I think the Coiling Oracle effect on an instant is a bit much. Instant ramp/draw is a wet dream for blue, as you can keep your mana open for answers and then if not necessary, you can potentially get some ramp or a cantrip. This removes the need for decision making on whether or not to advance your own board or keep open for answers.

Divination is one of blue's most basic draw spells and it is sorcery speed, because you need to make a choice between keeping up the defenses or advance your options. Now Divination does provide card advantage and not just a cantrip, but the Coiling Oracle effect does provide the chance for incidental ramp, so it cannot be viewed as just a cantrip. The alternative would be to increase the CMC of this card to feasibly grant it the instant speed, which makes the Snakeskin Veil mode very inefficient.

Snakeskin Veil however needs to be instant speed so it can function as a protective measure against removal or it loses a lot of its function.

The two modes are at odds with each other. I would advice to find another pairing of effects.

Mtg_Mega_Nerds on Resurgent Growth

4 months ago

Combining Snakeskin Veil and Coiling Oracle for an awesome simic card in commander. Resurgent Growth

Puny902Eff on Canlander High Tide

6 months ago

Hi, I was wondering why you are playing Risen Reef but not Coiling Oracle .

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