Creatures can't attack you unless their controller pays for each creature he or she controls that's attacking you.

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Propaganda Discussion

ImrahilAmrothia on Atraxa's Fiendish Friends

6 hours ago

As a fellow superfriends player, you might want to consider substituting Propaganda and Ghostly Prison for Sphere of Safety . The former give you protection, but they don't help your planeswalkers if your opponent wants to swing at them.

DemonDragonJ on The Mind is a Terrible Thing to Raze

1 day ago

I admit that I am not certain about Propaganda or Scroll Rack , but I shall keep them in the deck, for the present time, to see how they function.

Also, do I need to have both Time Reversal and Echo of Eons in this deck? Should I replace the former with Time Warp ?

Doombeard1984 on The Collective

5 days ago


What about Sedge Sliver . Stops the awkward situation of having Crystalline Sliver and Crypt Sliver out and realising you cant regenerate your guys, and you also get +1/+1 on all your Slivs if you have a swamp.

Also, I see you are running Spiteful Sliver . So If someone is running some kind of Taxes/Pillow fort deck (think cards like Ghostly Prison , Propaganda etc), then Blasphemous Act can be a way of ending games without having to attack, and usually at the simple cost of . If you have Sliver Hivelord out as well this is especially fun as you get to keep your horde due to the Indestructibility.

Caerwyn on None

1 week ago

Stopped colder than a mackerel. (From the beginning of Jefferson Smith’s speech in Mr. Smith Goes to Washington). The basic theme would be support for prison cards, which tend to be quite popular.

  1. Azors elecutors
  2. Ensnaring Bridge (mechanically appropriate; you’d need some art to lean into the filibuster part. Also provides a high-value card)
  3. Monologue Tax
  4. Meddling Mage
  5. Propaganda

I'll note that your opening post quite literally invited players to make traditionally "correct" (boring) custom Secret Lairs--you implored players to be more creative, but you did not necessitate them doing so. I'll also note that, of the two responses you received causing you to say "This community sucks", one was the exact type of answer you were looking for.

Besides, if you were going to make a "FFS" example, you could do better than five copies of a RL card.


1 week ago

Nice to see more Locust Gods there! :D

Love to see other people ideas on this peculiar commander.nI also play him since Hour of Devastation, very fun and powerful! (Here's my deck: "FOCUS THE LOCUST", hope it help you!).

Things I recommend you, drawn from my own experience:

Jeska's Will will give you explosive turns pretty fast, specially if you have the Locust God in play.

Mana Geyser usually wins games indirectly, it wil give you enough mana to play enough cards to draw lots of cards, do an explosive big spell, or jsut assemble a combo.

Underworld Breach , Past in Flames and Finale of Promise (also Mizzix's Mastery , I don't personally play it but can also do the job) those spells will abuse of all the sorceries and instants you put in your graveyard through dicard / wheel / play to do very destructive plays.

Goblin Bombardment is a key card in this deck: It will help you to use your Locusts to shoot at key enemy creatures, to burn players protected by cards like Ghostly Prison , Propaganda or just repetitive fogs ( Spore Frog , Constant Mists , or it just can save your Locust God from being mind controlled, or disabled by some kind of enchantment. It can also be used as a punishment to enemy boardwipes, sacrificing all your board to do damage before the mass removal.

Trinket Mage may look out of place but it will tutor you for key cards like Skullclamp, Sol ring, etc.

CBaldy on Big Niv the Drawin Wiz

1 week ago

Also, this is a personal play style choice, but I don’t like cards like Propaganda . Cards like that feel like “stop me from losing” cards, not cards that help you win. I think it could be cut for a piece of removal or a boardwipe pretty easily.

libraryjoy on More Cards

2 weeks ago

Mono-blue counterspell is not a great option for multiplayer, simply because it lacks the resources to "counter" spells by multiple opponents. If you want to build a multiplayer deck, focus on strategies that affect all opponents, like Propaganda . You may want to use blue in conjunction with another color to get benefits from that as well. My suggestion when you want to build a deck is find a card you want to use. A card you think would allow you to win the game. In mono-blue, maybe something like a Kraken or Sphinx, or a specific enchantment, like Favorable Winds . Then look for cards around that strategy. If you want to use Kefnet as your central strategy, you would focus hard on card draw and making sure you have unlimited hand size. In that instance, you may also want to include cards that punish your opponents when you draw a card, like Keranos, God of Storms , Niv-Mizzet, Parun , Niv-Mizzet, the Firemind , Thundering Djinn , or Psychosis Crawler .

Sozumaki on Anowon’s Thieves Guild Co.

2 weeks ago

Hey there cmilner, I went with Icon of Ancestry as an available alternative for now as I don't own Herald's Horn . I'll see how that works out and adjust from there! I'm planning on switching Plague Wind with Cyclonic Rift for sure. I'm considering cards like Confounding Conundrum and Propaganda . Slowing down opponent's strategies in a tempo deck seems like a great approach. What do you think? Thank you for the suggestions, I've also checked your deck. I found it very helpful and interesting. I'm considering some cards from yours to add and help adjust my own deck! :) Kind regards, Sozumaki

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