Golgari Rot Farm

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Highlander Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Pauper Legal
Pauper Duel Commander Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Vintage Legal
Casual Legal
Custom Legal
Quest Magic Legal

Golgari Rot Farm


Golgari Rot Farm enters the battlefield tapped.

When Golgari Rot Farm enters the battlefield, return a land you control to its owner's hand.

: Gain .

DreadKhan on Cheap dragon

4 months ago

Yeah, 21 is quite low by competitive standards even, where people often have an average MV of spells of 2 or less, and they usually care about hitting 1 or 2 lands. Like I mentioned above, you should probably be running quite a few more lands, for a 5 colour deck I'd 15-20 lands that can make Green mana, and aim for less of the other colours, because as long as you have Green mana you can cast Green spells to find the others, most people find this works pretty well. I would expect you'd want to hit at least 5 land drops most games for your deck to be 'firing on all cylinders', and according to https://www.mtgnexus.com/tools/drawodds/ which is a hypergeometric calculator, you should probably run almost (or even) double the lands. If you keep some ramp in your deck, you can shave lands down, but keep in mind that if most of your mana sources are 3 mana, you really do need to hit 3 mana to be doing anything. To hit your 3rd land drop reasonably often (for better than 70% chance of drawing at least 3 lands) you will want 33 lands. This will make it pretty hard to cast Tiamat 'on time' (turn 7), let alone early, which is almost always an asset.

If you end up finding it incredibly hard to cut cards, you can lower your land count a few if you run lands like Golgari Rot Farm and Dimir Aqueduct, as hitting one of these lands will mean you found 2 lands in a sense. These are risky lands I must add, because people can blow them up sometimes. I wouldn't expect mass land destruction, and you could certainly mention in Rule 0 that you 'don't like playing against land destruction'. You could even specify targeted land destruction, but most players don't run Strip Mine in every deck, and it's less common in more casual games. I wouldn't go below 30, even if you're running many of those Bounce lands.

Also, just noticed, you definitely need Basics, at least Forest should be in here, you can run as many of a Basic land (there are 6 of them, Wastes is the colourless one, which isn't a basic land type) as you want in your deck. I would think +5 Forests would be a good start, but you may need as many as 10. You probably want 1 or 2 of the other Basic types, that gives you enough Basic lands to find with ramp spells.

KanisxKoda on Reaper

5 months ago

Hey SirHerpaderp,

thanks for the compliment, luckily I had a great deal I found from the pre-covid spike and got the Survival of the Fittest at a steal. and I've been working on this since the commander was released so when I first purchased these goods when at their cheapest.

So technically I have 36 lands in this deck. 4 of them are mdfc lands:

These are amazing extra spells on their face side and can be cheated into play off certain abilities this specifically say "play a land" (ex.The Gitrog Monster&Oracle of Mul Daya) and not put a land. (ex.Explore&Uro, Titan of Nature's Wrath

Another great upside to them is that you can use bounce lands such as Golgari Rot Farm&Guildless Commons to pick these lands back up.

The Final the key to this deck's Mana is Life from the Loam which is a repeatable mill target that fills your hands with lands to dump into Nostalgic Dreams.

Only down side to the mdfc is you cannot play them off loam. However, that's why Timeless Witness and Nostalgic Dreams are in the deck.

My advice for new pickups out of the new Kamigawa set so far are the black channel land and that sick new dragon. Not much else has spoiled yet so idk what else lol

DreadKhan on meren of clan nel toth

6 months ago

If you're running into trouble with Meren, it's worth looking at what other people run in their decks. Nel Toth Community College and Round Table is my own Meren deck, where I am mostly running a combo to win, using Haakon, Stromgald Scourge usually. My deck uses a lot of repeated effects, one of my favorites being recurring Sakura Tribe Elder. I also run 4 other 'similar' cards, and am considering running Blood Pet. Blood Pet looks good to both get Meren out early, yet also provide an easy target to recur that will generate a death trigger at no mana cost (B to cast, sac for a B whenever).

Looking at your deck, one big issue I see is you run lots of black mana sources, yet run lots of green ramp. I find I can usually get Black if I have Green, so I run a fair bit less black mana, and a bit more Green. My mana base is pretty out there, but many Meren decks try to run 33-36 lands, depending on how much ramp they run. I run 30 because I am building around drawing a relatively small amount of lands, and just ramping for the rest via recursion of various creatures that find lands, so I actually run many such creatures. I also have 2 lands that can ramp me in a pinch, Myriad Landscape is super-slow, but I can usually fit it in somewhere, Blighted Woodland is a colourless land with a nice upside sometimes. Lands that bounce one of your own (so you can replay it next turn) are also handy here, like Golgari Rot Farm and Guildless Commons make your deck hit more land drops on average, which is nice if you run few lands.

One of my big strategies is getting repeatable reanimation effects on the board to reinforce Meren, and then generating value off the various sacrifices I do along the way. I also like removal a fair bit, so there is a bit of that, because artifacts and enchantments can ruin my day, as can creatures.

For a more powerful Meren deck, you could look at Honourless Meren which is based on the go-to cEDH list, if you are in a hyper-competitive format that would be more up your ally. If you need advice on how to play Meren, I could give more pointers in another post, but reading a few primers/deck descriptions could help a lot if that is where you are struggling.

Balaam__ on Zombie Hunt Companions [Budget/Casual/Jank]

10 months ago

Khalni Garden is off color, but it can make chump blockers to help stave off damage while you wait to draw your combo pieces. Toss in Golgari Rot Farm and you can bounce it back to your hand for repeated play to make more blockers—and at least the rot farm produces . Just ideas. I drew up a rough draft of a similar deck but never got it to function well myself.

RealLifeBear on Oozing with Potential (?)

1 year ago

Looks fun! here are some ideas I have, take and leave them as you wish (especially if its out of budget):

since there isn't really any in tribal synergy (compared to another tribe like elves or spirits), it looks like you are going for a 1/1 counter subtheme. In that case I feel Hardened Scales could easily take the place of Forced Adaptation

I would probably remove the Slime Molding (probably for lands, 20 is really low, especially with no dorks) if you are trying to use it to add storm for Aeve. more lands that produce dual colors in general might help, consider pauper all star Golgari Rot Farm the bounce land perhaps?

I would remove Necrotic Ooze for something else (perhaps The Ozolith to continue the counter theme). right now its basically impossible (unless you draw into two jungle hollows and play behind two mana) to cast Predator Ooze on turn 3 and Necrotic Ooze on turn 4

every time ive played with Bioshift its felt a bit underwhelming, but I definitly encourage you to try it out and decide for yourself.

delirium might be really hard to trigger (if you do remove the sorcery it might be nearly impossible). my last recommendation would be the following oozes: Gluttonous Slime , if your opponent tries to kill one of your creatures, flash it in to make it whiff AND get a bigger creature. Oran-Rief Ooze , this card just looks SO good, and Mitotic Slime is basically un-killable. replacing Predator Ooze with one of these may also allow you to play Necrotic Ooze without suffering. Feel free to experiment!

( Corrosive Ooze for sideboard.)

Hope this helped in some way or another.

Oran-Rief Ooze makes me want to make a competitive version of this deck :p

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