Creature — Elemental

Whenever Spitemare is dealt damage, it deals that much damage to target creature or player.

BigBoyBeau on Sorrow's Path

6 months ago

Arcbond can be a fun card for damaging your own creatures and everything else. It can be used with lifelink creatures or another modifier that gives the spell lifelink. You can also create infinite damage if you have creatures such as Spitemare while making them indestructible. Cool deck, good luck!

Inforussle on Storm Commander

1 year ago

Consider Adding

Isochron Scepter : Infinite mana and infinite storm with Dramatic Reversal , however you don't have many 2CMC spells to support it otherwise

Mogg Maniac , Spitemare : More Stuffy Doll -like effects if you find you're needing redundancy

Silence or Grand Abolisher : Protection from the blue player during your storm turn

Desperate Ritual , Inner Fire , Pyretic Ritual , Seething Song : More mana-positive cards if you don't like the few you have already

Mystic Gate , Cascade Bluffs , Rugged Prairie , Skycloud Expanse : Its easy to fizzle the storm turn by having mana in the wrong colors; filters can help ease that

Remand : can act as either a last-ditch counterspell, or you can hold priority -> Grapeshot -> Remand -> pass priority -> Grapeshot to get more work out of your stormcount

Consider Removing

Brainstorm : You don't have much shuffle in this deck which can lead to not seeing new cards for 2 draws; you can leave this in if you're confident you can shuffle/scry the new top-cards away

Ignite Memories : 5CMC (imo) is a lot for the end of a storm-chain; your other payoffs may have smaller damage amounts, but are easier to weave into the storm turn

Brass's Bounty : Very expensive CMC card for storm; I can only see it paying off if you can cast it with copy which is a bit of an ask

Mind's Desire : Similar issue to Ignite Memories , having to keep free for the end of your storm-turn will really hinder you; it may be better to use that mana to add more to your count for a cheaper CMC payoff

Megumin_Hugs on Board Wipe Win-cons?

1 year ago

Oh yeah! I forgot about Brash Taunter . I can continually board wipe with my damage based wipes and do damage instead of just once with Boros Reckoner or Spitemare . Thanks so much! I have had Arcbond and Pariah in the past, always liked them.

Megumin_Hugs on Board Wipe Win-cons?

1 year ago

Spitemare I have thought about these in the past, but I am looking for win-cons that are not creature based since I board wipe regularly.

AMD5150 on Chucks

1 year ago

i mean, Spitemare & or Boros Reckoner with Eldrazi Monument out (or any number of other fun things) and play Wave of Reckoning is going to hurt and then you get to attack.

AMD5150 on That's a lot of Goats!

1 year ago

you could really streamline this deck, add Balefire Liege & reduce Hearthfire Hobgoblin and maybe dump the 4 Instants and work on your lands a bit. add Spitemare cos it would be killer with Wave of Reckoning with all the +1's you have so add a few more... just a thought

StopShot on Why Has Damage Redirection Been …

1 year ago

Personally, I love the card Harm's Way , but I can see why it is being phased out. The mechanic is similar to preventing damage in which both effects only work so long as there’s a damage source your opponent controls. This means the mechanic is 100% dependent on what your opponent is doing. Of course the odds of your opponent using damaging effects is a more likelier trigger than other white keywords, such as protection as protection to black or any other stated color which is also another effect that is highly dependent on what your opponent does. And even so the damage redirection can be hard to implement as well. Most damage effects happen on the enemy’s turn or through a spell on the stack during your turn which means this mechanic always needs to be utilized at instant speed. This also creates a problem when this sort of effect is attached to a creature as it eliminates the surpise factor and gives your opponent the insight to make plays around it. Damage redirection I would say is also weaker than protection in some ways, because it’s already hard to remove a Mother of Runes , a Stave Off on a stick, than it would to remove a Harm's Way on a stick which says a lot about the effect’s practically since both effects have been getting diminished more and more over time. I personally enjoy running reactive cards, but Magic meta of today seems to be much more focused on making proactive decks and it seems like Wizards would rather phase out reactive effects like regeneration, protection, damage redirection, damage prevention for more and more white wheenie shenanigans regarding white. Personally, I would love to see a white evergreen keyword be implemented into the game that’s a water-down version of Spitemare ’s ability.

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