Growth Spiral

Growth Spiral


Draw a card. You may put a land from your hand onto the battlefield.

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Growth Spiral Discussion

tonton_latouche on Uro, titan of walue

4 days ago

trippy_mcfly Thank you! I have considered the cards you suggested. I don't think I would run Priest of Titania, I feel like the deck doesn't have enough elves to make her tap for more than 1 mana consistently. I'd be happy to run Growth Spiral and Lotus Cobra but I, honnestly, would not know what to cut for them... I'd be open for suggestions.

trippy_mcfly on Uro, titan of walue

4 days ago

This is sweet! Have you considered Growth Spiral, Lotus Cobra, and Priest of Titania? I feel like they would be good additions to this deck to make it go a little faster.

Also, is 36 lands the right amount? I feel like you would want to have enough to ensure an extra land card in your hand by turn 2 and 3 for Uro. Plus, control shells like this want to hit land drops more than faster decks.

Still_In_Exile on Riku elf..ish

2 weeks ago

Chaos Warp is a little over your budget, but a solid addition.

Growth Spiral is fun to copy.

Crop Rotation fetches non-basics.

Hunter's Insight is great card-draw.

Your elves should give you the mana for Hunting Pack.

Increasing Vengeance or any other copy effect is always fun to copy.

Sprouting Vines is great for grabbing your basics.

Unleash Fury is a straight upgrade (costs 1 mana less, and no sacrifice) Fatal Frenzy and Rush of Blood.

Mirari is a replacement for Riku’s first ability if he gets to expensive to cast.

Swarm Intelligence is a nice bonus if you end up running enough instant/sorcery to make it worthwhile.

Wilderness Reclamation is a little over-budget as well, but a great investment for this type of deck.

These suggestions all come from my Kalamax, the commander-damage, hence the instant heavy suggestions. And the commander himself could be fun in this deck as well.

NoopyNolife on Big Fish (Merfolk Combo)

2 weeks ago

zapyourtumor Thank you so much for your help :).

I'm not sure if I have enough targets for Fold, but I also don't cast Fold every game, and when I do sometimes its more relevant to protect my merfolk from boardwipes than it is to have an 8/8. I've added 2 Summoner's Pact which should help out with grabbing a target for fold (or cheating it out a turn earlier).

I've personally found Simic Sky Swallower's flying to be much much more relevant (and needed) in my metagame. In games where I lost with a swalllower on board, Inkwell wouldnt have changed the outcome. So I'm sticking with the swallower but I can imagine in a more competitive environment the leviathan is better.

I like Kumena's Speaker! I'll checkout if I can reliably get green on turn one, I fear my cheap manabase might not allow for both a blue and a green one-drop. I did add a 4th biomancer and the pacts in favor of Growth Spiral, so I'm hoping that sufficiently improves the curve.

Once, again, thanks for your thoughts!

seshiro_of_the_orochi on Need help finding a focus …

1 month ago

I have Junk Winder in my Koma, Cosmos Serpent EDH deck. And while that is a different format, the basic idea is still creating tokens on as many occasions as possible. Maybe try a Saproling deck with Tendershoot Dryad. You could basically create a aristocrat style deck with Junk Winder as an important card. You could even do some Growth Spiral/Eureka Moment shenanigans to get into big mana territory a little faster.

Snap157 on I have crabs! (Landfall Mill)

1 month ago

Very cool! I would throw in some Growth Spirals instead of your Howling Mines. It lets you hold up mana for a counterspell and still draw.

Stardragon on Blowing Stuff Up

2 months ago


"Thrilling Encore for a really nasty kind of Insurrection." also cheaper, faster lol but it an interesting idea

I thought about Damn and will probably replace Wrath of God for it it does the same thing for the same cost at the same speed but it has the added benefit of being a sorcery speed spot removal if need be

As for Deadly Tempest not a bad idea will see if I can squeeze it in

as for Skyclave Relic it's nice and I do need more fixing other than lands atm I have Revel in Riches, Deadly Dispute and Darksteel Ingot for man fixing and Pir's Whim, Hour of Promise and Growth Spiral for ramping

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