Consuming Aberration

Consuming Aberration

Creature — Horror

This creature's power and toughness are each equal to the number of cards in your opponents' graveyards.

Whenever you cast a spell, each opponent reveals cards from the top of their library until they reveal a land card, then puts those cards into their graveyard.

Consuming Aberration Discussion

legendofa on Cards that getting stronger

4 days ago

It seems like pretty much anything with an cost to cast or use an ability of will fit. Other ideas are "number of (whatever)" in play or that you control, like Kaya's Wrath or Consuming Aberration. Multikicker should work well.

Are you looking for any specific colors? Rosheen Meanderer builds off the X-cost idea,

BlackGtitan on Horror Creeping in the Shadows

6 days ago

Brian-123 those are all great suggestions! And all cards I own, but I realized I forgot to explain why I hadn't used them.

I Chose to select each player or each opponent cards for the mill and graveyard hate as I usually play in a 3 to 5 man Pod and very rarely end up in duels. Thus I felt sharing the hate was a good idea

Brian-123 on Horror Creeping in the Shadows

6 days ago

whoops for got an awesome mill card Mind Funeral and I feel Consuming Aberration has a place among the horror creatures

wallisface on Mill help!

1 month ago

Some thoughts:

I'm not sure what your budget it, but here is an example of a top-end, well-tuned Mill deck, for comparison.

Polaris on Can I respond to a …

2 months ago

Also, any time you, say, activate Soul-Guide Lantern to exile opponents' graveyards, Consuming Aberration will die immediately after the ability resolves from being a 0/0, unless you have some kind of anthem effect that can raise its toughness.

For a little background to how these things work: Consuming Aberration's power and toughness are a characteristic of the card. There's no delay to it updating; its power and toughness are always equal to however many cards are in your opponents' graveyards at any given moment.

State-based actions are checked when players get priority like Named_Tawyny said - generally right after something (a spell or an ability) goes on the stack, right after something resolves, and at the beginning of most steps. If it's ever a 0/0 at any of those times, it will die (possibly triggering abilities) and then another round of priority will happen. You will not have time to respond to it being 0/0 before it dies.

There are rare situations where it could dip to 0 toughness momentarily without dying (for example, if a card said "exile all graveyards, then each player mills a card"). By the time state-based actions are checked, your opponents would have cards in their graveyards again.

Named_Tawyny on Can I respond to a …

2 months ago

Your friend is correct. Assuming your opponents had no cards in their graveyard, Consuming Aberration would be a 0/0 when it enters the battlefield.

It won't die immediately, but it will die before you have a chance to do anything. As soon as you would get priority (which happens right after it finishes entering the battlefield) the game would see that it has 0 toughness, and move it to your graveyard as a State Based Action. By the time you could cast anything, it will already be gone.

addam11 on Can I respond to a …

2 months ago

Hi everybody, I rarely post so apologies if I've incorrectly set this up or asked in the incorrect area. Anyhow, I was thinking of creating an Umbris, Fear Manifest deck, and with it, wanted to use Consuming Aberration. Since I care so much about exile, I planned to use cards like Silent Gravestone and Soul-Guide Lantern to mill and constantly exile opponents graveyards. Keeping that in mind, I was wondering if it was possible to play Consuming Aberration as a 0/0 and then respond to either:

  • The enter-the-field trigger
  • Or the On-death trigger

I was speaking to a friend that said that since Consuming Aberration has Star/Star, it is a constant state based card or something, and therefore cannot be interacted with once it enters (It just dies). Thanks!

Althuran on Gisa and Geralf: Reanimators

3 months ago

I'll consider it Dangerwillrobinson79. Also another card I considered for this deck was Cellar Door since it paired with Undead Alchemist and Consuming Aberration if I put it in but I don't know how good of a card it is. I also considered putting Erdwal Illuminator to help with getting more clue tokens out for Tamiyo's Journal since I was going to put it in as a possible help for tutoring for certain cards but then again Eloise, Nephalia Sleuth might have it covered

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